World’s first medical intuitive

Young psychic uses mental projection to help doctors help an injured child

Ricardo Floyd, a psychiatric social worker in Laredo who worked with Jose Silva during the later years of Mr. Silva's research in the 1960s is grateful that a trained psychic was available to help correct a problem.

Floyd's son Bobby unexpectedly darted into the street and was struck by a car on Halloween night. Fortunately the hospital was only a few blocks away.

"When I got to the emergency room, I was too upset to go to my center and program," Floyd recalled. "I kept calling mentally for Jose to come to the hospital."

Suddenly Jose showed up along with his daughter Isabel, an excellent psychic. He had a child in his arms who had been struck by a car in front of their house. "He was the same age as my son Bobby," Floyd said. "I asked them to work on Bobby as soon as possible.

"Jose and Isabel left the hospital and rushed to a downtown office that we used for the research we were conducting, and they went to work on Bobby, mentally repairing the damage to the boy's body and especially his head." But something concerned Isabel.

"She said she had a hard time hanging on to him, that he kept 'slipping away.' She continued working and working with the doctors. She noticed that the doctor repositioned the piece of fractured skull - 'closed it,' she said - but she could see inside that the 'lower table' was pressing against the brain. Evidently the impact had pushed it in. She kept telling the doctor mentally to 'Check inside! Check inside!' Finally she felt relieved. She said she had the feeling that Bobby was going to be okay.

"Later that night, the doctors told me what they had done. It was a repetition of what Isabel had told me. They said they almost lost Bobby, and had to work very hard," Floyd said.

"About two days later I talked with the surgeon and he explained to me what they had done. He said, 'Originally when I repositioned that piece of bone, it looked pretty good. It looked as though my job was through. Then I felt uncomfortable, and decided to go inside and check.' That's when he found that the lower table was pressing on the brain, and repositioned it.

Bobby recovered fully and developed normally. In fact, he recovered so completely that he was even cleared to play high school football, and later served in the Navy. He is now doing extremely well as an electronics technician his father said.

Trained psychics have the ability to easily enter their clairvoyant level any time they need to, and also have the ability to correct any problem they detect. They are being referred to as "medical intuitives."

Isabel may very well have been the world's first medical intuitive. For more than 30 years she has worked as a nurse anesthetist. She has worked with doctors all over the world, introducing them to her intuitive abilities.

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