"How can I learn to visualize?

Okay... visualization. That's a stumbling block for quite a few people, and it was for me too for a long time. That's because so many people don't know what it is and have unrealistic expectations.

Visualization is remembering what something looks like.


You only "see" with your physical eyes, your eyesight. When your eyes are closed, you can't "see" anything, because you are not using your eyes. If you are trying to "see" something when you visualize, you will go to the beta brain frequency. You do not want to do this... you need to be at the alpha frequency in order to use ESP and to program.

So... you SEE with your EYES, you visualize with your mind... that is, you recall to mind what something looks like.

Sure, it is wonderful to have nice clear "mental images" like you are talking about, but most people DON'T have them. Our research indicates that 80 percent of people DO NOT have good clear mental images.

It doesn't matter. To be successful in using ESP, to be successful in programming, all you need is to think about what something looks like.

A visualization exercise

Have you ever seen an animal... a dog, a horse, etc.? Can you tell me what it looked like? How many legs? How big? What color? Solid color or spots, or stripes, or what?

When you do that... when you recall what it looked like.. you are visualizing.

That's all you need for success.

The clarity of the mental images... or the lack of them... has nothing to do with your success in using ESP, or your success in programming. Worry about it, create stress for yourself... THAT will inhibit your chances of success!

I used to think to myself that I would just imagine what I would visualize if I actually could visualize. That works.

If you just think about what something looks like, you are visualizing.

If you think about what something would look like that you've never seen (or imagined) before, that's "imagination."

An imagination exercise

If you imagine that dog with six legs instead of four legs, and imagine where the extra two legs would be, and what that would look like, that's imagination.

Later, when you recall that 6-legged dog, and where the extra two legs would be, and what that would look like, you are visualizing... recalling something you experienced before.

It doesn't matter whether you have mental images or not. Okay?

Ed Bernd Jr

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Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.