Use Silva to help your children

Q: I have a one-year-old son. How can I work with him so he will grow up using more of his mind?

A: It is always good to get children to start using visualization and imagination as early as possible. They do this naturally, so all you need to do is encourage it.

Use visualization first. Visualization is memory, remembering what something looks like, so get the child to describe to you something or someone he has seen before.

Then get your child to use imagination.. that is, creating mental images of something not seen before. Tell your child, "We are going somewhere you haven't been before. See if you can tell me what it will look like." Or, "Someone is coming to see us today. You have not met him before. See if you can tell me what he looks like."

When the child starts describing things to you accurately, then reward that behavior. Praise the child. Next time you want the child to guess, tell him to recall the last time when he guessed accurately, and do the same thing again. By the time this child starts school, he will have excellent mental abilities and should be an outstanding student.

Get your child to play any kind of imaginative games, games with blocks to build things, or anything that will require the child to use imagination. It is amazing what kids can do with a couple of old boards: lay them across each other and you have an airplane. Stand one up on the other and you have a Viking ship. Put them next to each other and you have an automobile. Put one behind the other and you have a train.

Remember, too, to wake up shortly before the child does and enter your level so you can mentally talk with the child. At this level, talk to the child the way you would an adult. At this level, the child is very knowledgeable; he may not have very good verbal communications skills yet, but in the realm of the mind, the child is a genius. Help awaken that genius ability. Project in visual terms as much as possible, for this is the most direct means of communication.

Always talk in positive terms to your child. Praise good behavior, and when the child does something wrong, gently guide and correct. Be careful to avoid making the child feel guilty and unworthy, for this leads to poor self-esteem and poor performance in the future. Surround the child with the kind of people and things that are like what you want your child to be like. Surround your child with beauty, and you will have a beautiful child.

If you want your child to be able to relate especially well to other people, then tell your child about people like that. Read him books that will help the child to understand people better. Tell your child about geniuses and specialists in every field. Read inspiring stories to the youngster. Avoid the trash on television. If you want this child to be spiritual and in tune with nature, read to the child about spiritual people.

When your son is 7 years old, you can teach him how to enter his level and use his level to solve problems. The Silva Choose Success Master Course book has the scripts you can read to your son, or you can use the recorded version and go to level with him.

You can begin working with a child before conception, and continue on after that. For more information on all of this, read Jose Silva's book about Creating a Genius.

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