Use ESP to build better business relationships

Veteran Silva author/instructor gives tips for building better business relationships

Robert B. Stone was an award winning Silva instructor with a doctorate from MIT who taught Silva workshops to business executives and authored a book on the subject. Here are some of the techniques that he found to be especially valuable to executives:

"Let's look at how you can use intuition to deal with problems that arise in the ordinary business day," Dr. Stone said in a workshop at a Silva Convention.

"We'll start first with handling difficult people.

"There are a number of different types of difficult people.

"One type of difficult person is the con artist," Dr. Stone continued.

"Enter alpha, preferably at night at the ideal time to program this person. We use three scenes:

"1. The problem.

"2. Some act that will trigger a change in behavior. Perhaps every time they drink any liquid, the person has a desire to move away from that behavior.

3. The success of that triggering technique.

Biggest challenge

"Who is the most difficult person of all in your business?


"Every negative thought that you have is a deterrent that you have to problem solving, to making a profit.

"Every negative thought is a deterrent to your inherent intuition.

"So a good thing to do is to be self-observant, to identify these one at a time, and program in the opposite direction of that negativity.

Ask the experts

"Let me talk a little bit about the inviting somebody to join us at our level. You can do this, and you can pick their brain.

"It's legal. It's even ethical. And of course it's desirable.

"Here are some ways to use this technique in business:

"You can invite a competitor, and ask the competitor, 'What's new this season?'

"You can invite a legislator and ask about what tax changes there will be this year.

"If you are involved in a lawsuit, you can invite the opposition attorney and ask what their strategy is going to be.

"You can get professional guidance, like from the psychologist, or if it is some other kind of problem, from a public relations consultant, or a marketing expert. And you won't get a bill.

"You can invite in a famous psychic.

"The way to ask is to ask the question of this special person. Then disconnect - clear your mind by thinking of something else. Then start thinking again to figure out the answer. The thoughts that come to you are that person's thoughts.

Think of possible answers

"You can use multiple choice if you prefer. If you want to decide how to advertise you can ask which is better, magazines or newspapers? Then clear your mind, think of something else. When you come back to the question, what ideas come to you?

"Let's say the answer is Newspaper, you can then ask which is better, newspaper or radio? Again, the one that comes to you is the one to stick with. By going through all the media, you can come up with the expert advice."


Ed Bernd Jr

About Ed Bernd Jr.

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.