The Silva Way to World Peace

Leave behind a better world for those who follow


Many people, including ourselves, desire to program for “world peace,” but that is not a very effective way. It is too vague.

Imagining light around the world has not proven very effective in bringing about world peace.

Programming specific individuals to desire peace seems to work much better.

That means that it will take some time to achieve world peace.

But the more people who are programming, the sooner we will accomplish our goal.

Throughout the Silva training, we instruct you to first identify the problem, then the goal. You need to be specific.

For instance:

  • The 3-Scenes Technique begins with visualizing the problem in the first scene, then you get to work correcting it.
  • When working health cases, you first scan the body to detect the problem mentally. It is important to know exactly what we need to change. Then you can get to work correcting it.

Jose Silva gave us some great instructions to help us program to stop war and other violence. He was well qualified: His whole life was affected by violence and war:

  • As a 4 year old child he saw his father pass out and die from injuries from a terrorist attach during the Mexican Revolution
  • Later on after getting into a fight with another teenager he learned to box, and was very good at it. It saved him from serious injury on one occasion.
  • When he was drafted into the Army during World War II, the questions an Army psychiatrist asked him piqued his interested in psychology.
  • In the summer of 1986 Jose and his brother Juan, Director of Foreign Countries for Silva International, were traveling together to meet with Silva Instructors and to teach some courses. They were at the airport waiting for their flight – TWA Flight 847 – when it was hijacked by terrorists. Ironically there were 6 members of another Laredo family already on the flight. After 2 terrifying weeks, the terrorists released all of the hostages unharmed.

An era of peace

After Jose and his brother Juan had spent 25 years taking the Silva Method to people around the world, the cold war wound down and the next decade was the most peaceful and prosperous of their lives.

Juan’s programming helped make it happened. I’ll tell you that story in a moment… or you can scroll down the page and read it now if you wish.

Read on to learn what Jose and Juan Silva advised us to do:


  1. Prepare yourself
  2. Identify the problem
  3. The new MentalVideo Technique
  4. How Juan Silva helped end the “Cold War”

When programming, remember that we must program specifically. That is, we must have a specific target area when we program.

Prepare yourself

It is important to review a recent successful case. When you obtained correct information mentally, information you did not have before, then you know that you were at the correct level of mind and were using your right brain hemisphere to obtain the information.

Reviewing this success, and how it felt, will help your mind adjust to the same level again so you will be successful on the present project.

Do this at the alpha level, the way you learned in your Silva training or with the Free Introductory Lessons at

Identify the problem

Visualize or imagine a person or persons who are responsible for causing a problem.

For instance, visualize or imagine the person or persons who took over a country, or an embassy, or an airplane by forced or hurtful means, and whose actions cause human suffering.

It is important to visualize or imagine the information rather than to verbalize it.

Pictures are the universal language, so make mental pictures of the people involved, and how they caused the problem.

Remember: visualization is memory – remembering what something looks like.

Imagination is the creative process of thinking about what something would look like that you have never seen or imagined before.

You can transmit these mental pictures to the other side, to higher intelligence.

For that, we use the MentalVideo Technique.

The MentalVideo will work even if you don’t know how to use the alpha brainwave level. As long as you go to sleep without sleeping pills or other drugs, it works.

Here’s how to proceed:


Before getting into bed to go to sleep, do the following:

At beta with your eyes open, mentally create, with visualization, a MentalVideo of a problem.

Include everything that belongs to the animate matter kingdom. Animate matter means everything that contains life. The MentalVideo must include everything animate that concerns the problem.

After you complete the MentalVideo of the problem, use visualization to review it at beta, with your eyes closed.

When you are ready to go to sleep, do this:

Enter level 1 with the 3 to 1 method when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep. Once you are at your level, review the MentalVideo that you created of the problem previously when you were at beta.

After you have reviewed the problem, mentally convert the problem into a project. Then create, with imagination, a MentalVideo of the solution.

The MentalVideo of the solution should contain a step-by-step procedure of how you desire to project to be resolved.

After both of the MentalVideos have been completed, go to sleep with the intention of delivering the MentalVideo to your mental tutor while you sleep. Take for granted that the delivery will be made.

During the next three days, look for indications that point to the solution. Every time you think of the project, think of the solution that you created in the MentalVideo, in a past tense sense.

Case Study

Brothers Jose and Juan Silva in 1986

A personal recollection by Ed Bernd Jr. of how Jose Silva’s brother Juan programmed two world leaders to end the “cold war” between the United States and the Soviet Union.

For 40 years people worldwide feared that the cold war would erupt into a nuclear war and destroy all life on Planet Earth.

Back around 1986 Uncle Juan had made a trip around the world – all the way around, and ended up back in Laredo, where he started. He was having trouble sleeping when he got back, due to the jet lag, so he watched some live news on television.

He told me about it the next morning:

He said he was watching a live picture of U.S. President Reagan and Soviet Union Premier Gorbachev at their meeting in Reykjavik. “I didn’t have to imagine what they were doing or what their surroundings were like,” he said, “I could see them on live television.”

He realized that would be a great time to program them, so he did.

Juan was a great negotiator, he managed all of our foreign operations. He often had to deal with difficult situations, and he did it very well.

I didn’t ask him how he programmed, but I am sure that he used his skill and experience to project ideas mentally to the two world leaders, to persuade them to work towards peace, to be honest with each other, to trust each other.

They didn’t reach an agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons, which they had wanted to do, but the meeting did lead to the first treaty to cut strategic nuclear arms significantly.

A couple of years later I watched live pictures on television as the Berlin Wall was torn down.

Many diplomats and experts consider the Reykjavik summit a turning point in the Cold War.

For 40 years the world had lived in fear of total destruction by nuclear war. School children were taught to “duck and cover” and hide under their desks in the event of a nuclear attack. Homeowners built bomb shelters and stocked them with food, water, and other supplies, and debated whether they would let their neighbors join them. The United States and Russia spent billions of dollars and rubles on nuclear weapons they never used.

In late 1991 the Soviet Union itself dissolved into its component republics. With stunning speed, the Iron Curtain was lifted and the “cold war” came to an end.

On Juan’s next trip to Germany, he visited the wall… the rubble that was left… and he brought back some of the stones that had once made up the wall. I asked him for one of the little pieces of the wall, and I still have it today, a reminder about what is possible if only more people will use the faculties that higher intelligence gave us.

There is no way to prove that Juan influenced events, of course. But when you keep seeing coincidences, it begins to seem pretty natural.

Do you remember that old song, sung by Pete Seeger, John Denver, and others:

“Last night I had the strangest dream, I never had before; I dreamed the world had all agreed to bring an end to war. In my dream there was a building, and it was filled with men, who all had signed a paper that said they would never fight again.”

That’s why we believe in the Silva courses. It was always the dream that Jose and Juan Silva had.

They believed we can do far more than just continue to deal with problems.

We can bring peace to the planet.

Ed Bernd Jr

About Ed Bernd Jr.

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.