The most valuable time to practice

Here's why it is valuable to practice going to level when you don't need to

by Juan R. Silva

Many people seem to think that the most important time to go to level and practice is when they have a serious problem to solve or a very important decision to make.

While there is no doubt it is important to use your level to solve serious problems, there is another time that is even more important: when you do not need to solve a serious problem.

Why do we say this?

Because when you have practiced entering your level and functioning there on a regular basis, then you will be much more effective in using the alpha level when faced with a serious situation. To stay at your level, you need to maintain minimum mental activity; you will find it much easier to function at your level if you stay relaxed, physically and mentally.

But what happens when faced with an emergency?

We experience stress.

Now, if you have not been practicing and getting results from the Silva techniques, then you will probably have some anxiety about your efforts:

  • Am I doing this right?
  • Is this the correct feeling?
  • Will the techniques still work for me?

On the other hand, if you have been practicing daily, then you will be more confident, and thus more relaxed.

That’s why we say it is more important to practice when you do not really need to: so you will be confident and will not impede yourself from obtaining the results you need when you need them the most.

Juan R. Silva

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