Business Plan

The Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Business Plan

Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Seminars

This is a referral business. Ever since the beginning almost 60 years ago, 80 percent of our new students have been referred by somebody they knew and trusted.

If you have taken this course and feel that it is so valuable that there must be millions of people lined up waiting to get into a class, you are right: It is that valuable.

However, most people don’t know how valuable it is. It is something new to them, they don’t know anything about it, but when somebody they know and trust tells them about it, they become receptive to it.

The best way to persuade people is not to tell them how great it is, but show them through your actions and the success you have had creating solutions to problems.

Show your graduates how to do the same and then encourage their loved ones and friends to join them in this movement of humanity into the beginning of the 2nd phase of human evolution on the planet.

Here is how this business works:

  • You don’t get paid for teaching the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems
  • You get paid for selling it

For us to certify you to teach you need to be proficient in sales, marketing, public relations, public speaking, and small business management, as well as using the Silva ESP Systems yourself.

Please take that into consideration if you are thinking of becoming an UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor primarily because you need to make some money.

Any teacher will tell you: teaching can provide a lot of satisfaction, but usually not much money.

Persuading people to take the Silva Mind Control course was hard in the 1970’s. Today “mind training” is mainstream.

Now we are starting all over again. This time we are persuading people that ESP can help them solve their problems and change their lives – and the lives of people around them – for the better.

What we are paid for

Teaching the course is so satisfying that we would do it for nothing if we could.

Burt Goldman, the most successful Silva Instructor of all time, put it this way:

“I enjoy teaching the course so much that I would feel guilty being paid to do it… if I didn’t recall how much work I had to do to get people to come to class.”


  • A new field, virtually no competition
  • ESP is valuable in every human endeavor
  • Online learning is very popular
  • Can present Webinars from your home


  • A new field, nobody knows anything about it
  • People don’t realize how valuable ESP can be until you tell them
  • Seminar business in general has been way down for several years

Tell us your plans

If you want to teach the UltraMind ESP Systems, tell us how you plan to advertise and market the Course, including how much money you are ready to invest. Tell us about relevant experience you’ve had selling and marketing seminars.

Do you have customers, clients, or downlines?

If you have a mailing list of clients or customers who know you and trust you, then you can tell them about the benefits of the UltraMind ESP Systems.

The Silva business is just like any other business: To be successful you need to know how to run a business. There are easier ways to learn how to run a successful business than selling ESP training.

You can use our Refer-a-Friend program to introduce them to our work, and earn discount coupons for yourself. We can also provide you with Affiliate Coupons you can give them and when they use the coupon you will get a commission.

4 steps to making the sale

1 – Get their Attention. If you are a professional sales person then you know how to develop an attention getter.

If not, then get their attention by being a good example.

Tell them that your successes are the result of the special way you use your mind.

2 – Talk about what they are interested in. Show them how ESP can help them solve their problems and get the results they want. There are plenty of examples:

  • How a school teacher used her mind over the weekend to persuade 3 little troublemakers that “it is more fun being good than bad.” Read more…
  • Research proves that business executives with the best ESP increase business more than those who don’t. Read more…
  • How a teenage girl used her mind to detect a problem that doctors missed and used “remote influencing” from several blocks away to persuade them to “Check inside! Check inside!” and when they did, they found it and save the boy’s life. Read more…

3 – Show them the product. We have been the leaders in this field ever since Jose Silva started his research in 1944. While others changed his work after his passing, we have stayed true to his research findings.

Perhaps the best way to show them the benefits of the product is through your own example. Your confidence and belief – built on a foundation of successes in helping yourself and others – is usually more powerful than anything you can say to them.

4 – Enroll them. When you see that they are really interested, ask them:

  • “If money and time were no obstacle, would you want the benefits that this course offers?”
  • If someone answers “No,” then move on to the next prospect. When they answer “Yes,” then all you need to do is make it easy for them to pay you, and find a time that works for them.
  • One final clincher: “If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund every cent you paid, no hesitation, no questions asked. Fair enough?”

Our recommendation

If your main interest in doing this to earn money, we recommend that you look elsewhere. There are easier ways to earn money.

If you want to be part of the movement of humanity into the beginning of the 2nd phase of human evolution on the planet, then enter your level and think about it, and use the MentalVideo and look for indications to guide you.

As easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Three simple steps to success in helping people learn the UltraMind ESP Systems:

  • Help people find their center, the Alpha level
  • Read the conditioning cycles to them at level
  • Help them learn to work health cases

Read the Silva Centering Exercise to people to help them find the Alpha brainwave level.

You can start doing that right now with Jose Silva’s Save the Planet Project.

Follow the simple instructions that Jose Silva provides, and read the Centering Exercise exactly the way he wrote it. If you have questions about it, ask us, we are happy to help.

Experience for yourself how easy it is, and how good it feels.

Once you have gotten people centered, the next 2 steps are easy.

Jose Silva with microphone

Let the conditioning cycles do the work

Jose Silva already did the hard part, so you can simply let the course do the work.

Read the 5 “mental projection” conditioning cycles to people so that they can learn the characteristics of the subjective (mental) dimension.

Jose Silva advised us to just “precondition and condition.”

Tell them what you will be instructing them to do in the upcoming conditioning cycle so that they won’t be surprised.

There are examples of how to “precondition” these exercises in the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Complete Home Seminar as well as in our books and in the Instructor Support Membership Group on this website

Help them apply their learned techniques by working health detection and correction cases

Use your own experiences to help them learn how to work health cases accurately. Help them recognize the “hits” that they get. Remind them to use their hands while conducting their psychic investigations.

Your own experiences will be very valuable, so keep working health cases to help people who are hurting, and to improve your own ability.

It is easy to find cases to work. There are detailed instructions in the Case Working Workshop recordings at the end of the UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar.

Jose Silva presenting health case to a student

1 + 2 = 8 Billion

The next step takes you right back to the beginning:

Help your graduates start using their ESP to solve problems and improve living conditions for themselves and others.

And ask them for referrals.

Ask them to encourage others to also learn the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems.

Jose Silva had a formula: 1+2=8 Billion

If each Silva graduate will refer just 2 people to the course, he told us, and each of those 2 refer 2, and keep that going, then within 10 years, all 8 billion people on the planet will be centered and functioning at the 10 cycles alpha level.

Everybody will be able to get everything they need without taking from anyone else, without hurting anybody. Then there will be no need to crime, no reason to start wars.

People will be praying for one another rather than preying on each other.

Then Jose Silva’s dream of a paradise of earth will be a reality.

Let your intuition guide you

Join us in whatever way you feel drawn to participate:

  • Continue to use your God-given ability to solve problems and relieve suffering.
  • Spread the word – tell others and encourage them to take the course.
  • Join Jose Silva’s Save the Planet Project and help people find their Center – the 10 cycles Alpha brainwave level.
  • Join us in teaching Jose Silva’s fabulous Systems.

Thank you.