How you can help people develop their ESP

Please Note: We need as many Instructors as possible to help people learn how to use their God-given intuition to help them solve more problems and manifest solutions and improve living conditions on the planet for themselves and others.

When enough people know, then there will be no need for war or crime because everyone can get everything they need without taking from others or hurting anybody. 

Our Licensees (Instructors) are independent business people. We are not hiring people to teach. Presenting Silva seminars requires an investment in training, an investment in getting your own business started, and a lot of selling.

We don't teach people, we show them how to do it

There is a reason why there are not many public seminars and webinars:

Teaching the course is easy... if you use it yourself.

Selling it is hard.

Prospective students want to know what you have done, how the System has helped you.

Jose Silva used to say that "We don't teach people, we help them learn."

We can't teach what we don't know. If you want to learn to play golf or tennis, you go to a golf pro or a tennis pro, somebody who has played the game and who has trained others to play.

When people pay you to help them learn to use their ESP, you need to do more than just read conditioning cycles to them. You need to be a good example.

baby boy taking first steps with father help in a park

It is a lot like teaching a baby how to walk.

You don't teach them, you show them, and they teach themselves.

By the time they are a year old, babies have everything they need in order to walk. It is just a matter of learning how to use what they already have.

They learn through observation and imitation.

  • They Observe.
  • They Imitate.
  • They Improve through experiences - trial-and-error.

Product knowledge is always a good thing, but what you do is more important that what you know.

You need to be a good example and to speak from experience in order to persuade people to invest the time and money to learn it from you.

It's not what you learn but what you do

This is not an information product. It is a new skill.

To be an effective UltraMind Instructor you need to use the UltraMind ESP System as part of your everyday life, so that you can speak from your own experience.

That is what makes a good Silva Instructor: Using it yourself so that you will be a good role model, someone who builds confidence in your students and helps them believe that they, too, can master this if they just follow instructions and stick with it.

The only way to build belief in something is through experience. The more experience you have, the stronger your belief will be.

Your belief - or lack of it - will transfer to the people you are guiding.

That is the one common characteristic we have observed in most successful Silva Instructors: They practice and use what they teach.

We help people take those first steps by guiding them to use their mind to detect information in the subjective dimension. That is how they develop their ESP:

Not by collecting more information, but by learning to do something they haven't done consciously before.

If you are using the UltraMind ESP System regularly in  your own life, then tell us some of your successes in helping people and improving living conditions on the planet.

Find out for yourself if presenting UltraMind is right for you

For us to certify you to teach you need to be proficient in sales, marketing, public relations, public speaking, and small business management, as well as using the Silva ESP Systems yourself.

With that in mind, here are the steps for you to qualify to become a Silva UltraMind Systems Instructor:

  1. Take the course, and use it.
  2. Work the Magic 50 health cases. Just as a baby learns how to walk one step at a time, you develop your ESP by using it to detect health problems in people you don't know, and then using your imagination to correct the problems you become aware of.
  3. Read the Centering Exercise to people - the Save the Planet Project.
  4. Persuade them to learn the UltraMind ESP System, and help them by answering their questions and sharing what you have learned.

Show us what you can do

When we see that you are helping people to learn our System, then we know that you can do a good job of teaching it. In other words: Don't just tell us what you can do... show us.

Doing these things will help you understand what the course is about and how valuable it is.

It will also show you what it is like to teach it.

And you will find out if they have a knack for persuading people to buy it.

You can do all of this without investing any money after Step 1.

You need to have several skills to be an effective UltraMind Instructor:

  • To communicate well
  • Persuade people to follow your instructions
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Ability to manage your own business - Instructors are independent contractors

You also need to be available to help people after they complete the training. They will have questions and they will need help, and it will be your responsibility to provide a reasonable amount of help to those who need it.

You also need to teach regularly, not just when it is convenient for you. People get upset when they try to find a class and no classes are scheduled.

If you have the entrepreneurial skills and finances

This is not an "information product." We don't just provide chunks of knowledge. We help people develop a new skill: ESP.

It would be a great opportunity for a good, experienced, well-financed, entrepreneur who knows how to get people excited about a new idea.

Someone with experience bringing new ideas to the public and getting people excited could earn a lot of money and provide a tremendous service to humanity.

If you want to teach the UltraMind ESP Systems, tell us how you plan to advertise and market the Course, including how much money you are ready to invest. Tell us about relevant experience you've had selling and marketing seminars.

The royalties are modest, currently just 10 percent of what you receive. As an independent business person you will be responsible for all other expenses: meeting room, student manuals, registration cards and certificates and other materials, advertising and marketing expenses, etc.

Confidence and success

Your confidence in the Systems will inspire them to want to learn it.

Your success with the Systems will persuade them sign up.

How do you develop that kind of confidence?

By using it yourself, collecting a lot of successes, and helping a lot of people.

So the first step is to take the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems yourself, and use it.

It is what you do, not what you say

Your confidence is more important than what you say

If you want to teach the course, then start collecting as many successes as you can. Help as many people as you can.

Success breeds success, for you and for your students.