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Silva UltraMind ESP Instructor Klemen Mihelic

Klemen Mihelic

Klemen Mihelic is our Silva UltraMind ESP System Director in Slovenia, and he has had a lot of success with the MentalVideo Technique. He started by using it to resolve a problem he encountered on the construction of a new house.

“We had problems with our seller/investor who did not build the house as we both agree at the beginning,” Klemen explained. “There were too many mistakes.”

First he tried to correct the problem on his own by entering his level and picturing all of the mistakes corrected with the 3-Scenes Technique, and the seller giving him some money to compensate him for the deficiencies.

“As I look back now,” he said, “I realize that I really wanted too much money.”

He first realized this after programming with the MentalVideo to obtain some guidance from higher intelligence. Armed with this new information, and remembering the Laws of Programming and how the solution should be the best thing for everybody concerned, he went to level again to see what ideas would come to him to help resolve the matter.

I went to level and simply tried to solve the problem with the seller. I told him, mentally, about mistakes and delays, and at my level he told a me few things that I had not considered. That is why I lower my requests to him. At my level we both agreed with some corrections on the building, and we also agreed with a discount of $15,500.

What happened the next day when I meet the guy was amazing. He offered to correct exactly what I had programmed to be corrected, and he also offered me a discount of exactly $15,500. I was speechless!

Following that, he had another very big success that has turned out to be very beneficial to him, although that was not his original intent. He was simply trying to help a friend who had made a mistake and given up a good job for a job that turned out to be a very bad job; not what he had been promised.

When my friend told me his sad story, I started asking other friends for help. My “beta” plan was to find him some other job as soon as possible.

When I used the MentalVideo, I reviewed the current situation. My friend was doing dirty work. I pictured him sad and worrying about how to support his family. It was very easy to picture him since I spent that evening with him.

In the solution video, I picture myself asking friends, looking over the Internet, and checking news for some job that would be okay. The final part of the solution video was my friend working with computers in some nice office.

The next day when I was driving an idea came to me. I was thinking about some work I should have done one month ago. We needed to pick up some promotional materials that we had used in promotions in six different places around Slovenia.

First I should have gone and collected the material, but I was busy, so I ask my brother if he could go collect it since he had some free time. But somehow I did not find the time to explain to him what exactly he needed to do.

Then my friend from work asked his brother, but since his brother does not have a car, we did not collect the material.

As you see, there was a simple job to do, but we somehow failed to do it over and over. We talked about that so many times.

And suddenly it came to me that I could hire my friend. As I thought about it, I realized that there was a lot of work we do not like to do ourselves that my friend could do.

When I told my friend about my idea, he told me that he is willing to do that kind of work, and that he actually likes it. I immediately knew that we could hire him.

We will have a lot of work to do at our new building. We also need some help with our graphic art work. I was thinking that he can do some basic work at the beginning and learn how to do more. I called him and he agreed. He quit his dirty job and started to work in my company in two days.

I do not know why I did not think about hiring him at the beginning. All I do know is that solution is best for everybody concerned. We are all very happy about the way we solved the problem.

What I see as very important is: Why did we fail to do the work so many times? As Mr. Silva said, all of those “coincidences” let us know that higher intelligence was guiding us to a solution that many people benefited from long before we even knew about the problem.

Higher intelligence provides inexpensive solution to a big problem

This is a wonderful example of what one person can do with guidance from higher intelligence, received through the MentalVideo technique.

Like many people, Klemen wanted to do something to help the refugees who were fleeing the violence in Darfur. He was especially troubled when he learned that women were being raped every night in the IDP (Internally Displaced People) refugee camps, because there were not enough people to police the area and protect them.

He used the MentalVideo to ask for help to find a solution, and the next day he found it on the internet: Small, inexpensive, motion activated, solar powered video cameras.

Once the cameras were installed, the rapes almost completely ended because the perpetrators did not know when they were being recorded and would be caught. The violence against the women ended immediately.

Suleiman Jammous, Humanitarian coordinator in Darfur, said in an interview, "I can tell you now that people in the refugee (camps) feel that Slovenia saved them more than EU and AU and the United Nations' 20.000 troops on the ground there.

"I think they are consuming money, millions and millions per day and the effect they did was very minor to that effect made by this small cameras, sent from Slovenia here, brought by my friend Tomo Kriznar and his colleague Klemen Mihelic," Suleiman Jammous continued.

"We didn't hear in the last two months about any kind of violations against women and children, thanks to these small cameras. They don't know where the camera is, and they are afraid to be caught, so everyone stopped. And this is known as the Slovenian gift."

Original Statement by Suleiman Jammous:

Suleiman Jammous for the Saturday Supplement of the newspaper Delo:

Small cameras from Slovenia do more in Darfur than 20,000 members of the peace mission, claims the humanitarian coordinator of the rebels Suleiman Jammous, who once again visited Slovenia.

In Darfur, there are approximately 20,000 members of a mixed United Nations and African Union mission, who are doing nothing useful for the people of Darfur. The international community is throwing money out the window with this mission. One little such camera did more for the population of Darfur than all of the peacekeepers combined, as the murderers and rapists are afraid of being taped (Jammous shows one of the cameras, which were brought in the winter to Darfur by Tomo Križnar and Klemen Mihelič, founder of the non-governmental organisation H.O.P.E.).

Thank you, Tomo and Klemen. Thank you, Slovenia.

Working on even bigger plans

Now Klemen is working on even bigger plans:

"We are now working to buy mobile drilling machines (mounted on trucks) for Darfurians to find water resources," he said. "We persuaded Slovenian politicians to buy one.

"The Sudanese army bombs water wells and kills civilians daily. At the time I was there we were targets. Bombs were falling very close to us.

"Darfurians would like to find new unknown water wells for their civilians. That is why we are collecting money for mobile drilling machines. In two days (since our organization officially started) we collected 2.300 EUR. We need 90.000. I am sure we will buy a machine in two months!

"There is a need for these drilling machines in order to help many woman and children and that is why I am so sure.

"Programming helps a lot! When I have some more time I will write a book about my success stories with Silva UltraMind ESP System techniques for business, health, surviving in Darfur, and many more. There are hundreds of success stories that happened to me personally. There was so many situations of life or death."

For more information about Klemen's work, please visit the organization he founded, the Humanitarian Organization for People around the Earth - H.O.P.E. at

Connect with H.O.P.E. on Facebook

Klemen present the UltraMind ESP System in Slovenia.

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