Prosperity Comes from Giving

To program for more prosperity, program to give service to others

Prosperity is a topic of continuing interest to people, and we are frequently asked how to program for more prosperity.

I tell people that it is easy to get a million dollars if you need it: Just give ten million dollars worth of service to humanity and you will qualify for your million dollars.

We also talk about how faith plays a big part in programming for prosperity - or for anything else for that matter.

Yet is seems that most people continue to program improperly: They program for more money, or they program for more of the things that money will buy. They program themselves to like money. They program themselves to believe that they deserve money.

My research and my personal experience indicates that this is not the best way to program for prosperity - for money.

How to program

For many years writers have written about the law of compensation. You find it in all the religions: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. In the East it is called "karma," which means simply that you get what you deserve.

Please notice that first you must sow. First you must pay.
Or as I said above: You must qualify for your million dollars, and you do so by giving ten million dollars worth of service to humanity.

Perfect programming

Let me give an example of a graduate who fulfilled the laws of programming perfectly and received what she most wanted: Good health.

Marge Wolcott, of Port Isabel, Texas, attended the Silva Basic Lecture Series in January of 1970. She had multiple sclerosis, was wearing a full body brace, a neck brace, had to be carried into the classroom and placed in a special chair that she used.

Doctors had given up hope for her. In fact, she had almost died a couple of times.

How did Marge Wolcott program for herself to get well? Did she spend all day trying to heal her body? Not at all.
Marge Wolcott is a very religious person. For many years, she has prayed for people who need help.

After she completed the Silva training, when people would ask her to pray for someone, she would use the Silva case working technique.

She was doing this three times a day.

At the end of her programming session, she would visualize herself in perfect health also. "I had little hope," she said. "I was not concerned about it. If I got better, that would be great. If not, I could accept that. "

She recovered, and outlived the doctors who pronounced the death sentence on her.

She recovered so well that specialists in MS cannot even tell she ever had the disease.

Why it worked

Why did her programming work so effectively?

Because she followed some very important universal laws.

When you follow those same laws, your programming will work as well, whether it is for healing, prosperity , relationships of whatever.

First, she qualified for help because she was helping others. For many years she had helped others. And she was applying her Silva techniques first to help others.

By working cases on people who needed help, and by really desiring to help them, she got herself into a perfect frame of mind for programming. Then when she programmed for herself, that programming had tremendous power.

If you have a job and receive a salary for that job, you probably have to do the work first, and then you get paid. If you do get paid before you work, it is probably because you have a long history of doing a good job.

When you serve humanity, you qualify for help from High Intelligence. If you have a long history of serving humanity, then perhaps you already qualify for help. If not, then get to work:

At level, ask what you can do to help humanity, and then do it.

Have faith

As you recall, faith is made up of three elements: Desire, Belief and Expectancy, also known as Hope.

Marge Wolcott had a lot of desire.

Desire is not something artificial that you can call up on demand. You cannot force desire.

Desire is the result of need.

Marge Wolcott had a great need - she was badly crippled and her life was threatened. Therefore, she had great desire.

To increase your desire, repeat mentally or verbally what you desire, and think of all the reasons you have for accomplishing your goal.

When you find a product or service you can offer that will help humanity, then enter your level and think of all the ways it will help humanity.

How many people will benefit? How about their families?

The more reasons you can think of, that your product or service will help humanity, the more desire you will have. And that means you will have more faith.

Marge Wolcott obviously believed the Silva techniques would work. She believes in God.

She believes in helping people, and that her prayers could make a difference.

And by the time she had worked health cases on several people, she was at the, ideal level - the ideal state of mind - for correctly visualizing her desired end result.

At that deep alpha state of mind, she expected to get better.

She did not push and expend effort and "try" to force her body to get well.

Instead, she visualized and "expected" her body to heal. She had a little bit of hope. Not much, but some.

"The Bible says that whatever you do for others, comes back to you 10-fold," Marge Wolcott said. "Apparently when I programmed for the other people, I was helping myself, too."

Prosperity is yours

By following the examples of people like Marge Wolcott, you can have all the prosperity you desire.

First: Help humanity. By doing this, you will qualify to obtain more for yourself.

Build your faith.

Increase your desire by programming to help as many people, in as many ways, as possible.

Build your belief by practicing all of the Silva techniques and developing more confidence in them and in your ability to use them successfully.

Successful experiences builds confidence and a strong belief that you will succeed again.

And program yourself at a deep alpha level, the kind of deep level you reach when you have been programming to help other people.

Program to help humanity, and keep in mind what you need... plus a little bit extra.

There is no need for force prosperity. It will come to you when you use the correct ingredients, in the correct manner, as we have outlined here.

Keep in mind always to "Do unto others what you like others to do unto you."

Jose Silva

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Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems