Proof that you have Healing Hands

Tomato Experiment provides visual evidence of the healing power you have in your hands

by Daphne Beall

(These experiments with tomatoes were narrated and sent to us by Daphne Beall, a mathematics instructor for eight years at Yuba College in Marysville, California. In addition to being an academic instructor, for the last two years of those eight, she taught the Silva mind training system in Marysville.

Many thanks to Ms. Beall for permission to present her observations to our graduates.)

By way of preface in relating these experiments and their results, let me state that they were occasioned by a remark made by Jose Silva in a lecture that he presented in Laguna Hills, California in August 1974.

Elaborating on the point that human energies can be focused and used for the purpose of healing, he suggested that we might observe the effects of humanly energized tap water and non energized tap water on a tomato. He indicated that going to the alpha brain wave level and energizing for twenty minutes the water placed in one container would affect the condition of a tomato in relation to a tomato placed in the same amount of non energized water.

I decided to perform the experiment for myself and note the results.

My first experiment

The first time that I conducted the experiment I filled a glass with water, entered the alpha level, and placed my hands around the container, not touching it, visualizing energy leaving my hands in the form of a white light entering the water.

I imagined the glass becoming white and bright from the energy from my hands, knowing that the water was being energized. I moved my hands around, playing with the energy, so to speak, feeling the energy fill the glass of water.

Although Mr. Silva had recommended twenty minutes of energizing, I found it tedious to do nothing except visualize energy, so I only visualized for ten minutes. Then I came out of level, placed a tomato in the energized water, left it in there overnight, then put it on a plate.

I also placed another tomato in an ordinary non energized glass of water, left it in overnight, then placed it on a plate also. This was in September of 1974.

The results

Within about three days, the tomato that had been in the ordinary (non energized) water began to leak, and continued to do so more each succeeding day. Eventually, with its fluid running out, it shriveled to become smaller and smaller.

The tomato that had been in the energized water, however, remained healthy looking for a week, and then after about eight days I noticed a small leak in it, and thought to myself, "Well, there goes that one."

It leaked for about half a day, and then sealed itself up and didn't leak any more. This eventuality interested me, and made me decide to be more accurate and scientific about the procedure of this experiment.

Another week passed, and the tomato that had been in the energized water got a split in its skin, and I thought, "Well, now it's really going to fall apart." Again, to my surprise, it didn't leak. The split remained there for about a week, but it did not leak. It did nothing: In fact, the break in the tomato's skin actually resembled a cut on human skin that is about half healed.

So, the tomato in the energized water was still holding up after three weeks, whereas the tomato that had been in the plain, non energized water had begun deteriorating after about three days. At that point I concluded the first experiment, because I was lecturing in both a college and a high school at that time, and the tomatoes were deteriorating rapidly as I carried them with me for demonstration.

My second experiment

Because of the marked difference in the "life span" of the two tomatoes, presumably because of the waters in which they had been placed, identical except for energizing the one, using deeper levels of mind for projecting energy and not energizing the other, I decided to conduct another experiment, but one different from that first one.

In this second experiment I decided to use a third tomato, it being placed on a pyramid energy generator, the kind used by Dr. Pat Flanagan in his pyramid researches.

Furthermore, I decided to photograph the three tomatoes in the experiment at different stages in the experiment.

The method

In this experiment, I energized the water for fifteen minutes instead of only ten minutes as I had done in the previous experiment -I am including photographs taken on the eleventh day, the twenty-ninth day and the fiftieth day. (Figs. I, II, and III) All three tomatoes sat in water for twelve hours.

The tomato on the left was in water that I energized mentally, the tomato in the middle was in non energized water, but it sat for twelve hours on a pyramid energy generator, and the tomato on the right was in ordinary non-energized water.

11th day, Oct. 28

29th day, Nov. 15

50th day, Dec. 6

The results

As is apparent from the photographs, the pyramid energized tomato and the non energized tomato were decaying from the top down, whereas the humanly energized tomato was decaying only where it was in contact with the plate.

This leads me to wonder how much deterioration would occur on the humanly energized tomato were it not in contact with the plate - in other words, if the experiment could be set up with minimal surface contact.

As a postscript to the second experiment, it was interesting to note that in comparing the photographs that I took during the experiment, the energized water tomato at one hundred and twenty days looked like the ordinary water tomato did at thirty-five days - except that the energized water tomato had no mold on it, whereas the ordinary water tomato did have a fuzzy, white mold.


The results of this experiment have, as did the results of the first experiment, sparked my curiosity so that I anticipate still other experimentation.

My next experiment will again include three tomatoes: One in plain water, one under a very small cardboard pyramid, and the third, in water which I shall energize for fully twenty minutes.

Apparently Mr. Silva is correct in attributing healing energies to human beings who know that energy exists and can be transferred by technique, desire, belief and expectancy. So far, it has worked with tomatoes.

For another similar report, read The Persimmon Experiment.

Updated Instructions from Jose Silva

Editor's note: (In 1993, Jose Silva asked that we publish the following):

Since this was first published in the 1970's, the procedure has been refined.

While the effect occurs when you imagine energizing the water, it also works when you use the Three Scenes Technique:

In the first scene, directly in front of you, visualize (recall) the present situation - an ordinary tomato.

In the second scene, towards your left, imagine the treatment - energizing the water, and soaking the tomato in it.

In the third scene, farthest to your left, imagine the tomato dehydrating but not rotting.

The main factor is to have strong and clear visualization and imagination. If you have a strong mental image of the end result that you want, this can happen in a fraction of a second.

It is all that is necessary, provided that you have a strong and clear image of the end result that is desired. All that you need is to take enough time to clearly picture the three scenes, with a strong desire  to reach your goal.

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