Practice when you don’t need to

The best time to practice

The best time to practice is when you don't need to.

Why is that?

Because that is when it is the easiest. When you are not under stress, it is easy to relax and enter the alpha level.

Then later, when you encounter a stressful situation and need to enter the alpha level to calm yourself, and to correct the problem, it will be automatic.

You want to get so good at going to level that you can do it without thinking about it.

Championship basketball coach Hector Chacon has a wonderful way of explaining it:

"My players are very good at shooting free throws," Coach Chacon said. "But I make them practice them every day.

"I don't make them shoot free throws so that they will get better. I make them do it so that when they are in a tense situation - when the game is on the line - they won't have to think about what they are doing. It will be automatic.

"When a player is at the free throw line, and we are two points behind and he has two shots, I don't want him thinking about whether he is going to make those shots or not," Coach Chacon continued. "I want him to be thinking about how he and his teammates can get the ball back and score again in those last two seconds so we don't have to go into overtime."

When you are under stress, you don't want to spend your time thinking about how to go to the alpha level. You want it to be automatic, so that you can get to work correcting the problem.

Juan R. Silva

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