Positive Thinking Secrets Revealed

Sometimes Negative Thinking Will Sneak Up On a Person

Positive thinking is not just going around telling everybody that you are the greatest. It is not talking about how wonderful everything is.

Positive thinking is thinking and talking about what you want in your life, rather than what you do not want.

It is just like we teach in Mental Housecleaning: If you want to have a good memory, then do not talk about how bad your memory is.

Talk instead about having a good memory.


We teach you to "cancel-cancel" any negative statement that you put into your bio-computer brain.

But cancel-cancel is not permission to go around being negative.

We sometimes hear people saying something like this:

"I 'cancel' forget 'cancel' to take my vitamins."

Regardless of the fact that they are putting the "cancel-cancel" in the sentence, they are still making a negative statement that creates a mental image on the brain of what they don't want.

Accentuate the Positive

We must learn to emphasize the words and statements that create positive mental images, not negative ones.

Some people make a big issue when they hear somebody make a negative statement.

It would probably be better if they would just remind the person to "cancel-cancel" the negative statement and make a positive statement.

Remember, a negative statement is anything that creates a mental picture of something you do not desire, anything that is not beneficial for you.

A positive statement is anything that you do desire, that is good for you.

A Case Study

Sometimes people do not completely understand the difference.

I remember one graduate who told me that he wanted to come to the International Convention in Laredo, but did not have the money and could not think of any way to get the money. He kept programming to get the money, he told me.

Then he realized that getting the money was the problem.

Being in Laredo and attending the Convention was the solution.

When he changed his programming to focus on the solution - attending the Convention - instead of the problem - getting the money - then he quickly found a way to get the money.

Why Have Insurance?

Someone asked recently if it was negative to wear seat belts. Doesn't that put the idea in the bio-computer that we could have an accident?

What mental movies do you make when you buckle your seat belt?

Do you have a fear of crashing, or do you remind yourself how safe you are? One is a negative thought, the other positive.

But the main reason for wearing seat belts is that not everybody is as positive as you are.

We can't control other people. And many of those other people have not yet learned the Silva techniques.

When everybody on the road - and in the world - knows these mental techniques and practices them regularly, then we will have a safe world to live in.

Until then, buckle your seat belt.

You might even program yourself that buckling your seat belt will be a reminder to tell somebody else about the Silva training, and tell them how it has helped you.

They will benefit, and so will you.

Jose Silva

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