Performing an “exorcism”

Performing an "Exorcism"

Finding a way to solve a problem

Jose Silva was a very pragmatic problem solver who would work within another person's belief system to correct a serious problem if that's what was necessary.

Here is an example of an instance when he worked within another person's belief system to correct a serious problem. It was during a trip to Venezuela to present his Ultra Seminar. Someone told him about a young woman who was "possessed" by an "evil spirit," and nobody had been able to help her. They asked if he could help her.

He agreed and they took him to the young woman.

When he arrived, she was acting out - out of control. She wouldn't respond to anyone, but was crying and shouting and thrashing around.

As all UltraMind ESP System graduates know, Mr. Silva did not believe that there are evil entities that can harm us. This is covered in the Silva UltraMind ESP System Resource Guide (student manual) on Pages 46-54.

But the young woman, and the people with her, believed that she was possessed by an evil spirit. So in order to correct the problem, he had to work within her belief system.

Gaining her attention

First he had to get her to listen to him. And he needed for her to believe that he was powerful enough to help her. So he took care of both items at the same time:

He grabbed her by the wrist, and began to squeeze very tight. Mr. Silva was a strong man; he had been a prize fighter when he was young, and had very large hands and arms.

So before long, his strong grip on her wrist started to become painful, painful enough to get her attention. He told her, "That doesn't hurt does it?" She replied that "Yes, it hurts!" Now they were communicating, so he could work with her.

He told her that he was there to help her, that her body had been taken over by an evil spirit, and that she wasn't strong enough by herself to fight it off, but that he was stronger and more powerful than the evil entity so that he would help her by positioning himself between her and the evil entity and then the only way the evil entity could get to her was through him, and since he was more powerful, that wasn't going to happen.

Of course he didn't believe that there was an evil entity, and therefore he didn't do anything to "block" such an "entity."

Instead, he programmed for her to believe him, and to accept what he said, because he knew that if she would do that, then she would correct her own problem.

And this is exactly what happened. She had felt Jose Silva's power herself - her sore wrist reminded her of that. So she believed him, believed that he was powerful enough to fight off the "evil spirit" that had possessed her.

The problem was solved, and everybody was happy.

Note: In this recording from a live class, Jose Silva explains in his own words how he solved the young woman's problem.

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