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Better World Initiative

Our mission

You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow.

You will consider the whole of humanity, depending on their ages, as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters.

You are a superior human being; you have greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others.

Who you are

Somebody said there are 3 things you can do with your life:

  • Make money
  • Make a name for yourself
  • Make a difference

How you prioritize those 3 things reveals what kind of person you are

Make a difference

This membership is for Silva Instructors and others who are making a difference by helping other people develop their God-given intuition and use it to make better decisions and manifest creative solutions in order to relieve suffering and improve living conditions on the planet.

If you want to take an active part in this movement, you can start by choosing one of the options below to learn the most important techniques that Jose Silva developed.

Membership Instructors

Jose Silva Jose Silva Author

Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems

Jose Silva Jr. Jose Silva Jr. Co-author

Joe documented his father’s trailblazing research, and helped manage the Silva business. He has coauthored several Silva books.

Ed Bernd Jr. Ed Bernd Jr. Co-author

Silva Instructor and Author