Welcome to the Better Relationships Workshop

How to have great relationships

“A good relationship comes about when both parties in the relationship fill the needs of the other party. A mutual filling of needs. Period.” That is the formula from long-time Silva Instructor Burt Goldman.

The Silva UltraMind Systems tools can help you learn what those needs are, and why they are important. You can use the:

  • Alpha level, the most powerful part of the brain, to analyze information and actions
  • ESP to bypass hurt feelings and misunderstandings and get to the heart of the matter
  • MentalVideo to request help from higher intelligence when you need it

How to get the greatest benefit from this workshop

The first step in using the Silva UltraMind Systems techniques for improving relationships of all kinds is to center yourself at the 10 cycles per second Alpha brain wave frequency. Your ability to function at this level is the foundation of every relationship that you have.

  • If you want to understand yourself and others better, you need the power of the alpha level so you can obtain information and analyze it at the strongest brain frequency.
  • The better you are at dealing with tension and stress, and doing your thinking at the 10 cycles per second alpha brain wave frequency – the center of the brain – the better your foundation for great relationships.
  • The better your intuition – your natural God-given ESP – the better able you will be to understand other people, and help them to understand you better, so be sure to practice “case working” as you learn in the Silva UltraMind ESP System. It will pay big dividends in all aspects of your personal and business life.

It all begins with Alpha

If you are new to Jose Silva’s work – if you have never taken a Silva seminar or home study course – then please begin with the Silva Centering Exercise that is included with this Application.

Even if you are a Silva graduate, you will benefit from reviewing the Centering Exercise and practicing it. We recommend that graduates practice it at least once a week to maintain a deep level of mind that you can use to analyze information, make good decisions, and correct problems.

As long as you apply these techniques at the alpha level, there is no need to learn them in any particular order, you can go directly to whatever you are most interested in.

We are not relationships experts, we are experts in the mind and the subjective dimension. This App is not intended to be “the” answer to all relationship problems. Nobody has “the” answer. If they did, we would all be using it.

Our purpose is to provide techniques that we are uniquely qualified to provide, techniques that will help you to use the subjective dimension, where the mind resides. The better we understand one another, what we are thinking and feeling, the better partner we can be.

There are a variety of strategies and techniques here. They have worked for other Silva graduates, and they will work for you. Choose whatever you need, and, as Jose Silva used to say:

May the rest of your life be the best of your life.