Video of live Silva ESP workshop by Dr. Robert B. Stone 

Welcome to the Silva Masters of Business Intuition System

In this video, Dr. Robert B. Stone, long time Silva Instructor and best-selling author of The Silva Mind Control Method for Business Managers, gives an overview of the benefits of intuition for business managers in their daily activities.

This video is approximately 25 minutes

What do business managers and executives do? According to Dr. Stone:

You make decisions

Good decisions depend on having good information.

Good information comes from several sources. It comes from:

  • What you have learned, and what you know and have experienced.
  • What other people have learned, and their experiences.
  • From the uncertain (unknown – Zone of Uncertainty)… because it hasn’t happened yet.You manage people

You manage and interact with:

  • Employees who answer to you.
  • Superiors that you answer to.
  • Customers who provide the revenue your business needs.
  • Suppliers that you depend on so you can provide good products and services.

To manage people effectively, you need to understand their wants and needs, their hopes and fears, what motivates them, and what you can do that will elicit the desire reaction and behavior that you want and need from them.

You are a leader

Effective Leadership depends on your ability to:

  • Obtain and analyze all relevant information
  • Draw the correct conclusions
  • Make the right decisions
  • Design and provide effective training
  • Delegate wisely
  • Inspire cooperation towards a common goal
  • Organize and allocate resources wisely
  • Monitor performance and adapt to changing circumstances
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to customers, employees, regulators, the news media and the public
  • Forecast future trends and needs