The value of the alpha brain wave level

From now on you can use your “subconscious” consciously

All of our techniques are designed to be used at the Alpha level. That is why it is so important to practice the Silva Centering Exercise (Long Relaxation Exercise) from time to time to maintain a good deep alpha level.

When we talk about the Alpha level, we are referring to a specific frequency of the electrical activity in your brain, a specific area of the brain itself, and a special state of mind.

Let me explain:

Your brain functions much like a computer. It operates on a small amount of electrical energy that pulses, or beats, several times each second.

Like a computer, your brain can store information and retrieve that information later. That’s called memory. And when programmed properly, your brain can use information to solve problems.

Your brain has many highly specialized areas. When you function at the alpha brain wave level, you are using the mid-brain, in the center of your brain.

Why is this valuable? For one thing, when you center yourself you are closer to all of the information stored in your memory banks.

This makes it easier for you to retrieve the exact information you need to help you know how to solve a problem. You can study the origin of the problem. Then when you correct the problem at the cause – at that deep inner level – it will be easier to also correct it at the outer level too.

The most powerful part of the brain

Another benefit is that this is the most efficient part of the brain. That is why it is named “Alpha.” The alpha rhythm was the first electrical activity ever discovered in the brain, because it is the strongest.

With his background in electronics, Jose Silva immediately realized the significance of this:

  • It is the strongest current because it is the circuit with the least impedance.
  • Energy flows easily and smoothly in that part of the brain.
  • There are fewer impediments to clear thinking, to problem solving, and to your success.

The fewest impediments to analysis and problem solving

Some psychologists refer to the Alpha part of the brain as the “subconscious.” That may be true for the 90 percent of people who are unable to function at the alpha level with conscious awareness.

With just a few hours of practice with the Silva Centering Exercise you will be able to think deductively and analytically at the alpha level, the so-called subconscious.

But if you can use the subconscious consciously, then it isn’t “sub” or beneath consciousness is it.

So Jose Silva coined a new term:

The Inner Conscious Level.

He said that it is the most valuable thing to come from his 22 years of scientific research into the mind and human potential.

It is also the key to your success in building better relationships in your business and personal life.

Many benefits of using the Alpha level

Jose Silva had a list of the main benefits of being able to do your thinking at 10 cycles per second (CPS) Alpha brain frequency.

Most people, 90 percent, do their thinking at 20 cycles beta, and only 10 percent are able – through natural means – to do their thinking and decision making at 10 cycles Alpha.

The 10 cycles Alpha frequency is the center of the normal range of brain function, from .5 CPS up to 20 CPS. He called those who do their thinking at 10 cycles “centered” people.

Here are the main benefits he observed in the people he researched who do their thinking at 10 cycles and their acting at 20:

  1. Alpha leads to better health, because at 10 cps you automatically strengthen your immune system. It is like having free health insurance, the kind that protects you from developing health problems.
  2. You will be safer from accidents, because your mind will automatically use ESP to detect oncoming danger and automatically guide you to the right action to avoid it. You learn how to develop your natural God-given ESP in the Silva UltraMind ESP System.
  3. You will be more spiritual, because from the alpha part of the brain you will have direct access to the right brain hemisphere, which is the spiritual brain hemisphere.
  4. Centered people are luckier, because their ESP automatically makes them aware of opportunities that 90 percent of people won’t know about, because they haven’t developed their intuitive faculties.
  5. More successful in all areas of life because of intuition.

Scientists say that by guessing alone, you will be right 1 time out of 5. A centered person, who uses the Alpha level consciously, will be right more times than wrong, on average as much as 4 out of 5 times.

An eccentric – one who thinks at 20 cycles rather than at the 10 cycles center – might have to choose 5 partners before getting the right one. A centered person, using intuition, will usually choose the right partner the first time, and not have to get married 5 times to get the right one.

Scale of Brain Evolutiion

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