Silva Self-Healing Strategies

Techniques to help you help your doctor to heal your body

While your doctor is working from the outside in to heal your body, you can help by working from the inside out.
Your body’s natural condition is perfect health. It takes force of some kind to cause abnormalities. This can happen through such things as wrong thinking, viruses, injuries, harsh environmental conditions and so on.

Very simply, the mind gives instructions to the brain, and the brain carries out the instructions. Mind guides brain, brain guides body.

The good news is, your body is very good at becoming stronger in order to compensate for any challenges it encounters. It wants to be healthy. When you help it along it will become healthy again.

The question now is, how can you harness and direct the power of your mind to help heal your body? We will explore those strategies now.

Functioning from your center

Research has demonstrated that there are certain levels of mind where this is done most effectively. When you use your mind to give instructions to your brain while your brain is vibrating at the alpha frequency – ten cycles per second – on the edge of sleep – you will get far better results than you will by thinking about what you desire at the faster beta frequencies. This is the center of the brain’s normal range of .5 to 20 cps.

The more you practice entering your level and creating within yourself a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, with your brain slowed to 10 cycles per second, the better your results will be. As you continue to practice going to level, you will be able to reach deeper and deeper levels of mind, and also achieve lower and lower brain frequencies while maintaining conscious control. This will enhance your ability to help you heal yourself.

Practice the Silva Centering Exercise (also known as the Long Relaxation Exercise) regularly. Read Juan Silva’s suggestions on how to practice in the Centering Yourself section of this web site.

When Juan returned from service in the army in World War II, he had a health problem that doctors couldn’t correct. His body would swell up for no apparent reason. He went to many experts but none had an answer.

His brother Jose had started his research into the mind and human potential and wanted to help him, but Juan resisted. Jose kept insisting, and finally Juan decided to let him try. He reasoned that if it worked, that would be great; if not, at least Jose would quit bothering him.

Jose spent an hour with Juan, talking nonsense and programming him when Juan got bored. Within a matter of days the problem was gone. Juan was so impressed that he joined Jose in his research, and over the next 50 years helped many people.

Using the Silva Centering Exercise

Their recommendation is that when you have a minor health problem, go to your level for 15 minutes, once a day. If the problem is more serious, go to level for 15 minutes twice a day. For very serious problems, spend 15 minutes at your level, three times a day. You can spend your time at level relaxing, reinforcing your programming to get well, programming to help others, practicing countdown deepening exercises, enjoying your ideal place of relaxation, etc.

Now, you don’t want to overdo it. When you spend 15 minutes at your level, your body begins to normalize. When you visualize yourself in perfect health, your body will begin to move in the direction of perfect health. Come out of level and take enough time for the changes to take place.

The best time to go to level is in the morning when you first wake up. You are just coming out of level – it will be easy to go back to level, without going back to sleep.

The second best time is at night when you are ready to retire. Your brain is already ready to slow down, so it will be easy to get to your level. You can use the SIGA Evening Meditation from the Self-Orientation Program to program yourself several times while you are doing the long relax so that you will get the benefits even if you fall asleep before you finish.

The third best time to practice is at noon after lunch. The body wants to relax after eating, so this is another easy time to get to your level.

What to expect: If this is your first time practicing the Silva Centering Exercise, please review the information in the How to Practice lesson so that you will know what to expect. This will help you get the best results and make the fastest progress.

The Silva Self-Healing Technique

You can practice the techniques that are included in the special Silva Self-Healing recording that we put together with the help of Jose and Juan Silva. Here is how the technique works:

First, enter your level and do some deepening exercises. Then project onto your mental screen, a mirror divided into three sections.

In the first section of the mirror, directly in front of you, visualize your present condition for a minute or two. To visualize, simply recall what the problem looks like. Visualization is remembering what something looks like.

Then in the second section of the mirror, to the left of the first section, mentally picture doing something to correct the cause of the problem, and mentally picture the correction beginning to take place. Imagine the illness going into remission, or the injury healing.

In this second scene, you can picture the treatment your doctor is providing: the medicine or whatever is being used. Imagine it doing what it is supposed to do to correct the problem, to correct the cause of the problem, and imagine the problem being corrected.

Of course, you can use symbolic images, such as the way cancer patients imagine a tumor as a piece of cheese and imagine mice eating it all up. As mentioned before, if you do this, it will be even more effective if your doctor goes to level with you and makes a connection between your symbols and his treatment.

You can also provide your own reinforcement mechanisms. For instance, you can program, in this second mirror, that every time you drink a glass of water, or every time you brush your teeth, or every time you eat a meal, that this will help to correct the cause of the problem, and you can imagine yourself getting better as a result.

You will spend the majority of your time at level making mental movies in this second scene.

Finally, you will shift your attention to the third section of the mirror, still further toward your left, to the left of the other two sections. In this final scene, you will picture yourself in perfect health. Imagine how you will feel when you have regained your health. Think about what you will be doing, how you will be using your talents and abilities to help correct problems on our planet and thus help to convert our planet into a paradise. In other words, give yourself good reasons to recover.

Your attitude is important

It is important to have faith. You must trigger the faith factor: desire, belief and expectancy. The stronger your desire, the more energy you will have to help bring about the healing that you want. To increase your desire, think of all the reasons you have for wanting to recover. How many people will benefit from your recovery? The more people who will benefit, the better your chances of recovery. What steps will you take so that many people will benefit from your good health?

Do you believe you can get better? Do you believe in the techniques you are using? Do you believe you deserve to get well? Once again, review the ways that others besides yourself will benefit from your good health

Do you expect to get well? Keep that image from the third scene in mind. Keep thinking thoughts of health. Act “as if” you are getting better and better every day – not by reducing your treatment prematurely, but achieve the feeling that you are getting better and better. Make it up — lie to yourself if you have to…

You can use the phrase “Better and better” as a reinforcement mechanism. This was the way Emile Coue originally intended for people to use the Better and Better phrase. You see, you want to think of health, not illness. But many people who are ill find it difficult to think of themselves healthy when they are concerned by an illness. Therefore, take advantage of the programming that is built into the mental exercise and use the Better and Better phrase at every opportunity.

Anytime anyone asks you how you are doing, answer “Better and better” enthusiastically. Remember, this is a reminder to help your programming work better and better. So whenever you say better and better, mean it; think of yourself getting better and better … think of yourself being physically perfect.

Success stories will help to build your faith. You can read success stories on our various web sites. You can find more guidance and many success stories in some of the books available. You the Healer, the book on healing by Jose Silva is excellent, the best in the field. You can order it and other books from the web site..

Another good book is Getting Well Again by Dr. 0. Carl Simonton, a radiologist who has had excellent success in helping people to help heal themselves through the use of mental imagery at the alpha level. He has been helping people ever since he first learned the Silva techniques back in 1970.

What science has learned

The mind is a powerful healer, and science now understands many of the mechanisms involved.

You must use visualization and imagination, and you must use them at the alpha level. You must have faith – you must have desire, belief and expectancy. You must be persistent – go to level every day, three times a day is best, for fifteen minutes each time.

You can go to level at any time. Recommendations in the Silva Centering Exercise are to practice in the morning when you first wake up, at night when you are ready to go to sleep, and at time 12noon after lunch.
Here is a method for finding an ideal time to do your programming.

At night, when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep, enter your Level (go to your center). Sit up, lower, or bow, your head 20 degrees and turn your eyes upward 20 degrees, keeping your eyes closed, and program yourself to wake up automatically at the ideal time to do your programming. Then remain at level and go to sleep from Level 1.

The first time you wake up, during the night or in the morning, again sit up in bed, lower your head 20 degrees and turn your eyes upward 20 degrees, keeping them closed, enter your level, and program for perfect health.

You can also use the Alpha Uni-Mold concept, which is described in this web site. Just imagine yourself backing into the mold along with everyone else, and then energize the mold.

Use every technique you can think of to help yourself.

It is very important to evaluate your priorities. We are not put on this earth f or a 70-year vacation. There are many problems to be solved on our planet. There are many people who are hungry, and hurting, and ignorant, and lonely, and without hope. None of us can solve all of the world’s problems, but there is something that each of us can do.

When we are doing what we can to help correct problems on this planet, not just for our own immediate family, but to help with any problems we encounter that we can help with, then we will have good health and whatever else we need to continue to do our job and to help correct problems. Spend some of your time at level reflecting on your life and how you can make your life more valuable, not only to yourself and your family, but to others as well.

Mr. Silva says that if you are asking for something and you are the only one who will benefit, then you are on your own. You are not going to get help from the other side. But if you are asking for something and someone else will benefit besides you, then you will get help. The bigger your plans are – that is, the more people who will benefit – the more help you are going to receive.
As Jose Silva has been telling us for a long time, a human being is not a person who looks like one, it is a person who acts like one.

He tells us that to qualify as humans, we must take part in humanitarian activities. This is why we have human intelligence. And this is the way that we develop our ability to use our human intelligence more effectively – we use our human intelligence to help correct problems, and by so doing, help to convert our planet into a paradise.

Animals only help themselves and their immediate family. Humans go far beyond that.

We must take these steps to develop our ability to use our human intelligence, for it is our human intelligence that enables us to heal ourselves.

It is a system where all of the factors are inter-related. Holistic healing requires that we have a holistic outlook on the world and the part we play in it.

You can help your doctor heal you, if you have the correct attitude, and if you practice the special Silva holistic faith healing exercise included in the Self-Healing Program, as well as using other Silva techniques.

More techniques for dealing with health problems

The Silva Choose Success home study course has several technique to help you deal with a wide range of problems related to health.

  • Overcome insomnia
  • Relieve tension and migraine headaches – this can be applied other kind of chronic pain
  • Program a dream to provide information to help you make the right decision
  • Learn how to enter the Theta brainwave level to relieve pain, stop bleeding and hemorrhaging, and speed healing
  • Eliminate bad habits and start good new habits
  • And much more

If you are not already enrolled in the Choose Success course you can register and pay for it here.


When working on health problems, you should always seek competent medical advice and work under a doctor’s supervision. We are not doctors. Holistic faith healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine; holistic faith healing techniques can be used to help your doctor heal your body.

Help for health problems

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