Save the Planet Project

Jose Silva’s Save the Planet Project

Imagine the kind of world we will have when everyone learns to function from their center and use the alpha dimension and their right brain hemisphere.

That’s the idea behind Jose Silva’s Save the Planet Project. He set this up in the 1980s to encourage all Silva graduates to center as many people as possible by reading the Silva Centering Exercise (the Long Relaxation Exercise) to them.

In this video recorded in 1987, Mr. Silva explains his idea behind the Save the Planet Project. The “little blue book” that he talks about is now available as a free PDF document that you can download below.

Mr. Silva explains the value of functioning at your center, the 10 cycles alpha brain wave frequency, and how to use visualization to help you correct abnormalities, improve living conditions, and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Click this link to download a printout of the Silva Centering Exercise with instructions on how to read it to your loved ones to help them find their center:

Click to Download

You may use the Silva Centering Exercise and share it with others provided that you do not change it, and that you identify Jose Silva as the author and copyright owner. You may not alter it or use it in any commercial manner without first obtaining permission. Please contact Avlis Productions if you wish to use the Silva Centering Exercise in a commercial (for sale) project. Thank you.

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