Sales Points of Reference – sp02

Sales Points of Reference are your Roadmap to Success

In this brief video, our Sales Consultant Dennis Higgins explains how he uses Sales Points of Reference to correct mistakes he makes, and to program himself for success.

Once you learn to enter the alpha level with the Silva Centering Exercise, and after you practice it a few times, you can use Jose Silva’s 3-Scenes Technique to correct your mistake, reinforce your successes, and program yourself to meet and exceed your sales and productions goals.

You do that at the alpha level using the left brain hemisphere.

To learn to use the right brain hemisphere and project your mind to detect what your customer’s real wants and needs are, and to learn to put an idea into your customer’s mind, you need to develop “subjective” (mental) points of reference with the right brain hemisphere. You can do that with the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar.

About Silva Sales Consultant Dennis Higgins

Dennis Higgins took the Silva training in 1971, then was trained as a salesperson shortly after. He used his Silva techniques to help him actually do the things he was supposed to do as a salesperson, and as a result he became one of the top sales people in the company.

In 1983, out of gratitude, he authored a Sales Manual for Silva lecturers, and helped develop The Silva Sales Lecture Series and the Silva Sales Power App.

Dennis also provided valuable assistance in writing the Sales Power book, which was Putnam Publishing Company’s top release in the spring of 1992.