Practice the Silva Centering Exercise

What to expect

Note: If you have not used the Silva Centering Exercise before, please review the information below so you will know what to expect. This will help you get the best results.

How to Enter the powerful Alpha Level

Your brain automatically slows to the alpha level when you make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and relax your body and mind in order to go to sleep.

We take advantage of that natural function and “condition” you to lower your brain frequency in a matter of seconds. Here is how it works:

In this “conditioning cycle” that we call the Silva Centering Exercise, we ask you to make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and relax physically. Then we related this physical relaxation to the number 3.

Then we guide you to relax mentally and relate the mental relaxation to the number 2.

Just follow the instructions and your brain will be at the alpha frequency. After you have practiced a few times you will be able to enter the alpha level by just mentally repeating and visualizing the numbers:

  • Level 3 and Relax physically
  • Level 2 and Relax mentally
  • Level 1 and take it for granted that you have entered the alpha level
Animated gif 3, 2, and 1

How to come out of level whenever you desire

The standard way to come out of your level is by counting from 1 to 5.

  • To come out of any level of the mind, count to yourself mentally from 1 to 5 and tell yourself that at the count of 5 you will open your eyes, be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than before.
  • Then proceed to count slowly from 1 to 2, then to 3.
  • At the count of 3 mentally remind yourself that at the count of 5 you will open your eyes, be wide awake, feeling fine and in prefect health, feeling better than before.
  • Proceed to count slowly to 4, then to 5.
  • At the count of 5 and with your eyes open, mentally tell yourself, “I am wide awake, feeling fine, and in perfect health, feeling better than before. And this is so.”

Physical and Mental Relaxation

To deepen your level, you can practice relaxing your body from head to toes the way you learn at Level 3.

You can also practice visualizing tranquil and passive scenes, as you learned to do at Level 2.

A day at the beach may be a tranquil and passive scene for you.

A day out fishing may be a tranquil and passive scene for you.

A relaxing day out fishing

A tranquil and passive scene for you may be a walk through the woods on a beautiful summer day, when the breeze is just right, where there are tall shade trees, beautiful flowers, a very blue sky, an occasional white cloud, birds singing in the distance, even squirrels playing on the tree limbs. Hear birds singing in the distance.

Walking through the woods

Remember that you can project yourself mentally to your ideal place of relaxation for a minute and get the same benefit as if you had been there for an hour physically.

Countdown Deepening Exercises

To enter deeper, healthier levels of mind, practice with the count-down deepening exercises:

To deepen, count downward…

  • From 25 to 1, or
  • From 50 to 1, or
  • From 100 to 1.

When you reach the count of 1, you will have reached a deeper, healthier level of mind, deeper than before.

You will always have full control and complete dominion over your faculties and senses at all levels of the mind including the outer conscious level.

Jose Silva used to suggest that we visualize (recall) a green neon sign. Today, LED’s are more common. Use whatever works best for you.

Green LED numbers

The best times to practice

  • The best time to practice the count-down deepening exercises is in the morning when you wake up. Remain in bed at least five minutes practicing the count-down deepening exercises.
  • The second best time to practice is at night, when you are ready to retire.
  • The third best time to practice is at noon after lunch.

How long to practice

  • 5 minutes of practice is good;
  • 10 minutes is very good;
  • 15 minutes is excellent.

How often to practice

  • To practice once a day is good;
  • 2 times a day is very good; and
  • 3 times a day is excellent.
  • If you have a health problem, practice for 15 minutes 3 times a day.

Beneficial Statements

The following are beneficial statements that you may occasionally repeat while at your level.

My increasing mental faculties are for serving humanity better.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better.

Positive thoughts bring me benefits and advantages I desire.

I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind. I have full control and complete dominion over my sensing faculties at this level of the mind and any other level, including the outer conscious level. And this is so.

Genius Statements

The difference between genius mentality and lay mentality is that geniuses use more of their minds and use them in a special manner. You are now learning to use more of your mind and to use it in a special manner.

About the Silva Standard Conditioning Cycle

Length: The length of the brief introduction and the conditioning cycle is approximately 26 minutes.

Eyes closed: This recording is to be used with eyes closed, which makes it easier to find the alpha level, so do not play it when you are driving or performing any other activity that requires the use of your eyesight.

Relaxation is a priority: Remember that if, at any time, you feel uncomfortable, re-adjust your position to make yourself more comfortable. If you feel you must open your eyes for any reason, then open your eyes and make yourself comfortable. If you open your eyes, then go back to the beginning of the recording and start over. Any time you desire to relax, mentally or verbally repeat the word “Relax” and you will relax physically and mentally.

Author: This mind training exercise is adapted from one originally copyrighted by Jose Silva of Laredo, Texas, in 1969, after 25 years of scientific research and is used with permission.