Jose Silva on the benefits of Alpha in Business

Benefits of functioning at the alpha brain wave level

In this video, Jose Silva discusses the benefits of functioning at the 10 cycles per second alpha brain wave level.

In the recording on the next lesson, he recalls how the EEG – electroencephalograph – allowed him to observe what the brain was doing during different activities.

He saw that 1 person in 10 would go to the alpha level when he asked them to solve a problem, and he realized that those people were healthier, luckier, and more successful than the 90 percent who did their thinking at the beta level.

He conducted research with his young research subjects and saw that they had access to more information when they were at the alpha level.

Then in a first-of-its-kind groundbreaking experiment, he found that we can detect other people’s thoughts, even if they haven’t acted on those thoughts yet.

10-year research project on Executive ESP

At the same time Jose Silva was doing this, Prof. John Mihalasky and scientist Douglas Dean were conducting research at Newark College of Engineering to see if the most successful business executives had some kind of “6th sense” that others did not have.

Sure enough, they found that the executives who headed up companies that increased profits the most had the best precognitive ability – the ability to know what is going to happen before it happens.

You can listen to Jose Silva explain his research in this video, and read Prof. Mihalasky’s report on his project here.

The best way to learn to function at the alpha brain wave level is to practice the Silva Centering Exercise, coming up soon.