How to use your Genius Mind

Welcome to class

Thank you and congratulations on making the decision to join millions of Silva graduates in activating and using your genius mind to change your life for the better.

In live, in-person Seminars we present the complete course in two 8-hour days.

In our live on-line Webinars we do one 2-hour session each week for 8 weeks, and that produces outstanding results.

With the Home Seminar you can complete all of the lessons in just 2 and a half hours each day for 7 days. After that you develop your expertise through regular practice.

Whether you do it fast or slow is up to you. The most important things to remember are:

  • Listen to the conditioning cycles in order the first time through the course, because each one builds on what you did previously. It is okay to go back and repeat any conditioning cycle you have already done, but no skipping ahead.
  • Before you do a conditioning cycle the first time, listen to the preconditioning so you will know what to expect. Surprises and questions about what you are doing will tend to bring you out of alpha
  • You are learning a new skill, so do what you are instructed to do.

A typical Action Plan

You can easily go through the complete course in as little as one week by investing just two and a half hours a day.

You can spread it out and go at a slower pace if you prefer. This gives your mind time to process what you are learning, and gives your brain time to file the information where it needs to be while you sleep.

Or you do it in as little as 2 days if you want to invest 2 full days the way we do in live seminars.

The most important things are to relax, and to follow the instructions in the conditioning cycles. Do that and you will succeed.