Discussion of Caseworking results

You can download cases to work at SilvaHealthCases.com. The password, in case you don’t get the “hint,” it is: Level

Special Instructions

We do not diagnose. Only medical people have license to diagnose and heal. We conduct psychic investigation for detection and correction of abnormalities at a psychic level at a distance.

We do not perform psychic investigation of a person when that person is present.

We do not give our own name to be worked as a case while we are present.

We avoid involvement that blocks our ability to function.

We do not create problems. We solve problems.

Avoid talking about negative things when a person is at deep levels.

Work with human life before working on animal life, plant life, and the inanimate. Never neglect human life.

It is recommended that you work on your family every night just before going to sleep.