1. A New Dimension for Thinking

Are you willing to invest just 27 minutes to change the rest of your life for the better?

The 27 minutes it takes to use the Silva Centering Exercise to find the Alpha Brain Wave Level will be the best investment you make this year.

In these Introductory Lessons you will learn from the leader in the mind training field how to find the powerful Alpha Brain Wave Level and use it to help you:

  • Develop and use your natural God-give intuition to help you make better decisions and correct all kinds of difficult problems
  • Maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind
  • Enjoy fulfilling and beneficial relationships
  • Acquire the money and resources that you need for yourself and your family
  • Succeed at your mission in life

You will learn specific techniques to help you:

  • Relax and relieve stress to improve your health, your relationships, your abundance and prosperity, and your success in life
  • Use the Alpha Level to detect and analyze information better so that you will make more correct decisions and be right more often
  • Use visualization and imagination to correct problems and to program yourself for success
  • Detect hidden information with your natural God-given intuition
  • Obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to make sure that you are doing the right thing
  • Achieve success in fulfilling your unique purpose in life

Learn from the acknowledged leader in the field

You are just moments away from joining Jose Silva in class and sitting at the feet of the master, the scientist who is responsible for the consciousness movement of the late 20th Century.

It was Jose Silva who succeeded where everyone who came before him had failed when he found a way to teach all of us how to use our mind the way the ultra successful people do.

Researching the “secret of success”

Ultra successful people seem to have a “6th sense” that guides them, helps them make the correct decision 4 out of 5 times, and to know the best way to overcome obstacles and correct abnormalities.

Napoleon Hill, who spent 20 years studying the most successful people in the world, observed this difference back in 1928 when he wrote:

“The individual who discovers a way to stimulate his mind artificially, arouse it and cause it to go beyond this average stopping point frequently, is sure to be rewarded with fame and fortune if his efforts are of a constructive nature.”

But Hill never found the answer.

Neither did Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University who spent 40 years studying natural psychics.

Dr. Rhine proved that ESP is real, and he mistakenly thought that if you didn’t have it naturally, you were just out of luck because he believed – incorrectly – that it couldn’t be taught.

Successful executives possess superior precognition

In the 1960s a group of scientific researchers at the Newark College of Engineering in New Jersey (now New Jersey Institute of Technology) spent 10 years studying business executives to learn what was different about the ones who made the most money for their companies.

Their research found that the more successful they were, the more precognition they had – they made better decisions because they seemed to have a “6th sense” about what the future held.

The story of their research is in our newest book, Jose Silva’s Everyday ESP. You can read the details of Prof. John Mihalasky’s research project on our SilvaMethodUltraMind.com website.

Why doesn’t everybody function this way?

Napoleon Hill and Dr. Rhine and the Executive ESP researchers could observe the “success factor” in action, but they couldn’t teach anyone how to do it.

Napoleon Hill proclaimed that, “The educator who discovers a way to stimulate any mind and cause it to rise above this average stopping point without any bad reactionary effects, will confer a blessing on the human race second to none in the history of the world.”

The educator who did it was Jose Silva.

What if you could actually join Jose Silva in class today

While Jose Silva may have moved on to new assignments, Avlis Productions is dedicated to keeping his original, authentic, unaltered work available, both in live seminars and in convenient home study courses.

While others have altered his work and are teaching spin-offs that are based on his work, we feel that the original is still the best, that it is still best to learn from the master and that is what you can do starting right now by watching videos in these Free Introductory Lessons and in the Online Training available at our SilvaMethodUltraMind.com website.

Start Now

The best time to begin is right now. In fact, “now” is the only time you can start anything, because if you wait until tomorrow… “tomorrow” becomes “now.”

So join Jose Silva for his explanation of the most valuable discover he made during his 22 years of scientific research, then continue to the next lesson with a brief review of exactly what to expect in the Silva Centering Exercise, and then relax, follow the simple instructions, and enjoy the Silva Centering Exercise.

Silva Method UltraMind Scale of Brain Evolution Chart