Is it wrong to make money?

Is it wrong to try to make money?

by Jose Silva Jr.

Q: When I was going through your book The Silva Method for Getting Help from the Other Side I found, "The person who spends his time playing the stock market may come out on top financially, but his connection to the other side will suffer."

This really made me confused. I am a stock market trader and I am hopeful that I will do better in this business if I follow your System.

Therefore I will be extremely grateful if you kindly explain what you really mean by those world. Thank you.

A: Yes, that "may" happen. It all depends on the individual and what that individual's motives are. And yes, you can definitely do better in anything you do if you follow the full System, including the Laws of Programming that my father included in the UltraMind ESP Systems.

My father felt that we were sent here to planet earth in order to help correct problems and to make this world a better place to live. He observed that people who do that, usually have more success than those who do not help others, and they have much more success than people who cause problems.

If a person is interested only in helping themself, and not in helping to improve conditions on planet earth, then that person is not going to get help from the other side.

What are your motives?

If someone is making investment decisions only on the basis of what will earn them the most money, this may not be the best way.

If the person is investing in companies that harm the environment, companies that make money by cheating people and causing problems, then they are actually profiting at someone else's expense.

My father said that we should not gain at someone else's loss, but should gain while helping others to also gain.

If they are investing in companies that help people, that help to improve conditions on the planet, even though they might not make quite as much money in doing so, then my father believed that they are doing what higher intelligence intends for us to do.

How many people benefit?

My father said that if you are the only one who is going to benefit, then you will not get help from the other side (higher intelligence). But if other people are also going to benefit, then you will qualify for help from the other side.

If you are helping someone else who is not improving conditions on planet earth, then why should higher intelligence help out?

The bigger your plans are - that is, the more people who will benefit from your efforts - the more help you will receive from the other side.

An attitude of unselfishness

You did not indicate whether you have completed a Silva Course. Doing so will help you to understand this idea much better. The final statement in the Silva Centering Exercise addresses this:

"You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make the world a better place to live, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow. You will consider the whole of humanity, depending on their ages, as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters. You are a superior human being; you have greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others."

Notice that he used the word "strive," which means: to make an extra effort; to exert oneself vigorously; make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my investments helping to improve conditions on the planet, so as to leave behind a better world for those who follow? (This is a statement of unselfishness. If we want help, we must be willing to help others.)
  • Would I recommend that my parents do business with this company? My children? By brother or sister? Would I be confident that they would be treated fairly? Would I want them to work for this company? To live near this company? Remember that as an investor, you are an owner of this company. Would this make your parents proud? Your children?
  • Is there another company that I could invest in, that would help more people, or help to correct more problems?

Everyone should gain

Doing what is right is not always popular, or profitable in the short run.

If my father had not persisted in the face of ridicule and opposition, at great expense to himself and his family, then we would not have the Silva System today.

He did not earn any money from his research for 22 years. Later, what he earned from the System, he reinvested in order to help even more people.

He lived modestly, with enough to take care of himself and his family; he did not acquire unnecessary luxuries. He preferred to drive his Jeep more than his Cadillac. His home was a typical middle class Laredo home, on a public street - no exclusive neighborhood with walls and gates for him.

Hopefully this helps to clarify what he meant. For more information, you can read our book Silva UltraMind Systems ESP for Business Success.

You can also enroll in our Online Learning Course: Business ESP Webinar Recordings or any of our other ESP Courses.

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