I have a job for all of us

We can overcome our problems if we all do our part

Jose Silva wrote this article in the Silva company Newsletter in 1989. It still holds true today.

by Jose Silva

Many people write to me and request that I solve more problems.

They ask me to go to my level and heal them.

They ask me to program and solve various problems that plague humanity.

I used to heal people. Through the years I have healed hundreds of people personally, using the holistic faith healing techniques that I teach.

I have even tackled bigger projects and carried them through to success.

But I am only one person. There is only so much I can do.

That is why I am on the path I am on.

I was guided to develop a method to teach everyone how to use holistic faith healing techniques, and how to work on the big problems that plague our planet.

For a serious case of cancer, it is necessary to use the holistic faith healing techniques on the person three times a day for six weeks. This takes time; there are only so many people I could help.

But by training thousands of holistic faith healers who can each go forth and help those who need help, many more people will be saved.

A problem like AIDS will require a great deal of research and work by many people to find a solution.

I am training people as fast as I can – and I am training instructors to go forth and train people to function in the subjective  dimension – so that these people can seek solutions.

I have been assigned the task of training people so that they can use the subjective dimension, as well as the objective dimension, to correct problems. This task is not finished yet, and I’ve been told to continue with this task.

The best way we have of solving problems is for all of us who know how to work in a balanced manner, who know how to use both the subjective and the objective dimensions, to work as hard and as fast as we can to find solutions to problems.

I am doing my part.

I am training people as fast as I can.

Now you must do your part.

Use what you have learned.

Practice working health cases and develop your skill. Practice so that when you need the techniques, they will work for you.

Working together, we can solve the problems that plague us.

Please go to level today, and every day. Work some new health cases at least once a week.

Become proficient at all of the Silva techniques.

Let’s solve those problems.

Jose Silva

About Jose Silva

Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems