How to use your time at level effectively

by Jose Silva

We recommend to Silva graduates that you enter your level - the alpha level - at least once a day, for 15 minutes.

How are you going to spend your time there?

Without moving, just using your mind, mental activities, no body movement.

Take an inventory for instance. Review what you did yesterday, that you want to correct today.

Where are you on your progress, on whatever you are trying to accomplish? How far have you gotten towards reaching your goals at this time?

Analyze everything that happened yesterday, and the corrections you want to make. Analyze the mistakes that you made, and what you want for the future.

Always keep your ultimate goals in sight, but break it down into smaller parts, smaller segments.

For instance, break it down into five segments. Work on Segment Number 1 first. When you accomplish this, then go into Segment Number 2, towards your goal.

Analyze how you are doing

You can also analyze how you are doing in life: In your health, in family relations, and in business. Always keep in mind those three major areas.

First of all health, because if you're not healthy, you're not going to do anything else. Health comes first.

Better relations, to be the happiest time in your life, comes second.

And then business, to support the others, and to keep them moving. Business is to accomplish the material needs that you need to accomplish, to comply with, because we all have needs for money. Money is the fuel that keeps the machinery going.

If you want to do great things, you must have a lot of money to do it with.

If you have little things to do in life, you don't need too much money to do whatever that is. So it depends on your needs, on what plans you have for the future. That determines what you are going to need to accomplish your goals.

Now your goals should be - not just benefits for you and yours - I mean animals do that. Now we want to also help other human beings. Whenever we say "we," we don't mean just me and my family, we mean humanity in general. All human beings.

You see, animals take care of themselves and their offspring, but animals don't help other animals of the same species. That's animal reaction.

Well, this is what humans are doing right now. They don't care about anybody else. But we should care about other human beings also. We cannot survive by ourselves.

We need shops to manufacture shoes for us because we don't manufacture shoes, clothing because we don't manufacture clothing, someone to change the oil in my auto. I pay them for the services. We need each other. It is not just about me getting whatever I want, and then forget about everybody else.

All of our plans should be considered as we, or us; meaning: Humanity is not just me and my immediate family. Animals do that automatically; they don't even have to have intelligence to supply their needs and the needs of their immediate family.

We want to go beyond that. Not just what animals are capable of doing; we want to be able to do what humans are capable of doing with the intelligence that we have, way beyond what animals are capable of doing.

We are the highest level of intelligence on the planet

Animals cannot compare with us. We are the highest level of intelligence. We are the gods of this planet. In other words, we are supposed to do on this planet what we believe that the being that we call God can do in the whole universe.

Well, we may not be able to do it in the whole universe, but on this planet: Yes. We are the highest level of intelligence here. There's no other entity with intelligence higher than the human being.

But, you have to know this, and you have to know how to function as a creator. If you are not aware that you can correct problems and improve conditions on planet earth, then you haven't gained anything.

For instance, we say: Inanimate matter is subjected to environmental influences. Inanimate matter is subjected to variations in temperature, variations in barometric pressure, concept of astrology, and so on.

The vegetable kingdom, which is higher than the inanimate kingdom, is also subjected to temperature changes, changes in barometric pressure, concept of astrology, and biorhythm.

Animals, another kingdom that is higher than the plant kingdom, is also subjected to the environmental influences: Changes in barometric pressure, concept of astrology, and biorhythm.

The animal body of a human being is a biological system. It is also subjected to environmental influences: Changes of barometric pressure, temperature changes, concept of astrology, and biorhythm.

Now what about the mind? Animals don't have a human mind.

It is the animal body of a human being that has a human mind.

The animal bodies of animals have animal minds. Animal minds function inductively.

The human mind, after a certain age, starts functioning deductively, which means: The ability - the faculty - of being able to analyze.

The analytical factor is what makes the difference between a human being and an animal.

The human mind can change conditions in the physical world

The human mind can alter, or change, the environment, to be able to counter barometric pressures, changes in temperature, the concept of astrology, and biorhythm.

You need to become aware that you have tremendous power because of the analytical faculty of mind - it is your human power. Nothing else. And other humans have it.

You can function as though you were born under any sign - you don't care about astrology. You can neutralize or change all the effects of biorhythm. The human mind can do it. But you must know how to do it. You must know at what level of brain and mind this is done.

There are two different things that we need to be sure we understand:

  1. That we are the kings of this planet, the gods of this planet.
  2. That we can change anything we need to change to improve conditions, because of our analytical faculty of mind that we have.

If you do not know that you are the king, or if you know that you are a king, or god, but you don't know how to function as one, because you don't know how to use your mind, you might as well be an animal or a plant, because the wind is going to sway you wherever it wants to, you have no control over it. You are out of control because you don't know that you have the power to make these changes. And you have to know how to make these changes.

It's not enough to know that you have the faculty to do it, because if you don't know how to use your faculty to do it, it is as though you didn't know it.

Animals don't have it. Plants don't have it. Inanimate matter doesn't have it. You'll be subjected to environmental influences like inanimate matter, like animals, and like plants.

You have to know how to function with this power. Not knowing how to use it is like not having it.

The ultimate power

Where do we obtain this power? At what level do we have this power? The ultimate power?

Not at beta. Not by using only one brain hemisphere, the left one.

The power comes from using everything God gave us to use: Both brain hemispheres.

Having both brain hemispheres, we function in two different dimensions.

We can function in one, or we can function in the other.

If you only use one brain hemisphere, you only function in one dimension, using only one set of senses, and that's it.

You need to use both brain hemispheres, not just one. We have two, why is the other one not being used? It is like using on one arm, like using only your left hand and not using your right one. You have your right one to also use, why not use it along with the left one to a better than if you just use one hand or arm?
The same here: Instead of using one brain hemisphere, use both brain hemispheres.

Very rarely do you have a problem that's all objective, or all subjective. All problems are partly in each dimension. In order to solve problems, you need to function in both dimensions: In the subjective and the objective.

It is believed that 80 percent of the health problems are rooted in the alpha level, ten percent are rooted in the beta level, and ten percent in the theta level.

Objective medicine corrects problems from the outer to the inner. Beta is objective medicine, objective means to solve problems.

But since not all problems are rooted in the objective, medicine cannot reach the subjective dimension where a percentage of problems are rooted.

Psychological medicine, mental medicine, spiritual medicine, immaterial (non physical) medicine (subjective) is what solves the problems that are rooted in alpha and in theta.

Subjectively we can solve 90 percent of the problems. Objectively, we can solve 10 percent.

Holistic faith healing corrects problems from the inner to the outer.

The basis for the inner, vibration-wise, is ten cycles. Ten vibrations per seconds is the basis for our life, is what produces life in cells and so forth. So we function at two dimensions.

Your mind can detect information to improve conditions on earth

We can perceive an object at alpha and detect the color and shape at alpha without having to see it objectively, only mentally.

Mentally we can project to anywhere. I don't have to be objectively there to sense it because of the laws of physics. Distance is a barrier. Walls are a barrier. If it is on the other side of the wall I couldn't see it. But my mind doesn't care if it is on the other side of the wall. Or in China.

Mind, by thinking about it, is going to it.

Every time you think about John Doe, that means that your mind is on John Doe's mind. John Doe doesn't know. You could be implanting information on his brain. If he doesn't [alter it], he picks it up then.

For instance: An experiment with two children. Two researchers, one child each. In different locations.

Researcher Number 1 takes child Number 1 to alpha. At alpha, "Let us create something here." The child doesn't know what he's talking about.

"What's that?"

"I mean, create something. Like drawing something that was not drawn, you are creating a drawing."

"Oh, that."

He knows what drawing is. He can draw dogs, cats, birds, whatever. He can create a picture of whatever.

So the researcher says, "What do you want to draw."

"What about a new toy car."

"Okay, go ahead and draw a little toy car."

He draws a little toy car. He draws the front wheels, left wheel, right front wheel, connecting those wheels together. He says, "When I finish it, I want to paint it green with red wheels."

He continues drawing it. Hasn't finished yet.

Researcher Number 1 signals Researcher Number 2. Researcher Number 2 takes Child Number 2 to alpha, to project to where Child Number 1 is, then asks, "What is he doing?"

Child Number 2 is doing what is called remote viewing. Child Number 2 says, "He is drawing a little toy car. And he wants to paint it green with red wheels."

He has not painted it yet. He picked it up from his mind too, what he planned to do. He already has plans to paint it. He hasn't gone that far yet, in his drawing. But the Child Number 2 picked up not only what he has done so far, but what he plans to do in the future.

When he finishes - future - paint it green, with red wheels.

Now that's remote viewing.

Anybody can do this at alpha.

These are some of the things that can be done at alpha.

So you see, people that have to do things, it is already done in the subjective world.

Remotely viewing the past, present, and future

The past is composed of materialized thoughts.

The present is where we are materializing thoughts.

The future is composed of conceived thoughts, not yet materialized.

And a person, clairvoyant at alpha, can get information from the past if he needs it; can get what's taking place and changing from one to the other, what is becoming materialized; and can get information from the minds of whoever has conceived it but not yet materialized it.

This is prophecy, when you say this individual has in mind to do this and that. If they don't change their mind between now and then, this is what's going to happen. That's prophecy.

But between now, when they have decided what to do, if something happens on the way, and actions do not get far enough to materialize those thoughts, and they change their mind, then prophecy is not right. It didn't happen; it didn't happen because they changed their mind.

If they had continued with their plans, this is what is going to happen. Period.

How long would it take? It depends on how fast they go at it. And this cannot be determined.

Using a new dimension

In radio communication, for instance, before the War we were stuck on a.m. Just one bad for setting up stations. So many cycles, channels, per station. They were saturated.

Then comes, during the war, f.m. Another dimension. More stations now.

So you can switch from a.m. to f.m. And it's a better quality; no static, high fidelity.

Take the comparison with our brain now. We are stuck using on the left one. All of a sudden we have the right one now - the f.m. We were stuck on a.m., now we've got f.m. Higher quality. Nothing gets in the way of the subjective. So you can use either one that you need to use now.

We got totally saturated, this is why we didn't change any more, we still were having killing, and fighting each other, destroying the planet. Now we know better. Now we shouldn't be doing this. We've got more intelligence to work with.

We think that this could be the second phase of human evolution on the planet.

After we saturated a.m., we came up with f.m. and started all over again, setting up f.m. stations.

The same thing here: We saturated the use of the left brain, we got stuck, and couldn't go any higher; now we start all over again, using the right brain. It is like being born again. We're starting all over again. Now we develop the use of the right brain hemisphere, like we developed the use of the left brain hemisphere.

Now we think that this is going to save humanity, to be able to function the way we were supposed to function.

Your mission is to take action to improve conditions on earth

We are supposed to improve living conditions on planet earth, not to destroy the planet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and so forth.

God gave us everything free of charge: The air that we breathe, without charging us anything; the heat of the sun, the light and heat, if we didn't have the sun we wouldn't survive, doesn't charge us for it. But now we're charging each other for services like this. But the ones who charge too much, and make it impossible to survive, are enemies of the creator.

We were sent for no other reason than to improve living conditions - whether you are single or not, married with kids or not, you have only one arm, no legs or whatever - if you are conscious of being alive, and have the breath of life in your body, your obligation still remains - at whatever level you are - to help the best you can to improve living conditions on planet earth, at whatever level you are able.

If you have two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes, and you are healthy, your responsibility is greater, to accomplish more in the direction of helping improve living conditions on planet earth.

That's what we were sent for.

A lot of people spend their whole life being depressed because they didn't get married, as though they came just to get married!

They came to improve living conditions on earth, and the rest is secondary.

Some go through their life depressed because they got married and didn't have any kids. Oh, what a terrible thing, as if they came just to have kids!

They know how to put more people on the planet earth, don't you worry about that. To continue improving living conditions on planet earth, that's your obligation, regardless of whether you are married or not, have kids or not. Period. That comes first. Everything else is secondary.

Now that you understand our mission, now we are on the right track. Now you can ask for help and get it, for that only. Not for anything else.

How to qualify for help from higher intelligence

You're not going to get help if you already have a Rolls Royce and ask for another Rolls Royce, you're not going to get it. You're not going to get help because you want another million dollars, and already have one million dollars. You're not going to get help if you already have a wife, and you're looking for a girlfriend.

They are going to help you only when your intentions are to improve living conditions....

Then you ask for help, and you are going to get it immediately.

Once you understand this, then you are on the right track.

It is about what your intentions are... You are walking down the street tomorrow and see a board with a nail sticking out. Ninety-nine percent of the people walking by just kick it asked, saying, "Somebody's going to get hurt with that. Let them take care of it, what the heck to I care about it."

Yes, you should care. You should pick it up, get the nail out of the way before somebody gets hurt.

Once you are aware of this, you should pick it up and put it aside before somebody gets hurt. This is how we are supposed to be functioning on this planet, and we're not. We don't care for one another.

This "love one another" means "help one another." That's what it meant. You help me and I'll help you. Everybody helps each other, would be great.

We have a saying: At alpha we should pray for one another. At beta we prey on one another.

We want to gain helping others gain, not gain at somebody else's loss.

(This is transcribed from a course that Mr. Silva taught in January 1996, the Metaphysical Laws of Success Course, which led directly to the Silva UltraMind ESP System.)

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