How to use ESP to help you make more sales

Using ESP to help you make your point

by Dennis Higgin, Silva Sales Trainer and Consultant

To increase your sales, learn to ask questions on a subjective, intuitive level.

Before you meet with a person, you can earn the right to ask them subjective questions by working a health case on them. That's a moral feeling on my part.

First you help them, and that will tune you in to them.

In the Silva UltraMind ESP System, you get all kinds of points of reference by projecting into metals, plants, animals.

Have you been getting points of reference in your sales field?

  • Are you getting points of reference on desire?
  • Are you getting points of reference on why people want to buy?
  • Are you getting points of reference on when it's time to close?

How would you do that? How would you get points of reference on when someone is ready to close?

You could go to level, go back over sales that you have made, and follow that person and see when it was that they were ready to say "Yes." That is a point of reference for you.

Feel it. Feel what it felt like to sit there. Listen to what they were saying, and what the meaning was behind the words. Replay it, and make that point of reference yours.

Then recall another sale when somebody bought from you, and make that a point of reference.

Everyone wants to know, "How do I handle objections?"

Your job is to find out what they want, and to find out how your product can help them attain it.

So when somebody comes up with an objection, what is the first thing you would do, as a Silva grad?

Go to level, take a deep breath, and mentally ask them, "What's your real objection?"

Using the Silva techniques while you are on your feet is very simple.

If you were sitting in front of someone and they started having a chest pain, what is the first you would do, as a Silva grad?

You'd go to level.

So, there's no difference at all. In fact it is easier.

Which is easier, to talk to someone ahead of time, when all you have is their name, and mentally ask them what they want in life; or changing the very structure of a heart valve when you work a health case?

Use the tools that you have.

If I am going to go talk to a group of people that I don't know, I try to get points of reference. Where is the building where you will be making the presentation? Look it up on the map. Go visit the building. Get some points of reference. Who are these people? What are their names? At least get the name of the company.

If you know where the building is, then you can go see what kind of people go in there every day.

The night before a big talk, you can program yourself to wake up automatically at the exact time when most of those people are going to be the most receptive. Then program them. And program yourself.

Then when you walk into the room, make your talk a needs-based talk. In fact, it would be great to make your life a needs-based life, so that you can leave this a better world, as Jose Silva says.

If you really care about the people that you do business with, it shows.

Gain confidence by recalling the benefits that people receive

Some people are afraid to go see the big clients, or to go see a lot of clients.

It is okay to admit that you are afraid. That's why we start with the image of the problem.

The first question, at level, is: What is it that I am afraid of?

Let's say that you do not like making cold calls on the telephone. If you don't know why, then enter your level, mentally picture yourself calling someone; see what happens, what the response is, and what you might be afraid of.

Perhaps you don't want to bother people, because you know that they are busy. You want to be liked, and therefore you don't want to bother them because they are busy.

If this is the case, then go to level and check, What are the reasons that someone would want to talk to you, and What are the reasons that they would like you. Instead of worrying about yourself, concentrate on why they would want to talk with you. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on your client.

Maybe you are afraid that they will say No because of lack of money.

Enter your level and ask yourself, How many of the people that you are going to talk to can really buy your product? Ask yourself why they would buy your product. Come up with several good reasons.

Perhaps you are afraid of being rejected.

Go to your level and think about whether they are rejecting you, or rejecting the product. Don't make yourself the issue. You are not the issue. As long as you are concentrating on them and their needs and what you can help them get out of their lives, you are not the issue. If they say "No" to getting more out of their lives and what they want in their life, then you might want to look and see whether you want to put that option in front of them so they can see it.

When you enter your level yourself, and you ask questions like these, then you will come up with the answers that are right for you. This is one of the greatest things that Jose Silva discovered in his research:

Nobody else can do it for you as well as you can do it for yourself. No hypnotist. No sales manager. No psychologist. Nobody can help you, as effectively or as quickly as you can help yourself.

So enter your level on your own, ask the questions yourself, and you will get the information that you need to solve your problems.

Combine your insight with your tutor's help and you'll succeed

In order to find the position that is right for you, you might choose to use the creative and intuitive insights that are available to you at the alpha level and discover what it is that you need around the job.

It is also important to call on higher intelligence, which you can do with the MentalVideo technique, and obtain guidance and insight about what is best for you to do.

First, use your intuition and the creative insight you obtain at the alpha level to figure out what you think is best for you.

What are your needs? Not just money, but what are you looking for in a job?

Do you want to prove something to yourself?

Do you want to acquire some knowledge?

Do you want to look at yourself in a different way?

Find out what your deep emotional needs are that you desire. Find out what you want out of a job, and what would feed you.

After you identify that, and make your "beta" MentalVideo, then, at your level when you are ready to go to sleep, make a second MentalVideo so that your tutor can guide you to a job that is perfect for you.

Work yourself as a case and find out what you needs are. Identify them, then include that information in your MentalVideo to help your tutor help you.

Use points of reference to help you achieve your next success

Suppose you have a list of names of people to call to see if they are interested in your product. You'd like to call the ones who have the greatest need for you product first, and call the others later, wouldn't you? Here is a way that you can you develop your intuition so that you can sense which ones have the greatest need for your product, and are the most likely to buy:

Go back over your old list and find people who bought. Look at that list and find out what points of reference you have about people who are qualified and who buy.

In the Silva training, Jose Silva has you project into metals and leaves and other things in order to get points of reference to answer questions. One of the things you need in your business is points of reference about who is qualified, who can buy, who can't buy.

You get those points of reference from the past, from previous sales. You keep adding to your points of reference. Go back and work a health case on everybody who has bought from you.

Then those points of reference that you have established will guide you to intuitively choose the people who have similar characteristics, who are most likely to need your product.

Now, if you have a list of ten people to call this morning, then first sit down and work a health case on everybody on the list. Then, after you finish with each health case, go back and ask them mentally, "What do you want out of life? How can I help you get what you want out of life?"

Then when you call one of those people, they will feel on a deep level that you care about them.

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