How to predict future values

Get the Picture

Researchers José Silva and Dr. William Braud offered suggestions on doing mental work for something to happen in the future.

Silva says that the universal language is visual. That’s why he recommends that you use your mental screen regularly. Use words to help you create better mental pictures, he recommends.

If you are programming a child to stop wetting the bed, for instance, create mental images of what you desire.

Dr. Braud’s research confirms this. “It is easier for a psychic to detect pictures than numbers of letters,” he said.

Someone asked Dr. Braud about how to do this to predict the price of silver.

Stack of coins“Associate an increase or decrease with objects,” he suggested. Start with five or six objects, and then project forward in time; how many objects are there at the target time? That will let you know what could happen.

It is easier to predict your own future than somebody else’s, according to Dr. Braud. It is easier for a psychic to guess what object will be placed in his own hand the next day, than to guess what will happen to somebody else.

Helping Humanity

Dr. Braud had one cautionary note about programming to get things.

He told a story about someone who invested a lot of money and had made more than $100,000 by following the advice of a psychic.

But when the investor got stingy about paying the psychic, and was demanding more work from the psychic, the psychic became much less accurate, so much so that the investor stopped investing.

If people try to use their psychic ability to win money at gambling, Dr. Braud said, they usually will not be very accurate.

It Depends on Their Motives

If you are using your psychic ability for altruistic motives, to build a children’s hospital for instance, you may be very accurate.

But an egotistical motive would be wrong, he added, and you probably would not be very accurate.

José Silva reminds that you are judged more on your record – what you have done in the past – than on your promises of what you might be willing to do in the future.

If you have a record of using your abilities to help correct problems, then you will be much more likely to succeed than if you have not done much along these lines in the past.

A promise to build a children’s hospital just doesn’t measure up with actually getting to work and laying some bricks.

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