How to get whatever you need

You can get whatever you need... when you have the right reasons

by Jose Silva

When programming for money, the first thing to think about is, What are you going to do when you get it?

You don't want to just go away on a vacation and forget everything else. Your obligations still continue while you are still alive and still have breath of life. Even if you have to drag yourself across the ground, you still have the same obligation to try and do your best to correct the problems on the planet. When you are not here any more, then you cease to be obligated.

If you do the right job, then money will come to you, because people who need you will request you, will ask for you, will attract you, and will be willing to pay you for the services.

If you are a good worker, then everybody wants you, and will be willing to pay for your services. But if you're not, they don't want you.

This was why whenever I went to look for a job, when I was in the service and needed to supplement my income, everywhere I'd go they'd ask what I wanted to earn, and I answered, "Whatever you think I'm worth. Try me out, and pay me accordingly."

Prepare yourself

All prosperity should be built on spiritual foundations. By spiritual we mean the functioning of mind, of human intelligence, in a non-physical dimension.

Spiritual functioning means functioning in the subjective. That is where mind functions, where human intelligence functions, where desire functions, where belief and expectancy function, where love functions ... all that is the subjective dimension.

We need to first prepare that area, meet God's requirements because in the mental dimension we cannot fool anybody.

Once we set our goals there, the next step will be to materialize them, to convert them or transfer them from one dimension to another. When we materialize them, then we are successful in having done so.

Use what you create

Be successful first in the spiritual dimension. Then the followup of that success is in taking advantage of what was conceived in the mental world, because what was conceived there will now manifest in the physical world. You help it to be transferred from one dimension to another.

That is the concept of the man who said, "Whatever the mind conceives in the subjective dimension, and believes enough to transfer to the physical dimension, you will achieve." So the achievement was the transference of that particular thing that was created in the spiritual world, into the material, physical world.

It is just like the materialization of thoughts. You have to first create them subjectively, in the mental world, and then you use them in the physical world, to make sense with them, to serve a purpose with them.

It is no good to just test them in one dimension. You have to go from one to another and have sense in both dimensions. The subjective has to be first; we have to think about it before we act on it.

Do your thinking at alpha

Thinking, planning, analyzing, are done in the spiritual world first.

It must be done first in the spiritual world; this is a requirement. Meaning non-physical, meaning think about it, meaning use your mind, your thoughts, your human intelligence.

In the spiritual dimension, you determine what your purpose in life is. Then you plan how to go about doing it. Then you transfer it to the physical dimension.

Plan it out, a step by step procedure. Establish short goals. Take the first step, followed by the second, and so forth.

Programming to get things

Suppose I want a new car. Here's how I would go about programming for it:

I wouldn't program for it just because I want it, but because I need it.

You may not always get what you want, but you can get what you need. Doing that depends on what you need it for. If it is to cause problems, you are not going to get it. If it is to correct problems, that's the reason you get it.

Again, remember the rules of the subjective dimension: You have to think about it first, and set the rules spirtually before they can be materialized.

You need to pass the test spiritually, meaning, is this correct? Then you are going to get materially, physically, what you need.

Think about your goals first. Center yourself to be able to think correctly, because you could be off center thinking eccentrically, which is no good. Centered thinking is what you want. Then most likely the right thoughts will come to you.

Center yourself by entering your level, the alpha level. Make sure that you have practiced and established points of reference so that you know when you are at alpha. You don't want to start daydreaming and let your mind wander, and drift out of alpha.

You should justify your needs in all fairness. This is what I do in my business.

I program to attract whatever we need. I do not program to receive more than what we need, but I sure put emphasis on receiving no less than what we need.

Of course, you need to know in your own mind just what it is that you need. You don't have to ask for it, but keep it in mind and everything will be automatic from there on.

You don't need to ask specifically for $50,000 if that's what you need; just keep your goal in mind, and program for all bills to be paid, or to have the things you need.

Program to see your projects completed, and keep in mind what it takes to do it, as though somebody were looking in and wanting to know what you need so they can send it your way, whatever your needs are. If you don't keep it in your mind, there is no way for them to know, whoever is trying to help you.

Use your possessions to help correct problems

We don't plan to stack up millions and millions and not use those millions, or even let somebody else use them.

Do you feel that everything you have acquired, you need? Or have you gotten some things you just want?

Everything that I have acquired, I think I have acquired it because I needed it.

Some people ask why I buy jewelry. Well, we don't have that much. It is to have a safety factor in case or an emergency. We don't want to cause problems for anybody. We don't want to go begging in case of an emergency. We can exchange it, so we can get whatever we need in an emergency. We don't have to bother somebody else.

I am not limiting you to just your physical needs. We could include psychological needs, emotional needs, social needs, and so forth. If it helps you work better, do a better job, then it is a need.

Help people to help themselves

Some people have questioned why I buy Cadillacs. They ask if it would be better to buy two Chevrolets, drive one myself and give the other to a needy person who doesn't have a car but needs one.

That all depends on the circumstances. I have given cars to many people, but certainly not to everyone who wants one.

Giving someone something might be the wrong thing to do, because each person needs to qualify for his or her own needs.

Giving something to someone who has not qualified for it might destroy him; it might make him a selfish person because then he would not need to do whatever he is supposed to do to fulfill his mission, and he would not evolve and develop. Somebody is doing his thinking for him.

Always enter your level, center yourself at alpha, and use that level to make your decisions.

If you feel that you should help someone out, that they are doing what they were sent here to do, and that this will help them, then by all means do it. I help many people, but only when I feel - at my level - that this is the best thing to do.

Remember the old saying about teaching a person how to fish. If you just give a person a fish every day, they may never learn how to fish for themselves.

But if the person is starving, you've got to save their life before they can do anything else. Sometimes people need help. We should certainly help them whenever it is appropriate. That's the reason we are here.

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