How to detect liars

Q: How would you use the UltraMind System or any Silva technique to know if someone is lying to you?

A: Learn to trust your intuition. Use the Elimination Method... is this person lying: Yes or No. Then clear your mind for a moment of time (by thinking of another topic), then come back and the first impression that comes to you us usually the strongest and the right one.

You can imagine the words Yes and No flashing, and determine which one it is. Remember... this is not sensory "perception" - that is too passive... we use "projection" - so you go looking for the answer.
Ask yourself the question... or ask the other person (mentally): Are you telling me the truth... Yes or No?

Then clear your mind for a moment of time by thinking of another topic, then come back to the question of whether they are lying, and imagine them (using imagination) nodding their head Yes, and then shaking their head No. Go back and forth a couple of times if you need to, and you will find that it is much easier to imagine one than the other... it will be easy to imagine them nodding Yes I'm lying... or else it will be easier to imagine them shaking their head No I'm not lying I'm telling the truth.

It is just like working health cases, where you "allow the possibility of afflictions and malfunctions to enter your mind." We don't wait to "perceive" something, we go searching, we "project" the mind to detect information. You cannot harm anyone by doing this as long as you do it as a distance... from beyond the aura range. If you do it within the aura range, you'd better be sure to correct anything you detect.

So... you allow the possibility of lying to enter your mind and... just like with case working... you learn to tell when you are onto something.

Practice using your intuition as often as possible, and you will learn to know when you are onto something.
Mr. Silva used to remind us constantly that we should have the correct reason for using our intuition. It is not so that we can help ourselves, but so that we can correct problems and improve conditions on the planet.

Working health cases will improve your intuition. But you should not work health cases for that reason. You should work health cases because that's what higher intelligence sent you here to do... to correct all problems that you become aware of. It is our obligation, and we should not expect to gain benefits because we do that. He advised us of that frequently.

Ed Bernd Jr

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Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.