How Silva Helps PR and Ad Agency

Silva techniques in public relations and advertising agencies

by Linda Arnold President, The Arnold Agency

Linda Arnold photoThe Silva techniques have become part of the daily routine at the Arnold Agency. They help in every aspect of Agency work: The creative work that we do, business management, client relationships, and they help us stay healthy in this stressful business.

If I didn't know better, I would think that the Silva people had custom designed a program especially for us.

Here are some of the ways that the Silva techniques help public relations and advertising agencies:

A creative dimension

The first thing we learned in the Silva training was how to enter the alpha brain wave level where we could think with the right brain hemisphere. That is where we find creativity.

Many people have gotten in touch with their creative abilities simply by entering their level and practicing as we are taught in the class.

Even more exciting to me is the list of highly creative people who have found value in entering level the Silva way and doing their creative work there:

  • Best selling author Richard Bach praised the course publicly: "Mental discipline and creative visualization are what's behind the power" of the Silva system he said in an article in Harper's Bazaar magazine.
  • Shakti Gawain said in her book Living in the Light, "I took the course and was amazed." She added that "The most important technique I learned in that course was the basic technique of creative visualization."
  • Band leader Doc Severinsen has composed music while at his level. A newspaper article says that he told them it helped him to be better in touch with his own spiritual life and in doing so he was a much better person.
  • World renowned sculptor Harry Jackson said it brought him the peace of mind he had been searching for.
  • Singers Vicki Carr and Metropolitan Opera star Marguerite Piazza are Silva graduates, as are actresses Carol Lawrence and Loretta Swit, to mention just a few.

Intuitive management

The agency business is very creative... and it is also a Business. All of the Silva tools and techniques that other businesses find valuable are also valuable in this business:

The ability to make decisions at the alpha level, to smooth out conflicts within the office, to forecast and make projections for the future, to manage our money better, to determine the best way to prospect for new clients... all of those things are valuable to us.

A creative business like ours is different from many other businesses, because we are constantly being pulled in two different directions:

  • Creative people are open and spontaneous, they do not keep their emotions under tight control because this cuts off the creative flow. They express whatever they are feeling or thinking at the moment because that's what creativity is all about.
  • Management on the other hand is about control. Managers control budgets, work flow, schedules, projects. They prefer predictability and certainty to spontaneity. They control their emotions. When they express emotion, they are sending a message, and they assume that other people are doing the same.

There are outstanding creative people who are good managers of course, and there are managers who are very creative. The ideal situation is to have people who can switch back and forth between managing and controlling on the one hand, and being completely open and spontaneous on the other hand.

Through Silva, we have been able to understand this process better. When we are talking with someone, we quickly identify whether they are in a "management" mode or a "creative" mode. If a person is thinking creatively, then we know that the scowl on their face may not have anything to do with what we are talking about, but might be the result of a creative thought they just had.

Managers learn that they can take some time off from being strict managers and use their intuition and creativity to seek new innovative ways of managing the business.

Silva is helping us to experience the best of both worlds.

Intuitively improving client relationships

Someone once referred to the Silva course as "a course in human relationships." That's really what it is when you stop and think about it:

  • We are able to communicate mentally with other people. Students in the first half of the course learn how to mentally ask their professor for the correct answer to a test question.
  • We are able to sense how other people feel, to "walk a mile in the other person's moccasins" so to speak. We can actually detect their emotional state and experience it ourselves.
  • We are able to mentally detect health problems that people have, and then program to correct those problems.
  • We can "work a case" on a person's relationship with somebody else, determine where the problem areas are, and program to correct them.

All of those things can certainly help to improve human relationships.

All of those things can certainly help to improve human relationships.

And all of those things prove very valuable in agency work.

We work health cases on clients and prospective clients, and mentally correct any problems we detect. We do this whether we get their business or not. If we find out that they have a problem, we program to correct it. We don't tell them we are doing this, because we are not doing it in order to get credit for it or to gain business as a result of doing it. We do it because we can, and it is the right thing to do.

We do find benefits, of course. We find that it is easier to resolve differences with clients. We find that we can settle disagreements more easily. We are more forgiving of one another when we make mistakes. And the work we do for our clients benefits because as a result.

Relax, it's good for you

Anyone who has ever been around public relations or advertising knows the stresses of deadlines, client expectations, uncooperative media contacts, unexpected catastrophes, long hours, the frustration of having your ideas rejected... you get the idea: It is a very stressful business.

And stress is at the root of many of the health problems that people experience. Stress can harm your health, ruin your relationships, interfere with your ability to think clearly and make good decisions, and generally degrade the quality of your life.

So the first thing to do to protect your health is to relax occasionally.

But you say there isn't time to relax during your hectic day? And even if there were, how could you sit at your desk with your eyes closed while you spend fifteen minutes at your level? People would think you were sick, or goofing off. They would not understand that you are recharging yourself so that you will be more productive and get a lot more done.

Well I'm not going to let you get away with that excuse.

I am going to tell you how to do it. All you have to do is to use the room that your company built just for going to level and relaxing for a few minutes. What room is that? They call it...the "rest room."

Just go in there, close the door, and nobody will know what you are doing. Be careful not to do what one of our graduates did. He was an officer with a major corporation, and said that they had meetings every afternoon, and he always ended up with a headache by the time the meeting ended. After he took the course, he simply went to the rest room and went to level. He would get rid of the headache, and then relax for a while, and program for the rest of the day to go smoothly.

One day he fell asleep while doing that. Worse...he fell off the seat. "Can you imagine trying to explain that to the other people in the executive wash room?" he asked.

So...remember to program yourself to remain awake, and you won't have that problem.

You can use your level to correct any problem, and reach any goal, as long as your goals are of a constructive and creative nature. And that's what the agency business is all about.

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