Here’s the difference between the Silva Method and hypnosis

Jose Silva Jr.

Jose Silva Jr.

by Jose Silva Jr.

People sometimes ask about the differences between the Silva Mind Training Systems and hypnosis.

After having observed my dad from his earliest research on through the development of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems, I have seen many, many differences.

Of course, all of the wording is different.

In hypnosis, the hypnotist is always telling you what to do. The hypnotic operator keeps giving you suggestions, commanding you, and telling you what to think and what to do.

For instance, a hypnotist may tell you that you can't open your eyes, and if you accept the suggestion, then sure enough you can't open your eyes.

In very deep hypnosis, the hypnotist will tell you that things are there when they really aren't there, but you will imagine that you see them.

That's called hallucination. You really believe the dog is there.

Or the hypnotist can give you the suggestion that something that is there, is not there, and you will not see it. You will believe it is not there.

When you are under deep hypnosis, when the hypnotist suggests something, you will do it. When the hypnotist gives a command, you will obey it. Of course, you will not obey the command if it is something that goes against your moral or ethical standards.

Strong rapport with the hypnotist

Jose Silva teaching his world famous mind training and E.S.P. SystemsHypnotized subjects are very intuitive.

Hypnotized subjects will do whatever the hypnotist wants, so long as it doesn't violate their moral code.

So if the hypnotist suggests that the subject do something that would be wrong or might hurt someone, but the hypnotist never intends to let the subject actually carry out the instructions, then the subject - who is functioning clairvoyantly at the time - will play the game and pretend they are trying to carry out the instructions, even though they know the hypnotist will stop them.

And the subject will never admit they knew that the hypnotist would stop them, even under hypnosis, because they know the hypnotist doesn't really want them to.

Limitations of hypnosis

When you first start hypnotizing people, you can ask them questions and they will answer. But they won't ask questions or try to figure things out for themselves.

But after you have hypnotized them so many times, it is like the body develops a mechanism to defend itself:

The subjects begin asking questions themselves.

And they begin using their intuitive ability.

Taking back control

Jose Silva as your Orientologist directing student in working health casesWhen my dad first started giving health cases to my sisters, he had to ask them everything.

He would ask if there was a problem in the head, for instance. He would have to guide them to the areas involved and ask them questions so they could find the problems.

But as you know, with the Silva ESP training, it is just the opposite:

The orientologist avoids giving any guidance.

Silva-trained clairvoyants are very active in seeking out the problems:

    • Silva-trained psychics do not wait for a body to appear, but visualize one.


    • Silva-trained psychics don't wait for something to happen so they can "perceive" what the problem is.


    • Silva-trained psychics project right to the problem. They take an active, dynamic role.


    • Silva-trained psychics visualize a problem and project it onto the image of the body to see if it fits. If not, they try another problem, and keep on until they find out what the problem is.



Be sure you're right and then go ahead

Silva graduates will never be hypnotized, because they are too active, too curious, too interested to ever give up that awareness and involvement.

Things are not done for Silva graduates. Silva Method graduates do things for themselves and for others.

To me, there are a great many differences between hypnosis and the Silva Systems, and the fact that a few superficial aspects appear similar does not mean that the substance of hypnosis and the Silva Systems are anything alike.

It's the difference in meekly doing what somebody else wants, compared with taking charge of your own life, finding out what you need to know to succeed, and then doing it.

A better, faster, superior Method

While my father started with hypnosis, he realized that his subjects were not functioning at normal hypnotic levels.

He thought back to when he was in the Army in 1945 and was assigned to an Army base near Bowling Green, Kentucky, the birthplace of Edgar Cayce, the famous "Sleeping Prophet."

Cayce would enter a state comparable to light sleep, and while at that state he could detect peoples' health problems and advise them of what vitamins and herbs to take to correct their problems.

My father realized that all he needed to do was to guide people to a level comparable to light sleep, so he devised a very simple way to "fool the brain" into thinking that you wanted to go to sleep.

What do you do when you are ready to go to sleep?

    • Find a comfortable position, make yourself comfortable.


    • Close your eyes.


    • Relax physically.


    • Calm your mind.


Sound familiar? If you have practiced our Centering Exercise you will recognize those as the steps we take to enter the alpha brainwave level.

That is all it takes. No hypnotic techniques, no need for a hypnotist to take control of your mind and tell you what to do.

We don't take control of your mind. We guide you to enter a level - brain-wise - comparable to light sleep.

Rather than using hypnosis, we might be using a system similar to what Edgar Cayce used.

We are not against hypnosis. There are times when it could be the best and fastest way to get results.

My father always advised to do whatever it takes to solve a problem. Isn't it better to have more tools you can use for problem-solving?

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