How ESP helped save the sale

Programming at alpha and hard works helps her achieve her business goals... and more

Everyone can learn to sell. It takes determination, and persistence. And you can program yourself for that. Just remember to think about your goal, what you want, how it will change your life, and why that is important to you.

Linda Almaraz, a Realtor in Oklahoma City, learned how. "I started off in life by failing the first grade," she said. Now, that's pretty bad. I got through school on my personality, because I knew I wasn't smart."

She got a job working with her hands, as a hairdresser. Then someone offered her a job selling health club memberships. She figured her personality would help her get by in that job.

"But there was a catch," she said. "The lady who hired me said that I had to take a course. She said that she would pay for it, but I had to take it if I was going to work for her. So I agreed. It was the Silva Method."

Through these jobs, Linda learned about personal grooming, and she got her body into shape so that she had the energy to pursue her dream: To become one of the top salespeople in Oklahoma.

She did just that, with the help of the Silva techniques.

"When I started selling," she recalled, "I said that I was not going to be known like other Realtors. I was going to be known for my professionalism, my caring, my willingness to help other people...and make a lot of money."

At the alpha level, she programmed all of those traits. She got the message through to her inner consciousness."

Within two years, I got an award as Most Cooperative Realtor of the Year." Once again, mental techniques, which rely on cooperation, carried the day.

"They had not issued this award for ten years," she added. "It stated that it was granted to someone who showed professionalism, fairness...all my dreams were coming true, strictly from visualization.

"That award listed all the things I had programmed that I would be, two years before.

"I use the Silva techniques to make money, to make friends, and to gather knowledge."

ESP saves the sale

Here is one example of how Linda uses her intuition to help her help people and earn money while doing so:

There was a couple who wanted to purchase a house in an Oklahoma City suburb. But either the husband or the wife found some deal-breaking objection to every house she showed them.

Linda said that after showing them a few houses, she decided to use her intuition to figure out what the problem was. While they looked at a house, she said she sat down and "tried to imagine all the objections they might have."

She realized that the husband wanted to spend only a certain amount of money, but he did not want to let his wife know that this was all he was willing to spend. He had been throwing up false objections to the other real estate agents who had shown houses to them.

"I mentally found out what her needs were, and what his capabilities were," she said, "and then very tactfully brought it up. He was relieved, she was thrilled: we saved his ego, and they got what they wanted to buy."

Even though she had thought she was not smart, and had gotten through school on her personality, she found out otherwise.

"It's been amazing that all of the dreams that I had as a little girl, the Silva Method was the vehicle of getting there.

"Everyone has dreams that, 'One day I will do this... but I don't know how to get there.' Silva opened up my mind," she said. "The best part is that you do it for the highest good. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Reprinted with permission from Sales Power, the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals. For more information about this book and others by Jose Silva to help you in your business and personal life click here.

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