How does mental projection take place?

Some people ask just how mental projection takes place. Are we projecting ourselves by projecting some kind of "astral body"?

Our research indicates this is not the case. You can project your sense of eyesight across the room to perceive something. So, too, you can project your mind wherever you need to so you can perceive information to help you correct problems.

You can also create things with your mind, things that can be perceived by other people when they are at the correct level. We demonstrated this in an experiment with two young research subjects.

We had one subject enter the alpha level and create something with his mind. When he had done this, we had another subject, in another location, enter his level and project to the first subject and tell us what the first subject was doing.

The second subject described accurately a little toy truck "green with red wheels" - that the first subject had created with his mind.

In other words, the first subject created something in the subjective dimension that could be detected by another subject who was functioning in the same dimension.

We believe that subjects who think they are projecting their astral body to a distant location may actually be having a very vivid mental projection, creating with their imagination an image of their body that can be perceived by others who are functioning at the same mental level. We think that this is where so-called "evil spirits" come from too. People who believe in evil spirits, especially when they energize their beliefs with fear, mentally create thought forms that can be detected by other people, when those people enter the "evil spirits" dimension.

Can those "evil spirits" harm you? There is no more chance that those "evil spirit" thoughts can harm you, than there is of being run over by the little toy truck that my young research subject created with his mind. The only "evil" is that which is produced by the fear of those people who believe in such things.

We know that we can prove that mental projection is possible, although at this time astral projection can not be proven or disproven.

Previously, you may have used your imagination/visualization faculty only for "making up" things with the left brain hemisphere.

Once you have completed the Silva course, your imagination/visualization faculty can be a real means of communication - a spiritual means of communication with your right brain hemisphere. And imagination at the subjective dimension is the first step in creation.

This is a powerful combination of skills you have for helping to correct problems no matter where they are, and thereby helping to convert our world into a paradise.

Through practice, you can develop great skill at doing this. Using your ability to project to any place and any dimension, and to correct problems and create what you desire, you can create a paradise in the portion of the world that you inhabit.

(This is excerpted from an article written in 1984.)

Jose Silva

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