Hope and Inspiration to Those in Need

Using Silva techniques to help those who are the most in need of help

Silva Instructor JoNell Monaco Lyttleby JoNell Monaco Lytle

Jose Silva has said that if he had been conducting his research for strictly selfish reasons, we would not have the Silva courses today. He believes that it was because he never hesitated to try to correct any problem he encountered that he was given all of the information that he received from high intelligence.

It can often be very difficult to provide any real help to people who have the greatest problems. They need help desperately, but they may have given up hope, they may be intoxicated and addicted, they may be clinging to their last shred of pride. Maybe they just don’t have any trust or any hope left.

Those who desire to help need to have a strong sense of purpose and a whole lot more: They need techniques that can guide them in the right direction, and provide the numerous problem-solving tools that will be required for the task.

In November of 1995, I had been thinking on and off for quite a while that I wanted to work with the “homeless.” The Silva training had given me so much over the years, so many blessings, too many to count, that I wanted to give something back. It would be my way of tithing.

In the 26 years I have taught the Silva techniques, I have given numerous scholarships to children whose families could not afford the tuition. I have given equally as many to adults who were poor. I now wanted to share it with the truly poor, the homeless.

A plan is born

“My” plan was to work with people in Virginia Beach, where I live. We had our share. I knew that if they knew what I knew, they would not have to be homeless anymore. I had good intentions, but never actually got started on it.

One cold, windy and rainy November day I was visiting a friend’s church. I was feeling sorry for myself because of some recent financial difficulty and I was worrying about making my mortgage payment. I guess I was looking for sympathy when I shared this feeling with Linda, a woman I met at my friend’s church.

Instead of sympathy she commented, “I wish I had a house and a house payment to worry about. My husband, my son, and I are living in the woods a few blocks from here.”

She was not fishing for sympathy; it was just a statement.

It sure woke me up!

That night when I went to bed it was 35 degrees, rainy and there were 25 to 30 mile an hour winds. It was supposed to dip into the 20s, and of course, if it kept raining it would turn to snow. It was about 60 degrees in my bedroom. The wind right here on the water can howl up a storm and be very scary. It was so noisy I had trouble getting to sleep.

A commitment is made

But it wasn’t just the noise that kept me awake; a simple Silva technique could have handled that.

It was my thoughts of Linda and her family. Even her dog, Buddy, was living in the woods with them.

Within an hour or so I had made a full-blown commitment to God that I would help the homeless through the Silva system. In other words, I would teach them to fish, not just give them fish by providing temporary relief. I guess my early Baptist training was surfacing.

Guided by coincidence

Through a series of “coincidences” I ended up in a Silva Sales Lecture Series being presented by Ed Bernd Jr. in Baltimore, Maryland.

The class was being held a good five hours from my home in Virginia Beach. Jose Silva says that coincidences are God’s way of helping us, and I cannot deny it.

I got to the class very late on the first day, about twenty minutes before the 5 p.m. break. Victor Kovens, a dedicated Silva supporter and sponsor of the Silva Cruises, introduced me to the class and mentioned that I was a Silva instructor.

I guess that was all that Truxon Sykes needed to hear to complete his part of “his” plan.

On the break Truxon, whom I had never met, made a beeline for me out in the hall. He had his hand extended to shake mine...but as in “making a deal,” not as in “introduction.”

An alliance is formed

His first words were, “I’ve been thinking of doing some research on how fast the Silva techniques could mainstream the homeless back into society.” What a coincidence!

As he spoke I noticed a big red button on his suit lapel that said,” Homeless, Not Hopeless.” I immediately extended my hand and said, “sold” just as out hands met, even before he finished his sentence.

We connected mentally. We were each fulfilling each other’s plan - well, we thought the plan was “ours,” but we both knew and discussed later how it was actually “God’s” plan.

Truxon Sykes is the President of the Homeless Union in Baltimore. We spent several hours that night after class talking with each other.

Bigger than expected

When he told me that Baltimore, was the largest “homeless” population in the United States, I knew then that I was to begin there. Besides, now I had someone to organize the class for me.

When he told me there were 32,000 homeless in Baltimore, I corrected him as I thought he meant to say 3,200. In fact, 320 for a city seemed like a lot to me. I even thought 32 sounded like a lot!

So, when he corrected me and explained that it was “thirty-two thousand,” I knew then why God had guided me to Baltimore.

I figured if I could train just one percent, which would be 320, that might be the critical mass. So, by helping the first 320, all of the homeless would get it at some level, like the story of the Hundredth Monkey. I believe that it would also affect the homeless throughout the planet. I guess I’m a born optimist.

That same night we made plans for me to return the first week of December, to give an introductory lecture in the Pratt Library Auditorium to as many homeless as he could gather.

Praying for guidance

On my return trip to Virginia Beach, I had a lot of time to think about what I had just committed myself to. There was a part of me that was getting scared. I was beginning to think that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

Then I realized it had nothing to do with me. Silva could help anyone and everyone. The System was successful worldwide.

The first night back at the beach I did some heavy duty praying. I begged God to give me the “trigger” or “hook” words I would need to inspire each and everyone who showed up at the intro to have the desire to be in the class.

When I fell asleep that night I had one of the most vivid and inspiring dreams I had ever had in my life:

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy all showed up and they were so enthused. They were like cheer leaders cheering me on. They even called me by my nick name, “Joey,” as if they knew me personally and were old friends.

They kept yelling, you can do it, come on Joey, they need you. Go Joey. Their faces were so clear and their fists were in the air like champions cheering on champions.

Well, needless to say, I certainly had some newfound confidence when I awoke in the morning.

Do it mentally first

I started really getting excited. For the three weeks before the intro lecture I found myself talking to the homeless, who I hadn’t even met yet, all day long in my mind.

There was so much to share. So much to tell them. I could only picture success and happiness for them. It was so exciting. I could even, after a few days, picture faces. It was like I was sharing with old friends. I couldn’t wait to meet them.

Day in, day out for three weeks all day long I kept rehearsing in my mind, talking to them, getting more and more information to share, more Silva success stories to inspire them...to let them know the truth, they didn’t have to be homeless anymore. Wow!

How many would attend?

On the second Sunday of December, I met with fifty homeless in the Pratt Library. Truxon passed around sign up sheets. Forty-nine of the fifty signed up!

Our class was scheduled for January 9. The morning I arrived at the Mt. Vernon Methodist Church, it was twelve degrees!

I was starting to feel a little strange as it got closer to opening time because I was the only one there.

About 15 minutes after starting time, one homeless person wandered in. He came to inform me that he didn’t think anyone would show up because one of them had frozen to death that morning when the electricity went off in a federal building.

The excess heat that normally came through an outdoor grate, next to the building ceased sometime during the night and his homeless friend never woke up to move to a warmer place.

My only student said they were all “bummed out,” but he wanted to stay anyway.

Getting recommitted

I excused myself and went to the ladies room to cry, then pray. I told God that I was perfectly willing to work with one student if that was His will.

Within just a moment I knew that I wanted to go out there and share Silva. I was enthused. I knew he needed it now more than ever with the loss of his friend.

Within fifteen minutes two more joined the class.

Then a few more came.

By 11:30 we had twenty-three in the class!Over the next five days we always had between 11 and 23 people in the class. They left and came back for various reasons.

It was interesting to me that the Silva books that Victor Kovens so generously donated, were always with them. A number of them shared that they were already on their second and third reading of it by the third day. By Friday a number of books had already become “dog eared.”

Slow going

Even though I had them seven hours a day, I was only able to get the first part of the Silva training to them, during that five day period. We started over so many times that first morning with the intro, that I think the first few people had it memorized by noon, they had heard it so many times.

My point is, by Tuesday afternoon they only had the intro and a few of the very first techniques. It is important for me to emphasize how little of the Silva training they had so you can fully understand the “Miracle” that happened on Wednesday morning by 11:30.

Trouble strikes

Wednesday morning when I started to get into my van to drive to the class, I noticed the window was broken. When I looked in, I saw that my van was mostly empty.

Almost all of my Silva materials for the class were gone, including a large suitcase with books written and signed by Jose Silva.

I wanted to cry.

When I opened the door there was a large rock on the seat of the passenger side. When I picked up the rock I felt a jolt through my hand and up my arm and I heard in my mind, “upon this rock I shall renew my faith.” I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant, especially since I thought I already had a great deal of faith.

I went right back in Margo Johnson’s (a Silva graduate) houses and called the church first, then my bank, since my check book and passport were missing out of the glove compartment. Then I called the police.

By the time the police came and got the report it was about 10:30. Margo’s roommate helped me pack what was left in his truck and he drove me across town to the church. It was about 15 degrees, which is why I decided to get a ride.

A bold experiment

When I arrived at class I immediately put two six foot tables together. I had the seventeen students and myself sit around the tables. I gave them each a pencil and a piece of paper. I put the rock in the center of the table.

Now, to remind you, they only have had the intro, the Long Relax (Silva Centering Exercise) and maybe two techniques by this time. None of the Mental Projection techniques that come later in the course.

Even though I had not taught them any psychometry (the science of detecting information stored in matter), I told them to go to level and mentally project into the rock and write down their impressions.

I told them to write down anything that came to their minds... because anything could be a clue as to where the Silva materials were.

Much information detected

By 11:45 a number of us were able to describe what the person was wearing, all the way down to the kind of shoes he had on.

Several people came up with the name of a street, the same street. Several came up with another street, and one had written down the intersection of the two streets.

Three more homeless walked in just as we were finishing up the exercise. When we related the story, they made an about face and off they went on foot, before I could stop them. I so was moved I almost cried.

A few minutes later two more came in. When we shared what had transpired one of them said, “I know the neighborhood, we’ll take a bus.” I reached in my purse and pulled out a twenty and handed it to them to take a cab instead. As they were leaving I had what I call a “news flash “or a vision of the two of them returning with my big suitcase.

At 2:30 that afternoon we were taking our lunch break, donated through the generosity of Victor Kovens, who supplied lunch for us all week. While I had my eyes closed and was energizing my lunch I heard one of the ladies at the other end of the room, near the long corridor which led to the exit, scream, “Oh, my God, look at you!”

Students learn they are spiritual beings with much to give

When I opened my eyes, to my surprise there were the two who had taken the cab, coming down the corridor toward the room with, of course, my Silva suitcase!

The books were missing, and a lot of what I got back was damaged.

They found some of it in the street and some of it was in trash cans and dumpsters.

We celebrated.

The thing we celebrated the most was how they had used their faculties of genius so effectively with so little Silva training behind them. They were all so proud.

So many who need help

On Tuesday, one of them had brought in the Parade Magazine to share with me. On the front page was a picture of a young mother and her two children with a sign out in the street asking for work. They were homeless.

When I turned to the article there was a picture of a very dignified man in a suit with a hat on looking very successful and sophisticated. He reminded me of my grandfather, Floyd Monaco.

When I read the sign he held in his lap, where he sat near passing traffic, my eyes filled with tears and my heart hurt and my throat had a lump in it.

Thank God for the three finger's technique as I applied it and got control of my emotions.

The sign read, I am not a bum. I am not lazy. I am 74 years old. I have worked all of my life. I would like to work for food. I do not want a hand out.

I thought how sad it was that he felt like he had to defend who he was and what he was doing.

It was at that moment I made a decision that would affect the rest of my life. I knew then and I announced it to the class that I would dedicate a portion of the rest of my life to helping the homeless through Jose Silva's Systems.

I said to them, "If you remember, I said to you at the beginning of this class that I had a sneaky and almost guilty suspicion that I would get more out of this week than you will, that I will learn more from you than you from me."

I thanked them for the enormous contribution they had already made in my life. And it was only Tuesday.

Strength restored with help from a higher power

By the Thursday afternoon break a man I will call Warren came up to me with a big smile and said, "I can't wait to tell you this, I can't wait any longer. I want you to know that last night for the first time in two years I slept in a real bed...not cement...but a real bed."

"The reason I can't wait any longer to tell you is because I won't be here tomorrow."

He saw the happiness in my face when he told me about the bed, but I guess he saw the look of disappointment when he said he wouldn't complete the course.

Then he got another big grin on his face and said, "The reason I won't be here tomorrow is because I have to start my new job."

I was so happy for him.

Warren's story

At this point I did something I hadn't done up to now, mainly because I thought it was none of my business. I asked, "Warren, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to because it is none of my business, but I am curious, why have you been on the street?"

He told me that he and his wife and 14-year-old daughter had been living out in California.

They lived in a $200,000. home.

They had a truck, two cars and a boat.

They were making about $80,000 a year between them.

Three summers before, when they came back to Baltimore for a vacation, his 19 year old son by a previous marriage, was shot and killed on the street.

He said he felt like he hadn't taught his son enough to make him "street wise," and he experienced so much pain and guilt that the only thing that got rid of the pain was the prescription drugs, which only worked for a short while. Then he started doubling up on them.

When the prescription drugs no longer worked he turned to illegal ones.

It only took ten months before he had lost everything. His wife and daughter moved to an apartment He never returned to California.

He continued to tell me that when I gave the intro back in December, there was something I said that made him think there was this "little ray of hope that I don't have to live on the street forever."

So, he came to the class out of curiosity. (Remember my prayer for "trigger words"?) Also, he had been offered several jobs that week, but all of an illegal nature and he chose to give the class a chance.

Regaining control

He said it really affected him when I gave the lecture about "guilt and fear being the two most powerfully destructive forces in the universe, and if God forgives us than surely we can forgive ourselves." So, he started forgiving himself, especially at level, and that was a big step.

He shared with the class that he was able to finally get decent hours of sleep by first entering the alpha level.

When he found himself slipping and wanting the pain killers he would use the alpha level to relax himself and be positive.

He shared with the class that he believed that had he not been in class all week being positive and forgiving himself and praying for help that he would never had received the message from a former employer that he could have his old job back.

He also shared that one of his goals, which is what he was using visualization and imagination for, was to return to his wife and daughter in California. He had called them the night before and told them of his vision.

Another success for Warren

In the June class, in another church farther out of town, Warren took a bus to join us for one afternoon. Once again, he shared what he had achieved with the help of the Silva Techniques.

As he recovered somewhat on his own, he was eventually able to sign himself into a rehab clinic and he had totally recovered from the crack-cocaine habit, and he planned to join his family that summer.

Many more success stories

I learned later that Warren's story would be repeated over and over by the homeless who used the techniques. Truxon Sykes told me that 70 percent of the homeless that we trained found jobs and homes!

Warren's story was so inspiring to a nurse who attended the course in June that she took the course and ran with it. She too was able to kick the crack-cocaine habit.

Just recently Truxon shared with me that she not only rehabilitated herself, but she used a number of the Silva Techniques to help her change careers so that she would not be tempted again by the close availability of the drugs.

Every day I thank God for the many blessings that Silva's Mind Training Systems have brought me.

I especially want to put in a special "Thank you" to Jose Silva for brilliantly including in the coursework the phrase, "you will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow."

I truly believe that it was the sharing of this powerful affirmation over and over in my 26 years of lecturing that it is so deeply embedded in who I am.

And who I am, in case anyone wonders, is a Joyous, successful Silva UltraMind ESP System instructor, who uses the System many times each and every day selfishly for myself, but who loves sharing it with anyone and everyone.

There is one more thing I'd like to share:

I was inspired to start my intro with the following because it was something that came to me over and over again in that three weeks I prepared to speak to them... and for me it was very true and I thought they should hear it.

As emotional as I am, I spoke the following with a lump of pain in my throat an ache in my heart and tears in my eyes:

My message to my class:

I just want you to know, before we begin, what a privilege it is for me to be your Silva trainer.

Somehow in my heart I know that you are very old and wise souls to have chosen this most difficult path that you have been on. Some believe that a lot of our modern day technology could come to a screeching halt with the "earth changes" many have predicted. You will already be many steps ahead of the majority as you know how to survive without air-conditioning, heating, computers, electricity, etc.

When you use these Silva techniques you are about to learn, you will be an inspiration to your fellow homeless and to the rest of the world.

I admire you for who you are and what you have been through and that at some level you have chosen to suffer through your survival.

Well, thanks to a great man named Jose Silva and his years of research and "sharing" you won't have to suffer anymore. I hope you know I speak this truth from the very bottom of my heart and the very essence of who I am.

And, who I Am is one of God's servants serving his children in the best manner I know, with the Silva Systems and I thank God daily for that.

May I be the first to congratulate you on the beginning of the best of the rest of your life. Class, let's begin!

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