Holistic Faith Healing brings amazing result

New research brings surprising results

Medical doctor Larry Dossey has written a book about many of the scientific research projects involving medicine. One project, with heart patients, produced astonishing results. Dr. Dossey writes:

“Over a 10-month period, a computer assigned 393 patients admitted to the coronary care unit at San Francisco General Hospital to either a group that was prayed for by home prayer groups or to a group that was not remembered in prayer. The study was designed according to rigid criteria, the kind usually used in clinical studies in medicine. It was a randomized, double-blind experiment in which neither the patients, nurses, nor doctors knew which group the patients were in.

“The prayer groups were given the first names of their patients as well as a brief description of their diagnosis and condition. The prayed-for patients differed in several areas:

“They were five times less likely than the unremembered group to require antibiotics. They were three times less likely to develop pulmonary edema, a condition in which the lungs fill with fluid... None of the prayed-for group required endotracheal intubation, in which an artificial airway is inserted in the throat and attached to a mechanical ventilator, while 12 in the unremembered group required mechanical ventilatory support. Fewer patients in the prayed-for group died (although this difference was not statistically significant).”

This experiment was so impressive that it prompted the following comment from Dr. William Nolan, who has written a book to debunk faith healing. Dr. Nolan said: “It sounds like this study will stand up to scrutiny... Maybe we doctors ought to be writing on our order sheets, ‘Pray three times a day.’ If it works, it works.”

Silva techniques prove their worth

Our files are full of letters from people telling us how the Silva techniques helped them correct health problems. In many cases, their illness was said to be incurable. This is what happened to Mary T. Johnson of Albemarle, North Carolina. Here is what she wrote to us in 1996:

“In September of 1994 I was diagnoses as having breast and inflammatory cancer, in the final stages, including a mass so large as to be inoperable.

“My sister, a Silva graduate, had sent me the book The Silva Mind Control Method. I called Silva headquarters looking for a Silva graduate who was a physician. I was given a man’s name who put me in touch with a doctor in Texas.

“I started essiac tea, became a vegetarian, and stopped losing weight (I had been losing half a pound a day at that time).

“I also started using the Silva techniques, but relaxing was at best difficult.

“In December 1994 I had a surgical biopsy, done under local anesthesia while I stayed in alpha, that confirmed I was terminal.

“I was told I had 30 days to live.

“With treatment I could probably stretch that to 18 months.

“In February of 1995 I took the Silva training in New York City. The next month, March of 1995, I got my first good blood results.

“One year later, in March of 1996, a bone scan showed no cancer in my bones at all, blood that is getting very close to normal - off by a mere .03 percent. I am working towards a complete cure, as I continue to get better and better every day.

More successes for Mary

“I’ve never been a person to do things half hearted. Being a widow since 1987, I decided to program for the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, or someone better.

“I am now living with a wonderful man, with whom I intend to spend the rest of a very long life.

“My original goal was to see my son graduate from high school. He did so on June 7.

“I have had some ups and downs, but find that whenever things hit a standstill, an extra bit of time at level gets me pointed in the right direction.

“Unlike many people, I tell my physician exactly what I am doing. His notes say volumes, with comments like, refused medication for blood pressure, and to my amazement lowered it before the next visit.

Spread the word

“In January I sadly watched a friend die, with the same cancer, same diagnosis, same time frame as I. I only wish I could have known her sooner so she could have shared the Silva Systems.

“My son is not yet a Silva graduate (he will be soon) but thinks nothing of overdoing and then asking me to send him some extra healing after a bad day. There are no doubts in his mind that it works. His mother is a living example.

“I am now healthy, happy, and getting a bit round. Next I’ll be programming for a slender body.”

Along with her letter, she sent copies of medical records, tests, and notes from her doctor, including the following, dated March 16, 1995:

“This is a somewhat strange female who has ductal carcinoma of the right breast,” the doctor wrote. “She has been seen at Duke, Chapel Hill and the local surgeons. She has refused all treatment stating that she will fix this herself. She has refused blood pressure medications. She was given Maxzide 75/50. She is on a pure vegetarian diet and takes herbs and refuses any medical intervention.

“Amazingly her blood pressure is 130/84. She has gained three pounds, She states her breast mass is smaller. ‘I do not need to look at that, she will take care of that.’ Her CBS was elevated over 26,000 in the past and has come down to 10,400 with no shift. I once again advised her of the gravity of her situation. However, I realize it is the patient’s choice to be treated or not. She has seen multiple specialists and knows everything one could know about her condition. We will continue to support her the best way we can.”

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