Gaining Young Peoples Trust

Solve problems with "remote influencing"

You can use your Everyday ESP to influencing people remotely in order to help them helm themselves. You can learn to sense the other person's needs and wants so that you can respond appropriately.

You can detect the invisible barriers that people have erected, then use remote influencing to establish rapport at deep, inner levels, and watch the changes that take place at the outer level.

That's what Marie Buckingham (now Burleson) did. Shortly after completing the Silva training, she found herself faced with a challenge in a junior-high school classroom.

There were four troublemakers in one of her classes, four girls who disrupted the rest of the students so that no one could participate. It was not limited to just Marie's classroom. These same girls had a reputation among the faculty and the school counselor for causing similar trouble in all of their classes.

For one week, Marie programmed herself to wake up earlier than usual so she could project mentally to these girls while they were still asleep. Here's Marie's story, in her own words:

I would get up, maybe 15 minutes early, and project each one on my mental screen. I'd spend five minutes, maybe less, on each one. I told them that it's more fun to be good than bad and reminded each one that I thought she was a wonderful person.

And they were all nice girls, and they were all intelligent.

I told them that I hoped they would cooperate in class so that they, and their classmates and I, could all enjoy the class. I told them I looked forward to having them do this and that I would appreciate it. Then I thanked them.

After the next class, I asked them to stay behind for a minute. I told them that they were creating problems in the class, but that I knew they were nice people.

When they came to class the next time, the ringleader refused to let herself become involved in the antics of the other three. She sat apart from them.

During the next class, she asked a question. The other students looked at her in disbelief. Pretty soon, though, she came up with some ideas, and by the end of class, all four girls were participating in class.

As they left the room at the end of class, the ringleader looked at me, smiled, and said, "You know, I think it's more fun being good than bad."

That was the end of my trouble with the troublemakers.

Imagine how valuable these skills are for parents. There will be people in your child's peer group wanting them to join a gang. Somebody is going to try to get one of your children to try drugs. Four of their friends will be there, calling him "chicken" and trying to get them to try it.

How important will your powers of Remote Influencing be at that instant?

How valuable will they be?

Now is the time to practice and develop your ability.

Somebody is going to pressure your teenage daughter to try sex-unprotected sex. This could be a life-and-death decision that you are making today when you decide to develop your Everyday ESP.

You can use Remote Influencing to reach your children at a deep inner level where they know you are telling them the truth, that what you are telling them really is in their best interest, just as Marie Buckingham did.

Ed Bernd Jr

About Ed Bernd Jr.

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.