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Dr. John M. La Tourrette photoHelp from higher intelligence builds a successful direct marketing business

By Dr. John M. La Tourrette, Ph.D.

Guidance from higher intelligence can take many forms. I should know; one message to me came as a kick in the groin!

I was operating a karate school at the time, and the message was delivered by one of my lower ranking students. . . a Brown belt! It was during a training session, and he shouldn’t have been able to land a kick like that... certainly not three times. I’d have been terribly embarrassed if I hadn’t been so busy hurting!

And what was the message?

That I should review my career choices... and my life.

Let me back up and tell you what kind of person I was:

Do-it-yourself method doesn’t work

I’m one of those guys that was brought up by my parents to be a hard worker. So after I found my niche in life as a martial arts instructor, I worked hard at doing what I loved to do. In fact I was working sixty to seven hours a week, 52 weeks a year doing what I loved to do. After six years of pounding away hour after long dreary hour, my chosen field wasn’t fun any more. Now it was just hard work. So I looked for a Method that would help make my life better.

I’d studied the popular “money making” courses and the current self-help books. Some of them were good, especially Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but they were all missing something. Katherine Ponder talked about programming my brain to become a money magnet, but she never told me how.

I first heard about the Silva course in 1970, after getting out of the Army Security Agency. I was a code breaker and a translator of the Korean language and I’d served three years in Korea. During my stay there I also earned the 3rd Degree Black Belt in Korean Taekwon-do, a form of specialized self-defense that emphasized the kicking arts.

Anyway, at first I was only looking for a method that would help enhance my martial arts ability. The Silva course seemed to be an answer, at least it was an answer that fitted with my logical precise mind. I wanted to get much, much better at martial arts so I programmed my unconscious to give me that skill. Notice that I left out the step of the higher intelligence connection, or the “deserving.” Well, what you don’t deserve and have not earned, you can’t get. But I didn’t know that, at least, not at first.

Then I got that painful message by way of my Brown belt student.

That night I went to level and asked mentally: “How did that guy kick me so easily in the nards? I was programming to be better, not to be worse!”

The answer that came back was simple and to the point. “You don’t deserve to be better.”

I was shocked. What did “deserve” have to do with anything. I though all I needed was proper programming. So I asked the question, “What do I need to do to deserve to be better?”

A major attitude adjustment

The answer that came back was a real shocker. It was, “First stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking cigarettes. After you do that, then ask again.”

I couldn’t believe it, my inner conscious mind was talking back to me!

I decided to ignore it. The Christmas party was only two days away and I sure wasn’t going to miss that party and all that booze because of voices in my head.

I went to the party and I had a great time. About 2:30 a.m., Mary, the wife of the man giving the party, asked me to take the last case of beer home with me, otherwise her husband would drink it all and be sicker than a dog. I told her okay, bent over, grabbed that last case of beer and walked out the door. Before I’d gotten five steps towards my Jeep I heard the screen door slam open and this drunk was running out the door after me.

“You can’t take my beer you S.O.B. - I’ll kill you” he screamed at me.

I just looked at him totally amazed because for the first time I didn’t see a friend, instead I saw a fat old man with vomit running down his chest and fresh urine stains on his trousers where he’d just pissed on himself running to the door to stop me!

At that moment, that voice spoke in my right ear again:

“That’s YOU in 10 years!”

It wasn’t my conscious mind. It wasn’t a voice from my unconscious mind. It was a voice from outside those two minds, the voice of higher intelligence, that gave me the information and also the motivation I need to change and to adopt a better living style so I could deserve what I was programming for.

I stopped drinking that instant and never touched another drop.

My point is this: Higher intelligence works in ways that we mere mortals have trouble understanding. So I don’t bother trying to understand any more. I just accept the blessings that fall my way after proper programming.

I now know that if I program properly I will either get what I program for, or I will get a training metrology that I can undertake so I will deserve what I’ve programmed for. I just need to allow my mind to release and go in transderivational search so it will recognize the opportunities when they come, for they surely will come.

Life changes produce surprising results

Something really scary happened to my martial arts because of the Silva training. And I had no clue it was happening until after it happened. Let me tell you about it.

I’d taken the Silva course originally to learn psychic skills and had never used them specifically to enhance my martial arts, except for general programming. Things like, “Every day in every day I’m going to get better and better at sparring.”

Then one day I entered a tournament in Pocatello, Idaho.

I attacked my opponent, whomped on him, then broke away. He seemed slower than slow molasses.

Now here comes the scary part:

Not one of the four judges, nor the ref had seen me score a point!

So I did it again. And again. And again.

I did it four different times and they had no clue what I was doing.

By this time I was getting a bit pissed off so I blitzed my poor opponent, actually penetrating his mouth twice and his body once with a three shot combination.

As I retreated, the “tortoise” counter-attacked with a reverse punch that I easily saw incoming and deflected with my elbow.

The judges did not see my three punches.

The judges did not see my block.

But the judges did see the “tortoise’s” weak punch and he was awarded a point.

After he was awarded the point, then the ref saw the blood dripping down from his lower lip where I’d rammed two teeth through it. The bright red blood was running down his chin onto his clean, white uniform.

In a karate tournament, you are not supposed to draw blood, so I was disqualified. And what was I disqualified for? The judges disqualified me for drawing blood with a blow that they never saw!

That night I went to level and asked for an explanation of what had really happened. Here’s the answer that came through:

“You are now so fast that no one trained in ‘normal’ karate can see what you are doing. If they see anything at all, they are seeing only a blur.”

After that, I made up four tournament fighting drills that were visual enough so that the “tortoise” slow judges and refs could actually see them, but the actual opponent, from his different head-to-head perspective, couldn’t see them. Then my team went out and kicked butt!

It was so easy it was also pathetic. If we went to a tournament with nine students, we’d come back with sixteen trophies. One time I took a team of thirteen people (none of them special in any way except for the four “secret” sparring drills) to one of the biggest tournaments on the West Coast. We came back with twenty-seven trophies.

My own Grand Master was there and he made the comment to me, “Your student’s are doing everything wrong.”

So I asked him how many trophies his students had won.

His reply, “We took a total of eight, and three of those eight are mine!”

I then asked, “How many students did you take?” His reply, “Sixteen students.

”I then told him, “When I take a team, I don’t fight. I go to teach and support my team. My thirteen guys (two were women) took twenty-seven trophies. Your sixteen guys only took five trophies. It seems to me that we are doing something that you’re not.” I then turned around and walked away.

He didn’t talk to me for the next fifteen years. At least until I got famous enough that his ego was boosted by telling folks that he was one of my original trainers, therefore taking credit along with me, for the books, videos and manuals that I’ve produced since 1978. And that’s okay because only by standing on the shoulders of great trainers like him could I have advanced as far as I have. Thank you.

Business guidance proves profitable

So how does the above story relate to guidance from higher intelligence for business and marketing? Good question.

No matter how much you know about a subject, no matter how good you are at something, it don’t mean a thing until somebody wants it. You don’t make any money at it, and it doesn’t help anybody, until you market it.

This is true of anybody applying for a job…you’ve got to sell yourself…you’ve got to convince the foreman that you are strong enough to lift the load, that you can type fast enough to get all the letters done on time, that you can dance well enough, manage well enough, learn well enough… to do the job they want done.

I retired from my first business back in 1980 for two reasons. First, I was burned out from doing all that physical training.

Second, I’d learned that people wanted to learn what I had to teach and would buy books if I wrote them.
Writing books seemed a better route to follow.

So let me tell you how my High Self helped me write my first best selling book.

I’d been training the “military” minded martial artist since 1975 when I first met ex-Special Forces soldier and soon-to-be mercenary, Michael D. Echanis.

Mike came into my studio because he just liked to “whomp” on people that had the courage to “whomp” him back. In the process of “whomping” on each other we became good friends because of the respect we had for one another.

He went on to become the UDT-Seal trainer at Ft. Bragg, and, later on, Martial Arts editor for Soldier of Fortune magazine.

One day, before he was famous, he came to me for some advice and constructive criticism on a book he was doing on martial arts for Ohara Publications.

I asked him how much money he’d make off the book and he replied, “almost nothing”.

It seems that he’d get five percent of the net profit, which would only amount to $350-$600 a year in royalties.

I then asked Mike why he’d written the book for them for peanuts. That was a lot of hard work for nothing.

He had a simple answer. He wanted to become famous and with those books on the market his credentials of expertise were automatically upgraded, which was a necessary ingredient for where he wanted to go in his field.

So Mike became famous.

He became the martial arts editor for Soldier of Fortune magazine.

He also became the United States’ most publicized mercenary for a short period of time. That is not good if you are a mercenary. If you are a soldier-for-hire its best to keep a low profile. Otherwise you become a target for other soldiers-for-hire that are out trying to increase their reputation. The concept is sort of like, “who’s the fastest gun on the block?” And if they can’t get you from the front, they’ll bushwhack you and tell everyone else it was a fair fight.

Mike died under mysterious circumstances while working for ex-president Somoza in Nicaragua. I only wish he’d taken a Silva course before he’d gone down there. If he had, he might still be around because your Higher Intelligence always works for the “best of all concerned”. Dying a violent death is not normally a part of its plan for your growth.

But Mike did have a good plan. I really liked that part about, “write a book and get famous.”

So I went to level and asked higher intelligence for a topic that I could write on that would really help martial artists, and would also help me to evolve positively in the process. In other works, “for the best of all concerned.”

Two days later I’m in the BookShop, a great book store in Boise, Idaho. While going through their martial arts section I ran across this tiny twenty-three page pamphlet titled, Principles of Personal Handgun Defense by Jeff Cooper. I picked it up, looked at it, then put it back on the rack and walked away.

But I kept having this strange impulse to buy it. It didn’t buy it then. I let my conscious mind, the logical part of my mind, talk me out of it. I walked out of the BookShop and walked up the street to my car. The closer I got to the car, the stronger became the impulse to go back and get that pamphlet.

I didn’t know then that higher intelligence guides us by arranging coincidences in our lives, but I had learned to trust my intuition so I grudgingly went back and got it, even though I was calling myself, “stupid” all the way back inside.

Principles was a small report on mental training principles for cops, Special Forces and mercenaries, or anyone else that might be facing someone down the barrel of a gun.

I just sat there reading that book, wondering why I’d ever paid the $5 bucks for 23 measly pages. I read the pamphlet, then I re-read it again and again. Finally the light flashed on in my head. What Higher Intelligence was trying to tell me finally broke through.

Wow! I realized that no one else in the whole wide world had ever done a martial arts book on that subject of mental training.

And that’s how my first book, Mental Training of a Warrior came about. I took Jeff Cooper’s concept and expanded upon it for martial arts athletes.

I also wanted to make decent money off the book, and gain positive recognition from those who really counted. So once again I went to level and asked for guidance.

I was told to send a copy of the manuscript to Grand Master Ed Parker for my thesis requirements for 5th degree black belt. So I did so. He loved it and wrote the preface to that book for me. He also promoted me to 5th degree black belt. This was back in 1978, when a 5th Degree Black Belt was a rare and prized commodity.

I didn’t get an answer at that time about the “making decent money” part.

But the next day I’m getting some karate brochures printed up at the local print shop and I just happen to mention my manuscript to the printer. He told me the following. “Publish the book yourself, and I’ll print it.”

That sounded good to me so we talked numbers. He wanted $7 per book and a minimum of 1,000 copies printed before he’d do the job, or a total of $7,000 up front. There was no way I wanted to pay that much money. It didn’t seem right to me. I backed off quickly.

So I went to level again. The answer that came this time was, “Talk to other printers.” The next day I called around until I found a printer that had an answer that just felt right to me. I’d called this printer up on Orchard Street and had asked him if he printed books. His reply, “Nope, but I know who does and this company is real reasonable.”

I ended up getting my first book printed for $1.52 per copy and in the first six months I made over $26,000. That book, Mental Training of a Warrior, is still in print today and is still one of our best sellers.
That was the start of my second business, which I named Warrior Publications. Two years later I sold my first karate studio and retired for the first time. It was 1980. In the next three years I wrote three more books, and all of them were written without the conscious guidance of Higher Intelligence. They were not best sellers either. I was still learning.

Finally finding the perfect niche

It seems like after a few great successes you get a big head and think that you (conscious mind) did all the work and made all the decisions and no longer need the advice and guidance of the High Self. The re-awakening usually hits you smack dab in the face. Those three books that were “not so good” depleted my cash reserves. At least the big money stopped coming in.

There I was, going back to level and asking for guidance again. It came in the form of ideas for new books to write, and how to market them.

But what has really turned out to be my best business decision was to start making videos.

Getting into the production of videos was another gift from Higher Intelligence.

I’d done a few videos just to augment the training’s at my karate studios, but nothing much.

In 1987 the sell of my books started to fall drastically. So I went to level to “find a solution to the problem I had in mind.”

The next day I was talking with my wife Lynn and my High Self gave me the answer I needed through her. She said, “John, that’s easy. You’ve got to remember that people don’t read much anymore, especially the teenager and young adult crowd. They are now the television generation so just do an advertisement and see if they’ll buy the videos you’ve been selling to the karate studios.”

What a concept! It was something I’d never have thought of.

So I went to level and asked higher intelligence if it would give me an answer on “what specifically” to sell to people.

The short, curt answer came back instantly: “Pick up the telephone, call some of your students, and find out for yourself.”

So I did.

The next day I called up one of my Black Belts in Orlando Florida and asked him if he’d be interested in some self-defense videos on the kenpo techniques. He hesitated and started back pedaling, trying to get out of buying anything. He just was not interested.

He then mentioned that if I had anything on tournament fighting, he might be interested.

Out of nowhere a thought popped into my head. I told him that I was thinking about doing a video on “speed.”

“Speed! Speed! You’ve got something on speed? I want it! I want it as soon as it’s ready!”

I hung up and called another one of my Black Belts in Denver.

It sounded like a tape recording of the response from the first Black Belt: “Speed! Speed! You’ve got something on speed? I want it! I want it as soon as it’s ready!”

So I wrote an advertisement for Black Belt magazine.

How I was guided to the perfect ad on the first attempt

Writing that ad was tough. So after several hours of effort, I relaxed, went to level and asked again for guidance. The answer, “Get John Caples books down off your shelf and go through until you find the correct model for your new ad. When you find it, you will know it.”

I found a classic ad that fit the format of what I wanted to say. It took about three hours to adapt that “old” ad to my concept of speed enhancement for martial arts athletes. The headline was, “Speed Hitting: How-to-Hit a Man 11 Times or More in One Second or Less!”

That ad produced $1.2 million in it’s first year!

I also received a worldwide reputation for writing winning ads.

And I also received another, less violent name in the process. Overnight I went from being called “Dr. Death” to being called “the Speedman.”

That speed-hitting ad ran for nine years before it stopped being productive. In fact, every week we still get one or two calls ordering that course, and we haven’t run that ad for three years.

The more you do the alpha training drills the better you get at receiving the guidance from higher intelligence. Now, it’s almost like there is a telephone hook up between us. If they want me to contact them, I’ll get a gut feeling that something is “not right.” Then I’ll evaluate those feeling to see if it’s just gas, or if it’s really important.

Let me give you an example:

High flying title turns a profit

On September 11, 1999, I flew to Phoenix Arizona for a 3-day seminar with one of the brightest marketing minds in the world, Mr. Dan Kennedy.

On the way back to Oregon I went to level and asked for a way that I could use Kennedy’s advanced marketing skills in my publishing business. The ideas and concepts started pouring into my skull. These thoughts were concerning the marketing of another aspect of my spiritual teachings that concern the ancient Hawaiian secrets on the psychology of Huna.

For the past two years I’d produced thirty-three videos on Huna by video taping various seminars I’d been giving in the Bahamas, Cancun, Maui, Florida and other parts of the United States. So I had all these potential products, but no clue on how to market them, or who might even want them.

By the time I touched down in Oregon, ninety-nine percent of the first draft had been written. That night, prior to going to sleep, I went to my level and asked higher intelligence to give me any improvements that would help. I felt confident that the product would help many, many people, and that I deserved help in reaching as many people as possible.

It occurred to me that my thinking had really evolved a long way from the days when I drank and fought and thought about how I could make as much money as possible without any concern for whether I was actually helping anybody else or not. Despite all my programming efforts, I sure wasn’t having much luck back when I had that self-centered attitude.

I went to sleep, confident that the appropriate guidance would come.

I woke up in the middle of the night with this voice in my head stating, “Put the phrase ‘Mind Suck’ in the title.” It didn’t make sense to me so I blew it off and went back to sleep.

A few minutes later I was awakened again by the same voice. This time it was even louder. “Mind Suck. Put it in the title!”

I mumbled, “Sure,” rolled over and went back to sleep.

I was awakened for the third time with the same instructions. So I crawled out of bed, stumbled into my home office and wrote the words, “Kahuna Warrior Mind Suck Secrets” onto a post-it-note and tagged that note onto the front page of my final draft.

That Friday we did a test mailing of 1,000 letters to our target list. What a response!

In the first five days we took in $18,000.

In the first three weeks, we took in $108,000.

Somehow Dan Kennedy got a copy of that advertising piece and asked my permission to share it with his elite “Platinum” marketing group as one of the best samples of a marketing piece he’d seen for a long, long time.

The most powerful program... when used correctly

The Silva System is one of the best ways I know of for connecting with higher intelligence, but it must be done correctly. If it’s done incorrectly, like I’d done it a time or two, it will backfire, giving you a painful learning experience in the process.

Some people use the method to try and control others. I admit it. I’ve been guilty of that myself and I’ve learned from it. Sometimes I’ve done “wrong manipulation” on purpose, out of greed, or ego, or anger.

The way to by-pass all the potential negativity is to simply incorporate into your programming the concept of, “May the best thing be done for everybody concerned.” Higher Intelligence is a lot smarter than we can even conceive of, so if we do our best and then ask for more guidance, it will come.

There is a real simple process for being two, three or even one hundred times more productive in life than you are now. Here it is:

“All you need to do daily are the things you know you should do and don’t. And stop doing all the things you know you shouldn’t be doing, but still do.”

You can claim success if you use the alpha level properly, with the correct attitude. If you have the want, if you have the desire, if you feel you deserve it, then, with the help of higher intelligence, you can get it.

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