Difference between 3-Scenes and MentalVideo

Q: I'm confused about the difference between the mental video technique and the three screen techniques. I mean, I know **how** to use them, but how do you decide which one to use? I'm visioning to lose weight and get healthy and I was using the Three Screen Technique. Is that the proper technique to use or would either technique work?

A: That's a good question, and it is the same thing that had me confused. It is also at the core of the difference between Jose Silva's first course and his newest course.

The MentalVideo Technique is *not* intended to help you achieve *your* goal or to "get what you want."

The MentalVideo Technique is intended to help us obtain guidance and help to do what we were sent here to do. In other words, to do what higher intelligence wants done here on planet earth.

That doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice and do without, far from it. When we are doing the job we were sent here to do, we will be provided with all of the tools and equipment we need to do the job.

Obviously we need good health, and one aspect of good health is to be at the proper weight.

We will do better work when we feel good about ourselves, and having an attractive, fit body can certainly help us feel good about ourselves. It is certainly not going to help us do our job and improve conditions on the planet if we repulse people because of the way we look!

It will be easier to accomplish things when other people work with us and support us, so anything we can do to help attract other people to help us will help us to fulfill our mission in life.

So... the UltraMind way of approaching it is to first go over the "Laws of Programming." The solution should help at least two or more people, and many people can benefit when we improve our ability to do the job we were sent here to do. The solution should be the best for all concerned, and in this case, nobody loses anything, and many people benefit.

Then use the MentalVideo to give a report to your tutor, in the spiritual dimension (the "other side"), about your activities and your plans... how you want things to turn out. When you are healthier, have more energy, have a better self-image, attract more people who want to be around you and work with you and help you carry out your assignment, then higher intelligence will help you to do whatever is necessary, including whatever is necessary to achieve your ideal weight and size.

Then you support that with visualization and imagination, by using the 3-Scenes Technique.

The old way was to just decide what *we* wanted, then program to get it; visualize and imagine it over and over and over until we finally got it.

The thing is, you are not going to get help from higher intelligence when you are only interested in yourself, you are on your own. That idea comes directly from Jose Silva, based on his research and experience. The more people who will benefit, he said, the more help you will get from the other side.

This is not intended as "reward and punishment," it is just common sense: They need us to correct problems and to improve conditions on the planet, so they will pay attention to those who are doing that, who are carrying out their missions. We would not expect higher intelligence to take time away from those who are fulfilling their missions, and spend it on those who are ignoring their missions and just thinking of themselves, would we?

So both techniques are useful. I'd proceed this way:

First, go to your center (the alpha level) and think of as many reasons as you can for wanting to accomplish this; think of all the people who will benefit as a result. This of how this will help you to carry out your mission, to improve conditions on the planet.

Second, use the MentalVideo Technique. Get your video camera or smartphone (mentally, of course... use your imagination) or hire a video crew, that's what I am doing now, and make a video of the things that you are working on. That will include the things you are doing to attain your ideal weight and size, as well as the things you are doing to improve conditions on the planet, to carry out your mission. Review the MentalVideo formula before you do it. Remember to include, in your video, everything that contains life.

Third, use visualization and imagination - the 3-Scenes Technique - to assist in the process. Actually, I've listed these in order of importance... here is how I would proceed at night when I am ready to go to sleep:

Enter your level (go to your center) with the 3 to 1 method, do some deepening, perhaps the Long Relaxation exercise. Then program any projects you are working on, such as the weight control.

In the second scene, you mentally picture yourself exercising more, being more active; and changing your eating habits, eating smaller portions, chewing food more thoroughly, skipping dessert, drinking water instead of sodas when you are thirsty, eating a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar, etc.

Then I would do the MentalVideo technique. Remember, you do one at beta, with eyes open, before you begin all of this. Once you complete the MentalVideo of your projects and how you want them to come out, you imagine both videos being delivered to your tutor while you are in delta sleep, the deepest level of sleep.

Then during the next three days, look for indications of how to proceed. These are indications that you will "see" with your eyesight. Not ideas that come to you, but physical indications.

I hope I haven't confused you. Both techniques are appropriate, and can be used at the same time... they are two entirely different techniques. As I mentioned, it was more than a year before I finally caught on to that! We are so accustomed to programming for what *we* want, that it takes a while to get used to the idea that we really should be working to improve conditions on the planet by doing what higher intelligence wants, what *they* sent us here to do. It is like that line is the Lord's Prayer that says, "Thy will be done," referring to the will of higher intelligence of course; "Not my will, but Thy will be done."

And we will benefit when we do that.

The paragraph that I quote from Robert Collier, in Chapter 5 of the UltraMind book, clarified that for me. He says: Instead of trying to *make* something happen, why don't you try *letting* it happen. Let God work through you. You will say, "I will do everything that is given me to do (use the 3-Scenes Technique to help attain my ideal weight, for instance), but for the rest, it is up to the God in me; the God in me knows what my right work is."

Please do me a favor, and let me know if this helps. If you have questions, please ask.

These concepts are based on Jose Silva's scientific research, and his experience. By "scientific research," we mean that we have seen objective (physical world) results, and they have been repeated. That's what makes something scientifically valid: Objective results, and replication.

The same applies to the guidance you receive from higher intelligence. The guidance comes in an objective form: something you can "see" with your eyes when you "look" for it. And you can get confirmation; that is, you can get more than one "indication" to proceed a certain way, more than one "coincidence" to help you out, or more than one indication to take a different path than the one you had planned, to use a different doorway than the one you intended to use.

When you observe more than one "indication," this gives you more confidence that you observed the right thing, and that you understood it correctly.

Ed Bernd Jr

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