Creating an inventor

Silva Mind Control Co-founder Juan R. Silva

Juan R. Silva

Juan Silva worked side by side with his brother Jose during their research. They wanted to see if they could use the Alpha level to help them invent something that could be of value.

They were extremely successful at it. Juan said that all Jose did was to program him to have a desire to invent something that would be of some benefit, some value.

The result was that he invented a new type of coin mechanism for vending machines.

He sold the patent to a company in Mexico, and agreed to go to work for the company to set up and supervise the production of the machine. Juan stayed on that job for more than a decade. In addition to running the factory, he was also teaching people the Silva techniques in his spare time. He considers those years to be the best of his life.

“Whatever you program for, make sure you execute, carry it out. It's always the case. You have to get your body and mind together, to work,” Juan advised.

“You know, it is awfully hard for you to invent something and to set the purpose for what it is supposed to do. But when five other things come up that the machine can do, well you definitely didn't think about that, you didn't program for that.

“So it is just as if somebody took you by the hand and led you, you know, all through all of this programming.

“It happened at a low level of conscious awareness, that I had acquired and had worked on it and had practiced it every day. Every day I would go to my level and practice deepening exercises until I was sure that I had gone below ten cycles. Then once a week, on Sunday, I would do the complete Long Relaxation Exercise.

“So I attribute my programming success to the fact that I was at a lower level of conscious awareness.”

How a dream led to a medial breakthrough

The head of the research department at an Ohio medical company attended the Silva Mind Control several years ago. He was working on a project that had frustrated him: Developing a formula for artificial arteries that the body would not reject.

Imagine the benefits if he could succeed: At the time, doctors had to transplant arteries from other parts of the patient's body to replace bad arteries in the heart. If they could use artificial arteries, it would be much easier on patients, and would undoubtedly extend their lives in many cases.

It could save millions of lives, and could earn the company millions of dollars.

The Silva Instructor, Ken Obermeyer, explained that there is more information available at alpha than at beta, and that you can gain access to the information that you need by going to your level.

Another common way to get information in this creative dimension is in dreams.

The NDM researcher reasoned that there was nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain, so he programmed to have a dream that would contain information that he could use to solve the problem he had in mind - the best formula for artificial arteries.

“He awakened sometime during the night,” Obermeyer said, “and wrote out a formula.” then he went back to sleep.

“When he awakened in the morning, he saw the formula, went into the laboratory, put a sample together and found that the human body would accept his plastic.

“One interesting note about this creative solution,” Obermeyer continued, “The chemist said that if he had considered this formula on his beta information, he wouldn't have believed it to be a formula the body would accept. He would not have come up with this solution through reason and logic.”

This is not to say that reason and logic should be ignored, Obermeyer is quick to point out. We all need the logical, objective beta level for analysis and reasoning; and we also need the creative and intuitive alpha level for the creative insight that it offers, and for the help and guidance that higher intelligence can provide to us.

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About Jose Silva Jr.

Joe documented his father's trailblazing research, and helped manage the Silva business. He has authored several Silva books.