Silva Self-Healing

Help your doctor heal your body

While your doctor works from the outside in with physical medicine, you can help by working from the inside out.

Doctors and drugs help the body to heal itself; they can keep you alive and provide an environment that permits your body to correct the malfunctions.

You can speed up the process in yourself, and in others.

The relaxing voice of Ed Bernd Jr. and the gentle tapping of the Alpha Sound help insure that you stay at your ideal level for programming so you will get the results you desire.

Step-by-step guidance to help you correct the cause of the problem

Very often we are blind to our own weaknesses, the very weaknesses that often lead to illness or injury.

  • The stress that we fail to recognize and reduce can cause problems for us.
  • The anger that we cannot seem to put aside can make us ill.
  • The fear of doing something because we might fail can cause the subconscious to throw up roadblocks.
  • The guilt we feel when we make mistakes and hurt somebody can cause us to create illness in the body.

In theory, it is relatively easy to overcome the health problems that we encounter:

Enter a deep programming level, acknowledge the problem, program the desired end results, and let your body do what it is designed to do.

When we do this, your mind will know to do whatever is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem. Not just the symptoms, but the cause of the problem.

Drugs only treat symptoms. Hypnosis only treats symptoms.

To correct the cause of the problem, you must do it yourself.

But this is often easier said than done.

Confidence breeds success

If you are not deep enough, you will not get the results you desire.

That’s where the Holistic Faith Healing Self-Healing App can help.

There’s no magic in the Silva Holistic Faith Healing Self-Healing conditioning cycle. It simply guides you to do what you already know how to do.

The benefit of using the recording is that it relieves you of the concern about whether you are programming correctly so that you can get to a deep enough level that your programming will produce the desired results.

The more confidence you have, the faster you will get results.


  • Silva Centering Exercise: “The Long Relax”
  • Jose Silva’s HFH Self-Healing Strategies
  • Silva Holistic Faith Healing Self-Healing Conditioning Cycle
  • Jose Silva’s 3-Scenes Problem-Solving Technique
  • Alpha Sound to help restore your body its natural health state
  • Theta Conditioning Cycles
  • Alpha Uni-Mold for automatic healing help from Silva graduates worldwide
  • How to program a glass of water to help restore your body to health

When you own this course, there is a link on your My Account page that you can use to download audio recordings of all of the lessons.

This information is included in the Silva Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course.

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When working on health problems, you should always seek competent medical advice and work under a doctor’s supervision. We are not doctors. Holistic faith healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine; holistic faith healing techniques can be used to help your doctor heal your body.

Help for health problems

If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva UltraMind or Basic Lecture Series graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit:

The Course includes:

  • Video lessons
  • Lessons in Audiobook format
  • Many of the lessons include text with a summary of the lesson content, or with additional information
  • Downloads of all Lessons and manuals

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 to 6 hours

Difficulty: Suitable for everyone

Course Instructors

Jose Silva Jose Silva Author

Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems

Ed Bernd Jr. Ed Bernd Jr. Instructor

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.

HFH Self-Healing


This is included in the Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course

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