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Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar

This Course includes all of Jose Silva’s original ESP training that that millions of people around the world have experienced since 1966. 

In 1997 Jose Silva knew the world was ready for a pure ESP course, so he removed unnecessary distractions, and added new ESP training, including psychometry, the Laws of Programming, and the best ESP technique of all: the MentalVideo. 

As a result, students of the new UltraMind ESP Systems are experiencing better results faster than ever, and now you can too, at your own pace, and in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your own home.

Imagine the possibilities.

Your mind can:

  • Detect information that is not available to your physical senses
  • Analyze that data and formulate a plan
  • Create a solution that is best for everybody
  • Help you implement that solution as you take action to manifest it in the physical world
  • Communicate with a higher power – God, Allah, Yahweh – for guidance and help

Imagine if you stopped using your smartphone and the Internet

Do you have a smartphone?

Imagine how much you would lose if you didn’t have an Internet connection. You would be severely limited in your ability to get vital information you need in  your daily life.

You lose even more if you are not using your natural God-given intuition.

You have access to something even better than the Internet:

We call it the Mental-net.

Humanity working together worldwide

Your mind knows things that Google doesn’t

You are already connected to everything everywhere in the Universe – all you need is to learn how to manage your mind. You can get started right now and start seeing results within a week. 

  • Save a marriage by communicating on deeper mind-to-mind levels to understand your spouse and yourself better
  • Help your children by using ESP to learn their real thoughts and fears and how they are likely to respond to actions you are considering
  • Better business by knowing what customers want and need, your competitors’ plans, and the intentions of government leaders

We don’t perform miracles (even though the results often seem miraculous). We show you how to use more of the tools you already have to solve more problems and improve living conditions for others and yourself.

How long is the course?

You can easily go through the complete course in as little as one week by investing just two and a half hours a day.

Or you can spread it out and go at a slower pace if you prefer. This gives your mind time to process what you are learning, and gives your brain time to file the information where it needs to be while you sleep.

Or you can do it in as little as 2 days if you want to invest 2 full days the way we do in live seminars.

The most important things are to relax, and to follow the instructions in the conditioning cycles.

Do the conditioning cycles in order the first time, and do what you are instructed to do, and you will succeed. 

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Course Features and Navigation

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The Course Syllabus has a list of all of the Lessons and Topics. On a large monitor you can see the syllabus on the side of the screen, on a small screen you can scroll to the bottom to see it.

The Course includes:

  • Video lessons
  • Lessons in Audiobook format
  • Many of the lessons include text with a summary of the lesson content, or with additional information
  • Downloads of all Lessons and manuals
  • Free Silva International Graduate Association’s Self-Orientation Program recordings

What can you expect to learn in the UltraMind ESP System?

If you follow the simple guided instructions and invest a few minutes a day in practice, you will learn:

  • Relaxation: Stress can harm your health, ruin relationships, and impede your ability to achieve your mission in life. Reduce stress automatically with the world famous Silva Centering Exercise.
  • Alpha Thinking: Alpha is the strongest, most synchronous, most rhythmic frequency – the part of the brain with the least resistance to the flow of electrical current – and therefore the best to do your thinking.
  • Help from a higher power: You can start using Jose Silva’s new MentalVideo Technique tonight to communicate with higher intelligence to obtain guidance and help in correcting problems and carrying out your work. Influence the coincidences in your life in a positive way.
  • Program Yourself for Success: Use the simple step-by-step approach of the 3-Scenes Technique to correct all kinds of problems, remove blocks that may be holding you back, implement the guidance you receive from higher intelligence, and acquire the resources that you need to succeed in fulfilling your life’s purpose.
  • Influence people subjectively: You will learn how to use psychometry to detect information about people. Combine the principles of psychometry with the 3-Scenes Technique and “charge up” ordinary objects in the environment to influence yourself and others in a positive manner.
  • Be your own psychic: Develop your natural God-given intuition to provide you with information that you can use to make better decisions and correct more problems.

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What you must do to succeed

Jose Silva Jr.

by Jose Silva Jr.

My father, personally and through the thousands of Silva Method instructors he has trained, has helped millions of people learn to change their lives for the better, and now you can learn the same System in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

If you are willing to invest just 15 minutes a day, to sit back and relax and use your imagination as you follow the simple step-by-step instructions my father has provided for us, then we can guide you to learn techniques that can help you find and fulfill the purpose you were sent here for.

There is one other thing you must do, and this is perhaps the most important thing of all:

You must use your newfound power for good, you must use it to help anyone you come across who needs help.

The world was not created for just one person, he told us. We must do what we can to correct problems – our own problems, and any other problems that we become aware of.

My father said that is what we were sent here to do: we were sent here to correct problems in the physical world.

There is no great mystery what our purpose in life is: To correct problems. It is not difficult to find out how to go about it: Just look around and you will see plenty of problems that you can work on.

When you do that, and you use the MentalVideo technique – the newest technique that my father developed before his passing – you will receive guidance and help from higher intelligence.

The Second Phase of Human Evolution on the Planet

The MentalVideo is the culmination of my father’s 55 years of research and experience in this field, it is the technique he sought for many years, the technique that will move humanity into what he called the “second phase of human evolution on the planet.”

The first phase was to develop our physical abilities and tame the physical world.

We have gone about as far as we can go with that. The old ways of “survival of the fittest” are no longer working. Our social and political institutions are breaking down and failing us.

What we need is a spiritual awakening.

And that means: We must find out what higher intelligence wants us to do, and how to go about doing it.

“The reason we were given psychic ability,” he told us, “is so that we can use it to find out what we were sent here to do and how to do it successfully.”

If you are ready to move into the Second Phase of Human Evolution on the Planet, then please join us.

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How will you apply these powerful tools in your personal & business life?

After you learn to use the powerful Alpha brain wave level, and you develop your intuition and test it so you know that you can use it reliably, how will you apply it in your everyday life?

To help you start using your ESP every day, we give you one free Application Program when you purchase the Complete Home Seminar.

These Application Workshops were developed under the guidance and direction of Jose Silva and his brother Juan:

  • ESP for Business Success
  • Claim Your Creative Heritage
  • Mental Training for Fitness and Sports
  • Superstars Weight Loss Secrets
  • Better Relationships
  • Silva Stress Relief
  • Silva Self-Healing
  • Silva Self-Management

Satisfaction Guaranteed buttonOur guarantee to you:

If you follow the simple instructions in the conditioning cycles (mental exercise) and stick with it, then by the end of the training you will prove to yourself that you have developed a new skill: ESP.

If you are not satisfied you can have a full refund, no hesitation, no questions asked. Fair enough?


Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 to 8 weeks

Difficulty: Suitable for everyone

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Course Instructors

Jose Silva Jose Silva Author

Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems

Ed Bernd Jr. Ed Bernd Jr. Instructor

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.

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1 Welcome and Introduction

2 Use the most powerful part of your brain

3 Learning your way around the subjective dimension

4 How to ask for help from a higher power

5 Learning the characteristics of the Subjective Dimension

6 2nd Silva Centering Exercise

7 Projection Into the Inanimate Matter Kingdom

8 3rd  Silva Centering Exercise – Theta Sound

9 Projection into the Plant Life Kingdom

10 4th Silva Centering Exercise

11 Projection into Animal Kingdom: Anatomy of a Pet

12 5th Silva Centering Exercise

13 Projection to Human Anatomy

14 Using your intuition to work on real problem cases right now

15 Review, your next step, and a special message from Jose Silva

16 Silva UltraMind Systems Case Working Workshop

17 Bonus How your Brain Works