Clairvoyance in your spiritual life

The role of mental projection and clairvoyance in your spiritual life

by Rev. James R. Murray

Before Jose Silva ever thought of teaching his method to the public, he offered all of his research to the churches. Why did he do this? Because he realized the great value it would have to religious leaders and religions themselves. He explained:

"All religions should be teaching this," he said. "God is not physical; God is spiritual. The mind is not physical. It is said that we were made in the image of the Creator. Image is of the mind, it is not physical, it is spiritual. It does not mean that we all look like God...we all look different. It means that we can do what God did."

Since God is not physical, he told us, we do not use physical words to communicate with God. We use the mind: Visualization and imagination. We use mental pictures to communicate. Everyone can understand a picture, it is the universal language.

The more we understand about the mind, and the better able we are to use the mind, the better we can serve God.

Prayer seems more effective now

"A minister had an interesting report after he had learned the Silva system and practiced it for several months," Silva wrote in the Silva company newsletter.

The minister said, "My prayer seems to be much more effective now. I have been a minister for twelve years, and I was never really confident that my prayers were doing any good. But now I pray, and I usually see results in a very short time.

"Do you have any idea why that is happening?" the minister asked.

Here is Jose Silva's explanation:

"Success in communicating with the other side is a direct result of functioning at the alpha level," he wrote. "It is something like this:

"We use our objective senses to communicate in the objective dimension. That is, we use our eyesight, our ability to talk and listen, our senses of touch, taste, and smell, to communicate with one another physically.

"But to communicate with the other side, the physical senses are useless. The other side is the place that we came from when we were born, and is the place that we go back to when we leave this planet.

"That spiritual dimension cannot detect our physical dimension directly. Spiritual means nonphysical. So we must find a way to make a connection with the spiritual dimension, and convert our information from a physical form to a spiritual form," he continued.

"If you attempt to communicate with the other side while you are functioning only in the physical dimension, you will not make the connection.

"When you enter the alpha level, you make a connection with the spiritual dimension."

A religious educator's perspective

The Rev. Canon John Rossner, Ph.D., an Episcopalian priest and Professor of Comparative Religion at Concordia University in Montreal, had the following to say at a Silva International Convention in Boston in 1974:

"It is essential that human science and spirituality, East and West, understand the nature of man - including his often hidden psychic and spiritual potential - and his place in what, now once again, appears to be a multidimensional and psychoenergetic universe.

"Folklore tales of ESP in dreams, precognition, prophecy of events that took place at a later date, visions of things that were taking place in other pars of the earth or in alleged heavenly spheres, so-called 'consciousness extension' or 'astral trips', angelic manifestations, or manifestations of beings thought to be gods by primitive peoples and peoples in previous ages, tales of spirit communications, and psychic appearances of spirits of the departed form a part of many religious traditions.

"The human race needs the understanding of these experiences. We need a mass movement or a mini movement that does not make a religious hysteria out of the thing, does not put man against may be teaching different religious bases for psychic experiences, but a secular movement in a pluralistic society with a 'psychic development' program, a 'meditation' program that does not require us to make the kind of cultic commitment that will separate man from man, and woman from woman, and child from child.

"This will, in turn, enrich all of the individual religions as well," he continued.

"It is my hope that the Silva system will be taken and used by people of many religious traditions, by persons in many of the natural and social sciences and humanities.

"If so, perhaps some of the philosophers who have thought that any metaphysical experience was purely subjective and imagination, can discover that there is a dimension of reality in which our truest spiritual ideals - intuited by the higher faculties of the human psyche - can take shape and have a powerful effect in forming the affairs of human destiny."

Many benefits received

After the churches declined to accept Jose Silva's offer to turn over all his research to them, he still did all he could to help. For many years he gave full scholarships to religious people - ministers, priests, rabbis, nuns, and anyone else working in religion.

The benefits to these people and to those whom they serve have been great. Silva's mental techniques can be used for things as simple as helping you to prepare your place of worship, as important as working with abused and neglected children, as profound as helping people to achieve racial tolerance and understanding, and as pragmatic as obtaining the finances necessary for you to continue your work.

Author Robert B. Stone gave an example in his book The Jesus Legacy (Sum Press, 1993) of how information came in a dream to help with work at a church: "Friezes created for a church ceiling would not stick to matter what glue was used," Bob wrote. "The minister asked for a dream. He dreamt he used Elmer's glue with a hot iron. It sounded ridiculous but he tried it. The art work is still up."

Mental projection helps change a parishioner's attitude

A Protestant minister from Arkansas told how he was able to use subjective communication to help bring greater tolerance and understanding to some of his parishioners:

"I'm the pastor of a church that was asked to operate a little day care center for about nine months, to give it a sense of continuity as it moved from one location to another" he explained.

"We thought we were doing good, but we ran into some of the members of our church who were very upset because the day care center was integrated. The lady who lived next door to where we had the day care center was one of those who was opposed. We really needed her help because we needed about ten feet of her property in order to have the center.

"One of our members called us, using terms that I won't repeat, telling us how this would open the door for the neighborhood to become racially mixed, which would run down the neighborhood they feared, and destroy the church...all kinds of problems."

I put off talking to the lady because the other church member had gotten to her first. Then some other church members came around me to help me. They said that they were afraid I had waited to long, that if I had gotten there first, something could have been done. But they felt that now it was impossible."

On three occasions I called her home and asked to talk to her, and three times she refused. Finally, in desperation, I said, Ah! I'm a Silva graduate, I am supposed to be able to use some of these techniques. I remembered how others were enthused about the Mirror of the Mind, so I decided to try it."

Things similar to this hadn't worked before, but maybe this would. So I used it.

"I pictured her as she was, and then pictured her as a person who was a warm and loving and outgoing person. I could imagine her smiling at me and saying, 'Come on over and let's talk about this thing.'

"I did this programming, and the next day I wondered if anything was going to come of it. I started to call her, and got cold feet. I had other things to do and did them. But finally, I just knew the time had come to call her.

"Then my phone rang. She was calling me!

"She had called to apologize for having been so rude in refusing to talk. She said, 'There's no way that those (people) are coming on my property, but we can talk.'

"We started talking over the phone, and even over the phone she mellowed. The next day I had a chance to talk to her in person. It was a totally different situation. I was amazed. From that point on, I will never question the value and power of using the alpha level. My prayers were answered."

Better health, improved finances, and able to help others more

Rev. Myrtle A. Ridgeway, an ordained Unity minister with more than twenty years experience in teaching, counseling, lecturing, and success as a spiritual healer said that she really didn't expect to get much out of the Silva course when she took it in 1979 with Ed Bernd Jr., at the urging of her friend Tag Powell. Mental projection at the alpha level brought people to her ministry as if by magic, she reported.

"What a pleasant surprise was in store for me!" she said. "In a very short time I was able to completely relax my body, quite my mind - and still be in absolute control of my own thoughts and feelings.

"The techniques have improved my personal health, my ability to concentrate, and my finances. I used visualization and imagination to bring more students to my new class and had more in attendance that I have had during my entire career!

"I used it to see my current expenses paid, and picked up three checks in my mail box in one day," she continued, still talking about the Mirror of the Mind. "I used it to picture myself married to the one person in all the world who is right for me, and me for him. Our wedding was last April 25th!

"From the very beginning, my healing practice improved 100 percent. It is almost eerie how many times I am accurate and how many healings there have been."

Practice at alpha leads to a better life

"Learning the Silva technique is only the beginning of a new life," Sister Charlotte Bruck says. "The daily practice of meditation and attunement is just as necessary for well-being as exercise, rest, and health foods."

Sister Charlotte was working as a counselor in the Catholic schools in Central Florida when she took the course with Marie Buckingham in 1974. She was a pioneer in guidance counseling at the elementary school level.

"I begin my day with meditation," she said, "and placing myself in the presence of God, as if it were my 'hot line' to the Holy Spirit.

"Then I begin to project the things that I need for that particular day. As each projection becomes a reality, I thank God for it, and add one more to my accumulated list of blessings. At this moment, I have 952 blessings going toward 1,000. This practice has had a tremendous effect upon my whole outlook toward my daily life and work.

"It has taken some time and much concentration to develop the belief factor to arrive at my present state of mind," she said. "Now it is almost automatic and well worth the effort I have spent on it. I now expect all of my projections to become reality."

She went on to explain how she works with children who have not taken the Silva course:

"Believing the old adage that 'If you give a child a fish, you feed him for one meal; but if you teach him how to fish, you provide him with food for a lifetime,' I am teaching children how to project for good things to happen, and suggest that they, too, begin to count their blessings.

"How many really follow through I may never know; but I have no need to know for I am only planting seeds. I leave it to the Holy Spirit to nurture the seed and bring it to fruition. I simply project that they will follow through 'if it is for their own good or the good of humanity.' For me, I know it must be 'for my good and the good of humanity,' and hence I shall never turn back."

More information is on the way

It is in the nature of human beings to be apprehensive about change. It is part of our survival programming - we never know whether the unknown will be beneficial, or a threat to our survival. Whenever somebody suggests something new, this automatically triggers the survival mechanism. Some people use this energy to explore and discover ways to improve conditions on the planet, while others take a defensive posture.

This was true in Jesus' day, when the religious establishment opposed the brash young man who dared to suggest that there was new knowledge that could be beneficial to humanity.

About 450 years ago, shortly after Columbus sailed to America and proved that the earth is round, a scientist named Galileo proclaimed that he had confirmed what Copernicus had figured out: That the earth and the other planets rotate around the sun. This would explain why planets sometimes appear to go backwards in the sky.

But the religious leaders of the time believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. It had to be so, they reasoned, since man was a divine creation. This had become part of their doctrine, their dogma.

Galileo's assertion upset church leaders so much that they tortured him to force him to recant. Eventually he succumbed to the pain and did as they wished. But this did not change the reality that the earth in fact does revolve around the sun, as do the other planets.

In the mid-20th Century a scientist names Jose Silva ran into similar opposition from leaders in the church, as well as scientists, and even leaders in the business community. Many of us who wanted to explore this new science with him also ran into opposition.

Jose Silva didn't claim to know it all. He described his research findings as "semi-conclusions" because more will surely be added later. Perhaps he has discovered half of the truth. New research will find even more of it. Here is how he explained it at a Silva International Convention:

"We learned how to activate our brain within the subconscious, by guiding - orienting - the mind to look for a different brain frequency and to learn to use it," he said. "That's what psychorientology means: Orienting the psyche - your mind - to look for and find that specific dimension and then to use it. That's what we call psychorientology. Right brain use.

"Science is open ended all the time," he continued. "It is like telescopes: If you get a better telescope, you discover more planets, more solar systems, more galaxies. If you discover a better microscope, you go further within matter.

"Surely someone will "get a better telescope" some day and learn even more in this field. It will not negate what Jose Silva found. When scientists figured out that there was some kind of body that was influencing the orbits of the outermost planets, they predicted that there was one more planet out there. They did not have a powerful enough telescope at the time, but when they got one, then they could actually see the planet Pluto.

The discovery of Pluto did not change what scientists had already discovered. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the other planets were still there. They still revolve around the sun. Scientists had simply gone farther. They had added to the semi-conclusions.

Jose Silva always insisted that he was not trying to hurt religion or replace religion. He simply wanted to add some knew discoveries to what was already known.

The experiences of millions of people during the last fifty-five years, since he began his research, certainly indicate that his discoveries have tremendous value.

Universal appeal

Whether they are creating a reverent environment, helping church members, or doing good works in the community, religious leaders of all kinds are finding that Jose Silva's methods and techniques can help them do their job better, and can help them understand their own religion better.

This science has universal appeal. Jose Silva's books have been translated in to Hebrew and are sold in Israel; they have also been translated into Chinese, Russian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and a dozen other languages.

The benefits are available to all, no matter what your religion...or even if you claim to believe in no religion. It matters not what your age is, your background, your race or gender, what your cultural background is, how much...or how you have. Recognized geniuses and overachievers receive as much benefit as those with severe disability, even so-called mental retardation.

We are all creatures of the Creator, or, as we religious people like to say, we are all God's children. We have far more similarities than differences.

Jose Silva says that we have been given some of the abilities and powers that the Creator has: The ability to correct problems and to create solutions on planet earth. The Creator - Jose uses the scientific term higher intelligence - reigns over the whole universe, Jose believes, and human beings reign only over planet earth.

"We are made in the image of God," he used to say, "because we have the power to use our minds to detect information and correct problems. That is our mission, it is why we were sent here.

"Whatever you believe, as long as you are striving to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, you can use the Silva techniques to help you do it.

I believe that all of the power comes from God and can only be used for good. That is my experience. If it comes from God, and is used for good, then we should use it every chance we get.

Rev. Murray taught the Silva Mind Control course in the 1970’s, and attended the very first Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor Training in 1998. He provided valuable assistance in launching the new course.

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