Meet the Silva Method UltraMind team

Jose Silva Jr.

Jose Silva Jr. - known as Joe or Joe Jr. to his friends - is one of the last links to his father’s pioneering research.

Joe was born in 1941, the first of Jose and Paula Silva’s 10 children.

When his father began to experiment with hypnosis in the late 1940s using Joe’s younger sisters and brothers as subjects, Joe was there to help and to document much of the research.

As an indication of how much respect Mr. Silva had for Joe, he named him President of Silva International in the 1990's, and when he chartered a new business to manage his new UltraMind ESP Systems he assigned majority ownership of the company to Joe.

Joe has authored several books about his father's work.

Joe and his wife Ruth have been married for more than 50 years and have two children.


Ed Bernd Jr

Ed Bernd Jr.

Ed Bernd Jr. grew up in the newspaper business. He took his first Silva class in 1975 and began teaching the Silva Method in 1977.

In late 1981 Mr. Silva asked him to join the company's world headquarters staff in Laredo, and he has been here ever since.

One of his first projects was editing Jose Silva's autobiography. In all, he has worked on more than a dozen books with Mr. Silva, as editor or coauthor.

Ed has served as Coordinator of SIGA, the Silva International Graduate Association, since 1983.


A Man, a Method, and a Mission

Jose SilvaJose Silva invested 22 years and half a million dollars into scientific research about the mind and human potential.

He used his unique knowledge of several key subjects:

  • Psychology, to understand human behavior
  • Hypnosis, to see the power of the mind
  • Electronics so that he could understand the brain better by using an EEG to see what parts of the brain were active when the mind was performing various tasks
  • Music to help him understand the relationship of the various brain wave frequencies

This unique blend of knowledge enabled him to create 2 innovative trailblazing courses: The Silva Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP System.

You can read more about Jose Silva, his life and his trailblazing research at his website: