A prophetic vision

A prophetic vision convinces her of her intuitive abilities

by Elena Wagner

This is how I found Silva UltraMind:

I'm in sales and I was desperately searching for ways to increase my sales. I scoured every bookstore looking for books, tapes or magazines to help me increase my sales.

In Barnes & Noble I found a book called "The Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva. I decided to buy the book because I remembered Silva was very big in the '70s when I was a teenager.

I loved it! The concept and the exercises were fantastic! I knew this was it so I started looking for tapes on the Internet.

I found the Silva UltraMind ESP System home study course and promptly ordered it.

I started doing the exercises whenever I had a minute. I started looking forward to doing the exercises as soon as my daughter fell asleep. It was a passive, relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

I started paying attention to the exercise, in particular a phrase pertaining to obtaining knowledge from anywhere in space or time. I decided to test the theory one evening, on September 9th, 2001.

Do I really have ESP?

I went to the alpha level as I had learned from the album, and I sent out a thought: "Please show me something of importance."

A clear, quality picture of the New York City skyline showed up. Delighted, I "wished" to see it clearer and the image came closer, like I was in a helicopter looking down at the buildings. I'm from New York originally, and I hadn't been there in a long time so I started to wonder why I was seeing New York. Was I going to move back there? Go there on vacation for my High School reunion?

But then I noticed there was no World Trade Center.

Disappointed, I began to think what city is this? How come I don't know city skylines better? It was very similar to New York, so, disappointed, I came out of level. I kept wondering what it meant. It bothered me the next day so I decided that evening to go to level and ask what it meant. I was going to level easily now, and I didn't really need the tapes, I just liked the sound of Ed's voice and the gentle tapping of the alpha sound in the background. My sales for the previous month of August had tripled using the Silva Sales Method techniques, and I was delighted that I had finally found something that works.

I went to level and sent out a thought - what did the NYC skyline mean? Immediately, I got a clear picture of a man's hand. Judging from the appearance of the cuff, it looked like a fireman. It was burned badly, and was clinging to a broken metal window frame.

Well, I popped out of level fast, totally shocked by what I saw. I didn't know what it meant but I decided I wasn't going to ask anymore, it was too weird.

Events confirmed that my intuition was correct

The next morning, September 11, 2001, I had to get up extra early to go visit a client in Fresno. I left the house around 5 a.m. and got to the Grapevine a little after six. Just then my husband called me on the cell phone. He sounded worried. A terrible thing happened: a plane hit the WTC.

Then he called me again, and again I remembered what I had seen two nights earlier. I was scared. I knew I couldn't go to level while driving, and I was booking it home to get my daughter out of preschool before the whole world came to an end, so I simply took a deep breath and asked, is Los Angeles next? An answer came immediately, right into my heart, that LA would be spared. Within those two seconds I calmed down and drove safely home.

When I got home, I found that friends had packed my house. Everyone was watching the towers collapse on the big TV in the living room when I walked in the house; my friend was crying; the kids were running wild; and the husbands were quietly discussing getting money out of the bank before it was too late, and getting extra food and water "just in case."

I got through on the phone to my family in New York and everyone was okay. My girlfriend in New York had to walk home in her high heels over the 59th Street Bridge along with thousands of other people in complete silence as the city burned in the background and everyone prayed no one would blow up the bridge.

I told everyone LA would be spared and the worst was over. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy but I had told them two days ago about what I saw during my meditations.

Intuition reveals even more answers

They challenged me to find out more information. I went into the bedroom and closed the door and asked who did this? All I could see was a picture of Shirley Temple. I didn't know what this meant so I just came out of level and went back to tell everyone what I saw.

They pooh-poohed it and after a couple of hours they went home. I went on the Internet and started looking up any information about Shirley Temple I could find. It seems she became an ambassador to several countries after her career as a child star ended. Among them China, Ghana, and the Serb Republics before they united.

I knew instinctively that the terrorist attacks were going to involve several countries, and that the thread joining them was probably religious. After that, information about Osama Bin Laden came out and America started playing the "where is Osama hiding" game. Out of curiosity, when I went to level I would ask to see where Osama was hiding. One time I got a very clear picture of a man with a dark beard and scary eyes in a turban, which later turned out to be bin Laden's chief lieutenant from the news reports.

My friends were all spooked by my meditations and urged me to stop, but I knew I was onto something real. Why was I shown the NYC skyline before the terror attacks? Could I have stopped them? No. I know if I had called up the FBI they would have written me up as a kook. Besides, I had no idea what the two images meant. I believe I was shown this to prove to me that UltraMind really works.

My mission in life is revealed

I found the web site www.SilvaUltraMind.net and was answered by Alex Gonzales Silva himself. I told him the whole story and begged him to find me a live class. He told me there currently were no UltraMind instructors in Los Angeles. UltraMind was completely new, the last course developed by Jose Silva before he passed away. I was really excited because I felt like Jose Silva saved the best for last. Alex told me to take the basic Silva course and then come to Laredo, Texas, to become an instructor.

I knew this was the right decision. Even my husband agreed. The second I finished the basic level course I booked my flight to Laredo. Within a week I successfully completed the instructor training. The training was a world-class experience for me. I really surprised myself at what I could accomplish with my mind properly trained. Alex was terrific, very down to earth, a real person carrying on the important work his uncle started.

Happily, I got to meet Ed Bernd Jr. one afternoon. Of course, the first thing I said to him was "you know you put me to sleep every night." He was so sweet. Ed worked for Alex and Jose Silva since 1981, and has made many recordings of the Silva programs.

The purpose of prophecy

When I told Alex and Ed my story, they explained to me that we can change the future. They said that prophetic visions are warnings so that we can make changes, or if we cannot change it, to prepare ourselves to deal with it.

To use your ESP to change things, you use visualization and imagination. After visualizing what is likely to happen, you create a new image with your imagination, and mentally project it to anyone who can help.

In Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, we use the MentalVideo Technique to communicate with higher intelligence at night when we are in deepest sleep at the delta brain wave level. If I had only known, I could have sent my MentalVideo to higher intelligence, and perhaps something could have been done to keep it from being such a terrible tragedy.

How can we "change the future"? Jose Silva explained it this way: The past is composed of thoughts that have already been materialized. The present is the process of materializing our thoughts. The future is composed of thoughts that have been conceived, but not yet materialized. Therefore, since the future has been "planned," so to speak, but has not yet manifested in the physical dimension, we can alter the plans... and thus "change" the "future."

You can develop your ESP

I'm excited to be part of the UltraMind team. I finally feel like I have found my calling, what I've been looking for all my life.

From time to time I keep track of Osama. The latest thing I saw when I asked at level where he's hiding is an image of a deep-sea diver with a halo over his head. I think he's in a submarine in some kind of Holy Sea. One of Ed's associates thought he was going to "86" himself. Either way, I heard on the news two nights ago that Osama is being hidden somewhere on the high seas.

Learning UltraMind has made me a better psychic, less stressed, and able to make better decisions because you don't have to be at level to use your intuition. I feel more connected to God and I have found my calling to teach UltraMind. The mental gymnastics taught during the 18-hour course are awesome for bringing what you want into your life, instantly, if they are meant to be.

I took a while to write this because my sales are still booming and I'm very busy. Also, I waited out of respect to the families of those who perished. Now I feel it's important I speak up because it's important that everyone learn how to do UltraMind.

Critics might say that my sales tripling could have been attributed to hard work or luck. There are lots of ways to treat stress and you can get psychic information other ways. But, nothing else is as accurate, healthy for you, and so easy to do.

Ed Bernd Jr

About Ed Bernd Jr.

Silva Instructor and Author, Ed worked for Jose Silva for more than 17 years and coauthored numerous books with Mr. Silva.